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Shiloh (Orion thru Amara)
Re: No Subject
Sat Aug 18, 2018 4:22pm

“Since Donovan took over, I’m allowed to have a job besides being my Councilman father’s disappointing half-breed son,“ Orion said back to Rotta, immediately catching himself and regretting the outburst. “Sorry, Rotta,“ he said, knowing the teen didn’t deserve the backlash. “It’s been a day of a lot emotions and the morning’s barely over, huh?“ he asked, shaking his head a bit. “I made a deal with an Inn Keeper today. I get to live on my own, out from under my father’s thumb, and that’s a reason to be happy,“ he said, hiding the fact it’d been a conversation with Pherenice that had really lifted his spirits most of all.

Eros frowned a bit when Mars said that about Twilight. It wasn’t untrue. “You’re right. She deserves peace in all of this, and she’s not finding it, regardless of what we try to do to help. We’re just helping her gift grow and it’s getting worse when it does,“ he said, shaking his head and ‘looking’ over at Dim. “But I think he might be the one who can change that for her. If you could see what I see when I look at him, the way his aura is as pure as the starriest of night skies, you’d believe as I do that he knows how to help her. I think he can help her find the peace that lets Twilight be Twilight again. It’s what she wants, it’s what Jupiter wants, and it’s what all of her family wants. She’ll be safer when her gift can be more discrete. When she can walk freely around Unkindness without collapsing or falling ill from some vision or prophecy,“ he said. He’d never witnessed such events himself, but Acerbus had told him of them, and it was his deep concern for his baby sister that made Eros even agree to venture out into the Abyss alone for the last two weeks to find the place with a light that matched Twilight’s. Aeon. “I found her home, and then he found us,“ he said, gesturing to Dimael. “It can’t be a coincidence, and I refuse to believe it’s a bad one.“

Soraya also noticed things upon drawing closer to the other Golden, and they immediately struck her and left her confused and unsettled. The girl was older than herself, and sported the fire-tipped trait, a rare traint in the Golden lineage, one that usually existed in the highest ranked titles in Aer’Oro. The tips of her wings and hair descended into a golden red that made it looked kissed by scarlet fire. And yet, aspects of her implied she wasn’t a pure Golden either… a perplexing observation. To have such a rare trait from a pure ancestral line and yet to not be a pure Golden… She nearly froze in her steps when Abbadon called out to the girl. “Abbadon, maybe we shouldn’t…” she said warningly to him, but it was too late.

Twilight looked at Acerbus as he was now with an armful of Ravencoons, both happily vying for his attention and clearly glad he was staying with them. She smiled warmly and then looked up at Jupiter and moved to get up as well. She immediately slipped her hand into his, and there was no hiding the fact she too was a bit wary of her sister’s help, but… everyone from Acerbus to Samson and Judith had been trying to tell her how Zanna’s manner had been changing, how she wanted to be a part of his family again and help them all, especially Twilight. She just… had been hurt so badly by Zanna, and only learned of it these past months, it was still hard to trust… which was something Twilight used to do so freely. “We should go. I shouldn’t think it’s good to keep him waiting,” she said. As she turned her arm to link hands with Jupiter, the sleeve of her robe rose enough to display the newly obtained mark a few inches below her wrist, on her forearm, the delicate and ornately celtic bracelet-like tattoo wrapping around in a perfect circle, that had appeared last night when Dimael evoked his Oath of Promise to her. It which might pique Zanna‘s curiosity.

Liora snuggled into the nook of her father’s arm that he used to support her, cuddling against his chest. She let out a happy little coo followed by a cute string of tiny yips. He was staying, and while Lukken still seemed bent on exploring and crawling all about on Acerbus, Liora seemed more than happy to just be close, not uninterested in her cousins, but currently more interested in her daddy’s presence.

Del stepped onto the lift that had been put into place after she arrived. They were only present at the trunk of each tree, and she rarely liked taking them, because of her residual fear for heights, or rather for falling from a great height, which seemed more possible when putting your faith in a series of pulleys than in Acerbus’ wings. She wanted to get back faster, though, and so she took it, unaware of all that was currently going on in her’s and Acer’s home… or that it’d be Zanna, not Acerbus, who accompanied Twilight in meeting this strange new visitor to Unkindness that Eros had told them about. She felt the items in her pocket again, wary to hear what was on them.

