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Solace swore his heart would burst from the sheer joy and elation he felt hearing those words from her. How he longed to hear them and how she no doubt longed like him to say them all of this time. "I know." He said softly warmly as he looked at her leaning in to nuzzle her a bit again. "I'm just glad we're not waiting any longer. I love you so much...always." He said softly always her...just her there had been no one else.

Tomoe glanced back as the glamour spell took effect both Adriel and Rohdorn working to hide the things about her that stood out among mortals. She understood why to a point at one point she was even helping set this all into motion. She nodded. He would know her? She paused and this deep pained look entered her eyes as she brought her free hand up to her chest as if to hold her heart. It hurt....thinking of him at all made it hurt so much inside she bowed her head.

Adriel looked. "Just a little longer Tomoe....stay strong just a little longer..." she whispered from where she was watching all of this weaving her magic with Rohdorn's. She was so close to them right there and yet at the same token she seemed so far away.

Tomoe turned after a moment lifting her head as she lifted her hand holding a large black sphere in her hand shimmering indigo lights could be seen dancing and swirling inside. "This is yours..." She whispered to Rohdorn it needed to go back to him.

Millie walked up to the main gates and looked at the guards. "Open them." she said in a calm but firm tone and they looked at each other.

"Princess Millie...that woman seems to have a dark...misasma around her..." One said in concern.

"Which is of my concern to deal with." Millie said looking at him. "I understand your concern but she is here seeking aide and help from those within La'shire's walls. She will not be turned away not when she is fighting with everything she has to not loose to the abyss. Would you cast her to Raiser?"

"No princess." they said slightly ashamed at having to be scolded by her. "But we worry that she will without meaning to drag you with her."

"The abyss will not go where I walk." Millie said in a odd tone one that felt much older to her. Much more aware of things. But it was that same knowledge that allowed her to know that if she cast the dream arc they could save Miharu and Vespa that the abyss and Raiser would not be able to stop them through it. The abyss curled away from it. "I am in no danger from her. She is more in danger from your delaying. Once again and I will not repeat for a third time...open the gates." She said putting her foot down without getting angry and yelling her time being married to Kahi and seeing how he dealt with these situations helped a lot. They opened the gates the large crystaline doors swinging open allowing her to see the girl standing there with her back turned to Millie but Millie did not miss the subtle tension in the girls shoulders.

"It's alright welcome to La'shire...let us help you." She said warmly in those motherly tones and Tomoe turned her head to look at her. Confusion dancing in the vixen's eyes because it was the tone of a mother.....and yet...it should not hold such deep comfort to it for her as it did...as if dreams and light danced on the girls voice alone the things that brought comfort to frightened lost pups.

Fii nodded as he cuddled up to her holding her close. "Works for me too." he said lowly to her holding her gently in his arms to let her know he could do this happily just cuddle here with her like this. They both had been through a lot but Topaz quiet a bit more then him with finding out she was pregnant. That seemed to be nerve wracking for her and he was happy to do anything that helped keep that calm for her. Even if it was just cuddling which was one of his admitted favorite past times.

Fauve began walking leading the way to the table nodding to Ginga as she walked and chuckled hearing Vi. "Oh I'm sure you'll still be finding things to awe over for long to come here." She said as she walked over with her little family unit including Maks and Shale in that in her head.

"Mmm.." Aster said puzzled and then glanced over at Fauve. "Fauve what kind of Avion is she?" She asked her eldest sister not catching Ginga's meaning about Fauve being there a while longer.

Fauve glanced at Aster and chuckled. "You're asking about the Silver and White Avion over there right?" When Aster nodded she smiled. "Frau'lea is a Silver Moon Phoenix."

"Phoenix??" Aster yelped both excited and surprised all at once than glanced over catching Frau'lea's attention. She blushed brightly when Frau looked at her and let out an "I'm sorry.." Her ears falling back she hadn't meant to, she was almost about to cry.

"It is truly no trouble child." Frau'lea spoke into the dinning hall when the little one caught so many Mystrian's attention. "You need not apologize for being caught in wonder and excitement. It has been long since I've heard such innocent wonder. Thank you for that little one. It warms my heart to hear it still." Frau did see the sorrow in Ginga's eyes. "It is good to see, often enough a flower wilts before it's time...but another will bloom to take it's place, often surprising us when we least expect it. Thank you little one for being that bright flower." Aster nodded...not sure at all what Frau meant but Frau'lea being the ever kind woman was speaking in a metaphor for Ginga's sake. Especially as a woman who often buried her lovers in the past because....while she resurrected in her own flames they did not...not until her beloved who rested now sleeping off the nights ceremony.

