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Kari (Dimael thru Pherenice)
Re: No Subject
Sat Aug 25, 2018 12:12am

Dimael looked over at Mars as he seemed not all that happy with the put off of answers at the moment, able to easily sense his concern. "I will answer all questions as soon as she is here. Please bear with me. The less that has to be repeated the sooner...things will come together and make sense." He said then glanced past Eros towards the door. "She is almost here, it won't be much longer now." His words and manner were as they had been when he first met Eros, polite and patient. He was after all much older then them but the same age too....being a half ancient...or demi-god having been brought to being among the Ancients in order to protect the worlds gates....and a personal request from Orkla which had him looking after first Twilia and now...Twilight. But his heart could not help but be curious and confused by Eros's observation, he did not dispute it, the young white raven after all did have the blessed sight. But....what did it mean?

Safira glanced at Abbadon and then at Sora as she was asked of her name. "No" She echoed a moment hearing Sora she nodded. "I am Captain Safira Lochheart…" She said glancing at them both confusion dancing in her eyes. "Forgive me, I've been told I was in a deep coma...until a week ago and I'm still catching up. I was told that the goldens who dropped me off here saying that they did not believe I would make the trip back home would make certain to file the paper work for Medical leave...." She said looking at them. "What of my platoon communication out of the Unkindess is...difficult right now. Did they make it back from Cresdinfall?" She asked unaware...that her platoon was more then likely the one...that disappeared without a trace. She did not fully notice the things about both her and Sora there were so alike.

Yuuri nodded as Juno said that leaning back on her elbows to look up at the sky. "He won't let us have a moment's peace that's for sure." She said as she stared at the passing clouds. "I'm not so sure you can't....I's more of for whatever reason your not ready to yet." She said tipping her head. "I can feel it in you Juno...I know it's there's like all this with him going on the dreams that aren't dreams." She looked back up at the sky. "You're still're still my big sister even if we figure out how to unlock the form or not...that won't change. Nothing will make me let that go. Not him and certainly not that." She said looking over at her. "But...for whatever reason we're both having the same vision wither he's doing it or it's some way the ancients are trying to warn us that he's not done yet. That we still have a fight on our hands and those to protect....we both know him. Better then anyone else here even Trait. We both know aspects of him that are down right frightening...but...I refuse to give up even an inch to him even now. I've gained so those I love. I'm not willing to give up any part of that or myself to him. He may have had a part in being here....but...We're Both Lansea's daughters. Knowing you talking to you like this I know she'd be proud of and love us both."

Eri looked over the dress it was so similar just a few minor differences but....She flipped to one earlier up the tiny little differences in the dress was it enough to even bother with? Eri shook her head. "Mm no I think I like this one...the way it is." She said flipping back to it. "The ceremony dress back home is a bit too is all of this. I think...the differences are good ones." she said softly. The one back home was not styled to any one Unicorn but this was styled to her perhaps that was why she liked it the way it looked it looked like something she would wear. "It's perfect." She said softly.

Pherenice blinked and touched her lips then her throat and glanced at Crys..."Was...that a good thing?" She asked somehow she was certain it went against being a 'sword' of anything to laugh like that....and yet Crys was smiling. "It was...wasn't it?" she asked as if a child or something else...something seeking to know it was alright to be....alive, to have feelings....emotions that she was more then a tool a weapon.

  • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Nour thru Sarah), Fri Aug 24 9:07pm
    Nour couldn’t begin to describe the feelings swimming around within her hearing him saying those words, saying them out loud, to her… “I can’t either,“ she whispered back, opening her eyes to look... more
    • Re: No Subject — Kari (Dimael thru Pherenice) , Sat Aug 25 12:12am
      • Re: No SubjectKari (Solace thru Kirie) , Sat Aug 25 12:13am
        ~*~ Solace swore his heart would burst from the sheer joy and elation he felt hearing those words from her. How he longed to hear them and how she no doubt longed like him to say them all of this... more
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            • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Nour thru Eko), Sun Aug 26 11:30pm
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              • Re: No SubjectKari (Safira thru Yuuri)) , Mon Aug 27 4:28am
                Safira looked at Abbadon as he perked up at first about her name and then….Cresdinfall….and that it was taken by the furies. She closed her eyes brining her right hand up to grab a hold of the flesh... more
                • Re: No SubjectKari (Solace thru Tae) , Mon Aug 27 4:31am
                  Solace shook his head. "Don't be sorry…as stubborn as I am…I realize it was us…deeply loving each other but not wanting to put our love before others who needed us." He shook his head as he held her... more
                  • Re: No SubjectKari (Frau thru Kirie) , Mon Aug 27 4:32am
                    Frau smiled as she glanced down at Cleo. She walked with the little ermine holding her hand as she did. She looked at the backs of the two girls and began humming as she walked she often did. But... more
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                      Despite his best efforts Koran felt some heat come to his cheeks as the flair stated so bluntly that he and Mira would do well when the time comes. The thought had crossed his mind more than once... more
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