“Mint is fine,” Koi said with a smile as she moved to take a seat. “Maybe I’m not so nervous or anxious… because it’s like we’ve already made the vows to ourselves in a sense… The wedding is more for… everyone else,” she said with a smile. “Was it like that for you and Roderick?” she asked curiously.

Vera’s expression seemed to change a bit, more of a curious, concerns expression when she heard Rio respond to Gizmo before he walked away. She looked back to the raven girl, who just seemed to ruffled her feathers and sear a gaze through Vera.

“Who knew he cared enough that I could break it?” Gizmo said simply. “Guess you’re not so special after all,” she whispered to Vera, knowing her keen ears would pick up on it. She then turned to head back into her shop, above which was clearly her perch.

Vera turned some and looked back where Rio was going, soon following to catch up. She walked quietly with him, wanting to ask him about what just happened, but not feeling it was the right time… if any time ever would be.

Saffy smiled and looked at him, slowing their pace until they finally stopped. She turned a little to look at Duncan. “I wouldn’t have done any of it without your encouragement, though. You were the one who told me a long time ago that I had a Healer’s way about me, and that’s why I found a way to share it,” she said, moving to hug him, nestling her head against his shoulder. “I love you…”

Nascha smiled and laughed softly when Serg called it the best practice. She nodded to her husband as he waved Horace away from the girls’ table. “I’ll see you later,“ she said to Serg with a playful little wink, then looked back to Mela and Sally.

“I think so,” Blake said. “I think it’s starting to sink in for him that his father’s way isn’t the only way, and most certainly isn’t the right way. I think Serg is a little worried by how much responsibility I give him when he’s so influenced by his father’s view of things, but that boy’s never experienced insecurity or failure or humility in his life… and I gave him the chance to experience it, and he has…” he said, meaning when Horace attempted to do what Blake and Serg did going room to room and talking with the refugees, offering comfort, compassion and aide… he’d fumbled… a lot… and Blake and Serg were there for damage control, but Horace learned from it. “If the rest of the day keeps getting through to him like this morning has… you may be getting more visits, and maybe you’ll be surprised with a different kind of greeting next time,” he mused, knowing she’d been a bit taken aback by how Helios-like Horace had been when he come up to her just now.

“You mentioned that a spell brought you here. Maybe there’s something in my father’s archives that can reverse it or break it,“ Garand said. “And if there’s not, we’ll figure something out. That is, if you’ll accept our help.”

Sandy returned the kiss and smiled into it before breaking it, her purrs revving. She looked at Panro and shifted around a bit to get down more with him and snuggle up. “I might not understand why, Panro… but I know what it is to love… and I love you in a way I love no one else. And I know it’ll just keep growing, because that’s all it does,” she said. Her feelings had been confusing for her in the beginning, even though she had loved him without knowing what to call it. And that feeling just kept getting stronger, and not once had it even threatened to lessen, so she knew it never would.

“If anyone can, it’s you, Master fang,“ Ikki said, holding the dragon in high regard. If there was a way, Fang was the dragon to find it. Hell, he found his son after over a decade of believing him lost to this world. The dragon made things happen.

Senn looked to Torin and then back over where the girls were. “Juno too… That’s why she’s not herself,“ he said. “Yuuri suffered under him, but she never knew him as a father. What Juno must have gone through… I can’t imagine. And now she doesn’t have her walls anymore,“ he said, realizing why she was so shaken by the premise of her father being able to reach them. She’d gone through a rebirth. She had no need of the lifetime of walls she’d built within her to protect her from her father; layers built from pain, fear and suffering. Those things had been stripped away for her with the breath of new life, and now Severin was bringing them all back, and Juno had little defense against the way they affect her. “You should be paranoid. We both should,“ he said, looking at Yuuri. She hadn’t suffered as his daughter, but had as his slave. She was denied even the façade of a father, and yet she still had her walls, but they’d weakened in his absence… Senn knew that, because of how shaken she’d been this morning.