Aster blinked..."You're not mad?" She asked from where she stayed ducked beside Ginga.

"Not at all little one. May you and your twin hold to that wonder and light. Good day to you all." Frau said nodding as she had placed at the beginning of this a gentle hand on Cleo's shoulder to keep the little ermine calm.
Frau nodded to them then looked down at the girls. "Well shall we? I do believe we have some time at the spa this morning.." she said and lowered her hand to Cleo as she had often for Meeka and Baillie when they were just starting out like this. "Miss Cleo if you'd like you can hold my hand. It is a bit of a walk from here."

Shale chuckled. "True all too true." She said and looked at Aster as the little one looked as if she had spooked herself with her outburst. But Shale had to admit if anyone handled such things beautifully it was Frau.

Baillie held a container as well and smiled as she looked at Cleo. "Ready?" She asked she was no longer so skittish when a little one called out like that. Frau having helped her through enough of those just as she did with Cleo that gentle hand to remind her that she was safe and then offering her hand to ensure that safe feeling didn't go away. But always with a choice.

Daire smiled. "I hope so." he said and glanced at Thayne a moment before looking at Ceil. "I'll have to send word when your ready for that Ceil. Congrats." He said.

Ceil chuckled. "It's been a long slow road...but honestly I would not have it any other way. Her happiness is important."

Daire shook his head. "Believe me we know. That those girls could melt any of our hearts." He said shaking his head. "I think for me it was seeing Thayne here with Baillie...." He smiled. "that girl had you from the moment you met but if I'm honest...so did Meeka have me, and if I had to say..."

"Yes." Ceil said shaking his head. "I lost to her without her having to do anything." he chuckled then glanced at Thayne. "So is my younger brother still a lost cause for this wedding or do we have it tamed down enough?"

Trilander smiled as he nuzzled her a bit chuckling. "So am I." he answered her letting her know that he felt the same heck it was in everything he did at the moment but still to say the words to confirm it was something he just felt he had to do.

Solan chuckled as he continued his path along her shoulder. He loved the sound of her laughter her warmth. Solan honest was considered something of a lone wolf for a dragon he never dated never strayed form his duties or job. Often going into town and mocking patrol patterns, helping save Mystrian's, if anyone had told him that all of that would change the day he saw her running in the street frightened and scared and quickly pulled her into the alley getting her to stay quiet and than getting her out of town. That he would request to be taken off of that patrol for sake...that this cute maned lycan would get him to stop being so reckless with his life and live it for her....no. He would never have believed them. But here he was with her and wanting nothing more then to spend his life with her. "I love you." He said warmly as he laid those light kisses along her skin.

"It wasn't." Jarral said in agreement as he finished prepping and getting the water going. He shifted then bringing his hands up and ghosting them over her frame having let his own body soak in the warmth of the water through the Wild Magic and then to her a bit slowly warming her up and for good reason. "It'll be just a moment I can't take all of the cold away this way....but...I can make sure the water doesn't hurt from being so cold." He said working to remove that. But it had done what La'shire wanted alright it had brought him running as if a knight in shinning armor right to his princess's side.

Kei moved and got dressed glancing back at the window and frowned. "That is the question." he said then saw where she looked to the crib. He walked over gently bundling Breece up in her blanket and cradled there kitten in his arm letting her sleep nestled there against him. "Let's go. I'll keep her safe but...I have a feeling you're going to want to be out there. WE both will....I don't like this they moved far to easily through the abyss out there." He said not at all happy about that.

Aiyan stood in the door way and then looked down at the earth spirits around him. "Keep Zai safe for me won't you?" He asked them and they nodded moving to rush in and keep Zai warm and protected she was going through a lot right now. He then began walking. "Ruze talk to me how bad is it?"

Ruze shook her head as she appeared next to him. "It's bad Aiya...really bad there is an Sky Elf Army in the center of town and the Rangers are trying to detour them Spiritus of course is upset that they dared do this."

Aiyan nodded. "Well then...we'll have to make sure they mind there manners." Ruze nodded as she floated just over his shoulder. No she wasn't happy at all.

