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Shiloh (Juno thru Naiya)
Re: No Subject
Sat Aug 18, 2018 4:25pm

Juno shook her head a bit. “Aether has it. I know he does. He must. He wanted Severin’s power and suddenly his own becomes stronger? As long as that shard exists, there’s a way for him to come back,“ she said, moving her hands to her knees and pressing in with her nails a bit. “He can’t come back… I can’t do that again. I remember what I had to go through to survive him once. I don’t want to do it again,“ she said. “Is all I get? All we get? A month? A month of peace… and then it’s gone just because he says it is?“

Nour felt her heart skip a beat as she found herself sitting with Solace, still wrapped up in his arms. She wished that in this moment she wasn’t so very lost for words. Usually she had more than enough to fill the quiet around them, to mask the feelings left unspoken, but now that those feelings were exposed… she struggled to find much voice to say anything. The silence didn’t feel so in need of being filled in this moment. And then he kissed her again, his fingers on her chin, that assertiveness that was so Solace, and yet with the gentleness he always had when it came to her. She blushed and returned the kiss, her fingers curling in the fabric of his shirt, just to hold tighter to him. Somewhere in Lemuria and her sister La’Shire, the heartbeat of the living crystal no doubt shimmered in time with her racing heartbeat.

Rohdorn began to slow as he approached the gates, unseen by any mortal eyes. “You’ve made it, Tomoe. For your protection and for the sake of those who shouldn’t see us amongst them, those with faith and those who doubt… we should make you appear as one of them… Adriel and I can handle that, if you are willing to hide who you are in order to save who you are,” he said. She couldn’t walk in their plane in the state she was in, so torn, so pained by Raiser’s grip. Until she found balance again, she had no choice but to be here on the mortal plane where there was no hiding her presence, not in its entirety.

Topaz returned the kiss before breaking it after a few moments, in need of taking a breath. She moved one of his tails over her lap a bit more. “Is it okay if… right now… we just… rest?“ she asked, which was Topaz’s code for cuddling. She just struggled to refer to it in such a cute and cozy way. She was still a roo, after all, and she wasn’t usually the one asking for cuddles. Usually she appreciated Fii’s eagerness and fondness for it, so she never had to ask… and he knew, even if she fussed at times about it, that she would have pulled away or left if she hadn’t wanted to.

Ginga looked at Maks and Shale as she headed into the dining room with Aster, following their other sisters inside. “Just remember, you can have whatever you want, whenever you want. Don’t overeat and give yourself a tummy ache. Tempting as it may be.“

Vi sat back in Fauve’s arms a bit when she reassured her that it was okay. She smiled and looked arounf when she asked where they’d like to sit. “What about there? It’s so pretty where the sun comes in,“ she said eagerly. It’d been a month since they saw the sun… their tribe living within the Abyss, yet untouched by it as long as Ravina offered up her tribesmen for sacrifice to the darkness.

Maks followed the girls in and held back, waiting with Shale until they chose a table. He nodded to Shale. “I know… I’m a patient dhole… no worries, Shale.“

Cleo looked at Baillie and Meeka, who both seemed to be more than finished with their breakfast and eager to go to this spa. She looked at Frau and then paused and took the flower, holding it close and nodding. She was nervous to leave here, where she knew Ceil would find her, but she felt safe with Frau… and he had said Frau could always get in touch with him… “Okay…“

“If you’re still hungry, Cleo, we can bring the bacon and berries with us,“ Meeka said with a smile, already placing them into the little Tupperware-like container that one of the girls had set on the table for them. They were small Mystrians, so it wasn’t unusual for them to be unable to finish everything they ordered in a single sitting.

Cleo smiled a little and nodded in agreement. She’d like to eat a bit more later, maybe… if her nervous tummy was up for it.

Thayne smirked a bit as Ceil called Daire out a bit as well. “He’s right, and we’re not here about our love lives… we’re here about yours. To help you… even if it’s by helping you tone down the wedding plans. The attention to detail you have here… we might think you’d been thinking about this day all your life, or at least since you met Meeka,“ he teased. “Speaking of the rings, though. I assume you have that handled?“

Lassa returned the kiss, breaking it here and there to take a breath as the petite selkie was still recovering from that last round and the lingering sensations that were still trilling through her body, which seemed to have little interest in letting the wonderful wolf go.

Yuna smiled when Silvi said that she was no longer alone, but now had someone who stayed here with her. “What‘s their name?” she asked curiously, then looked down at her footing on the steps. Listening to Silvi talk about how La‘shire would keep her safe, she didn‘t have to be so fearful of getting hurt again. But she still didn’t rush, merely keeping pace with the queen.

Nikki walked with Averie, having just finished up at the infirmary, where one of the girls had tended to his arm with a mix of a zion-based salve and one of Fii’s natural remedies that would help counter the effects of negative magic. They’d wrapped it better than either Nikki or Averie could and sent him away with the salves they’d used. Now, with Averie appearing to be feeling better, they were planning to stop and have a nice brunch at their favorite little sun-soaked atrium just off of the main dining room.

Keelin let out an adorable whine as Solan showered her in kisses before happily meeting him in the last one. Her tail started to thump under the covers as she returned the kiss. She didn’t know the first thing about planning weddings, but since she didn’t have any expectations, it seemed to make it all the more important to Solan to ensure it was a beautiful, romantic night that she wouldn’t forget. But for Keelin, Solan did that for her for everything, even the smallest of things.

Wynter looked over when Jarral suddenly entered the room. She whimpered some as he lifted her up, bundling her in his wings. “I d-d-don’t know what h-h-happened,“ she whined, her tail dripping water across the floor as he carried her to the washroom to get her warmed up. “I woke up… I thought… I was there,“ she whispered, and he’d know what she meant.

Eko’s ears twitched a bit, as though he could sense something amiss. Like the air itself seemed to ripple with something that stirred it up in an unfamiliar way, but he heard her sigh and it relaxed him some more.

Naiya moved to the windows and pushed the shutter wider as she looked in the direction of the river. She’d woken to the ire of Ruze, who had no doubt made a point in alerting the twins that something was amiss in their home. “Kei…“ she said to rouse her slumbering husband. She’d have loved to sleep in, especially after last night’s activities… but there seemed to always be something these days. At least breece had already been up earlier, nursed, been changed and gone back to sleep for now.

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