“If you do, I’d be more than happy to help,“ Amara said with a warm smile. So may Mystrians from all over in this place… surly Eri would find her own love one day, when she let herself be open to it, let herself feel worthy of it. She smiled at the dress Eri kept going back to. “I think that one suites you the best,” she said, “and I think you agree. You’ve gone back to it every time…”

  • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Sat Aug 18 4:43am
    Rotta looked over to the guards while taking the second box. He shrugged his shoulders and moved to catch up with Orion. He was going to say something else and then paused, "Look, it's okay, since... more
    • Re: No Subject — Shiloh (Orion thru Amara), Sat Aug 18 4:22pm
      • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Juno thru Naiya), Sat Aug 18 4:25pm
        Juno shook her head a bit. “Aether has it. I know he does. He must. He wanted Severin’s power and suddenly his own becomes stronger? As long as that shard exists, there’s a way for him to come back,“ ... more
    • Re: No SubjectKoran/Dkhoran, Sat Aug 18 1:37pm
      Seeing the look he got from Sarah and a cocked head from his father Koran stayed silent for a moment to reflect on what he said about the Miravalin " misunderstand my intent I believe. I'm not... more
      • Re: No SubjectSarah, Sat Aug 18 4:31pm
        Sarah paused a moment and then smiled. "You mean Mira," she said gently, nodding a bit. "We don't know. It's something I'll have to speak with the maker about and some research and trial and error is ... more
        • Re: No SubjectKari (Dimael thru Aiyan) , Sat Aug 18 6:44pm
          Dimael's attention was pulled away from the window and his thoughts when Mars spoke about her needing to be anything...other then Twilight. "Your words are curious I have not spoken much at all since ... more
          • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Sun Aug 19 3:44am
            Rotta paused as he suddenly became a target for Orion's home problems, but at the same time he did in a way help get that off his chest. Walking next to the other raven. "Ah, okay starting to get the ... more
            • Re: No SubjectKoran/Dkhoran, Tue Aug 21 9:45am
              Koran laid a hand on Sarah's giving his fathers mate a kind smile "Do not concern yourself over that, I should have made my intentions clear from the moment I spoke. Just asking about other uses... more
              • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Orion thru Amara), Fri Aug 24 9:07pm
                “Yeah…“ Orion said simply and walked with Rotta back through Unkindness towards the Sacred Tree to drop off the crystals. It was a shame the crates were so heavy and the crystals so precious to the... more
                • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Nour thru Sarah), Fri Aug 24 9:07pm
                  Nour couldn’t begin to describe the feelings swimming around within her hearing him saying those words, saying them out loud, to her… “I can’t either,“ she whispered back, opening her eyes to look... more
                  • Re: No SubjectKari (Dimael thru Pherenice) , Sat Aug 25 12:12am
                    Dimael looked over at Mars as he seemed not all that happy with the put off of answers at the moment, able to easily sense his concern. "I will answer all questions as soon as she is here. Please... more
                    • Re: No SubjectKari (Solace thru Kirie) , Sat Aug 25 12:13am
                      ~*~ Solace swore his heart would burst from the sheer joy and elation he felt hearing those words from her. How he longed to hear them and how she no doubt longed like him to say them all of this... more
                      • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Sun Aug 26 2:36pm
                        Rotta's positive attitude sometimes can be as told by others 'grating on the nerves'. The younger raven sometimes had a hard time knowing when to pull himself back. But, seeing and listening to Orion ... more
                        • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Orion thru Juno), Sun Aug 26 11:30pm
                          Orion looked around a bit as they made their way to the Sacred Tree. “It’s like no one really knows anything happened,“ he said, noticing the markets and parks and walkways were all bustling with the ... more
                          • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Nour thru Eko), Sun Aug 26 11:30pm
                            “I’m sorry for how long it took… to finally say it to each other…“ Nour whispered. For a moment, Solace pulled her thoughts away from Tomoe and to him, to them… something they both needed. Something... more
                            • Re: No SubjectKari (Safira thru Yuuri)) , Mon Aug 27 4:28am
                              Safira looked at Abbadon as he perked up at first about her name and then….Cresdinfall….and that it was taken by the furies. She closed her eyes brining her right hand up to grab a hold of the flesh... more
                              • Re: No SubjectKari (Solace thru Tae) , Mon Aug 27 4:31am
                                Solace shook his head. "Don't be sorry…as stubborn as I am…I realize it was us…deeply loving each other but not wanting to put our love before others who needed us." He shook his head as he held her... more
                                • Re: No SubjectKari (Frau thru Kirie) , Mon Aug 27 4:32am
                                  Frau smiled as she glanced down at Cleo. She walked with the little ermine holding her hand as she did. She looked at the backs of the two girls and began humming as she walked she often did. But... more
                                  • Re: No SubjectKoran/Dkhoran, Mon Aug 27 10:59am
                                    Despite his best efforts Koran felt some heat come to his cheeks as the flair stated so bluntly that he and Mira would do well when the time comes. The thought had crossed his mind more than once... more
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