Ramos turned to face Grayson and narrowed his eyes. "But is that not yet what you here in Ethion have done? When Liam and his mother where exiled from our domain and given sanctuary here it was with all of you swearing that what was taken from our village was not with them and had gone solely with the betrayer." Ramos lifted his hand pointing at the Spiritus. "And yet proof that it is here soundly in Ethion shines like a beacon against the dark sky. Piercing it like a tower of light. WE have right to take the thief and what is ours back to the Skydome Grayson." He countered. "It is not the way of Druids to lie...so this...we are willing to believe the thief hid from you."

Rosie narrowed her eyes and balled her hands into fists she would have spoken out said something if not for the hand landing on her shoulder. He moved as swiftly as a wolf as silently padding right up without the Elves knowing while arguing with Grayson. Aiyan's hand kept her from acting rashly. To be accused of lying. They had not. Aiyan looked at them all and then at the back of Ramos's head.

"We ask only that you bring the thief and what is ours to us Grayson we brought what we did expecting troubles with the thief we never thought it would be with all of you." Ramos said coyly not at all amused by this turn of events. "That you would protect A thief.....or that you Guardian would allow her to stay once seeing it."

Aiyan looked at him. "Careful of your words. Even you a guest here in Ethion my not lie...Let me state this clearly nothing belonging to the Sky Elves is in Ethion. Thus I know as surely as the roots of the Druids run deep."

Ramos narrowed his eyes. "You should be careful Guardian...I'm aware even you may not lie."

"I am not." Aiyan said looking at him. "Spiritus and The spirits of Ethion would know more then any of us if something stolen was here on her lands, she sings with anger at your arrival and your behavior upon coming here but she does not sing of any theft. Head Grayson's words, send your men home and request council when you will be seen to plead your case. My position stands....as does the Guardian spirit....if I went by her Ramos...she wants you gone...now. So tread...carefully."

"You're hearing her alarm...or rather feeling it." Kirie said sitting up and frowning as she looked at her Airie. "Spiritus keeps sending a pulse out alerting all of her children that we are the edge of being attacked....and it's my fault." She said closing her eyes and bringing her hand up. "I had not thought they would do this that they would brave the Abyss just to...I should have known better." She said shaking her head and then looked at Eko. "They are the Sky Elves of the Skydome of Aranhold...The fortress in the sky many call it." She said shaking her head. "King Silvantis…...he...My grandfather on my fathers side is from there he was a skilled herbalist....but when my father was little he said that my grandfather started mumbling things in his sleep and then would wake writing in this odd jibberish some in Elvin some in some strange tongue that no one knew but he could read. Then he began brewing what my father learned was Miravor...what I have you that gave you the strength to heal wounds that should never have healed as smoothly and easily as they did." She said as even Eko knew that much. "And later what was the basic form of the Miravanna...it didn't do what it did for the Spiritus last night...it could purge the Abyss but it could not restore the damage it had done...I don't know what I did different. But My father used to tell me when I was little that one day the dreams stopped and my grandfather was feverish with trying to finish it for Her he'd say."

Kirie sighed as she looked at her hand. "I knew...in my own way they would come...the moment we finished it...the moment I brought the Miravanna back fully...stronger then it was when my Grandfather first stumbled across it..." She glanced at Eko. "Raiser will want it destroyed....the Furies are her favorite tool to use...but Silvantis? He...want's absolute control over it my father Said....he said that King Silvantis believing that because he is the Elvin ruler of the skies and can see 'all of the sins of those who walk the ground' it is he who should deem who is worthy to be saved and not be. My grandfather disagreed...and it cost him his life. My Grandmother and dad took refuge here....where he met my mom and became best of friends with Naiya and Aiyan's dad...." Kirie shook her head. "But if I'm honest Eko....even knowing they would come for me...would not have changed what I did last night. Had I known they would show up the next morning I still would not hesitate...It's meant to save everyone I won't let them quiet me....or make me fear making more of it. I won't let this world fall to the horrid darkness that she is creating....I'm just sorry I'm getting those I love caught up in all of this." She said of course Aiyan would yell at her for even implying she had something to be sorry for. He was involved because he loved her and cared about his cousin and knew Naiya, Kei and Eko would be the same way...as well as all of Ethion.

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