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Re: No Subject
Sun Aug 26, 2018 2:36pm

Rotta's positive attitude sometimes can be as told by others 'grating on the nerves'. The younger raven sometimes had a hard time knowing when to pull himself back. But, seeing and listening to Orion he figured he let the rest of the trip be done a little quieter.

Zanna was trying but seems simple words were not going to be enough to repair what she had done. Though in an odd way Twilight's reactions or in this case non-reactions was a good driving force for the elder sister to want to do right.

Jupiter wasn't sure he should say something else, or maybe have Zanna back off a little bit. But, he noticed Twilight's hand in his as they moved outside the door. It loosened but in a way that she seemed to relax. Moving to open the door. "Here we go." He said a bit under his breath.

Lukken flapped his tiny wings as he 'landed' safely back in the playpen.

Lucina giggled, "Have you started to teach them to fly yet?" The younger princess asked.

Acerbus shaking his head, "Not yet, they are still just a little to young." He noted and looking to Liora call him again. He leaned down and rubbed his nose to hers. "That's right, you two need a little more time." He said to her. He took a look around him, things changed to quickly. Moments before fear and confusing from an attack and now, there was laughing again.

Rachel, "Glad someone else did. I wonder if you knew this." She started, "My father had these advisers who wanted me to marry the Prince of the Hawks not to far away. They even invited him to 'start the courting process'." Koi could tell from the tone it had not gone well.

Rio kept walking, wanting to know just get back to the Inn, install these and be done with it. But, something nagged at him and he finally let it out. "She had no right to talk to you like that. Her or that shop keep. I thought we were suppose to be this new era of acceptance." He said with a bit of a huff. And then looking back to her and then moving to reach for her hand. "If anything I'm sorry, I put you in that position twice now."

Duncan adjusting so they can go on their walk a little bit more. He paused to lean over to gently take a flower that almost looked as if to be offered to the couple. He moved it tucking it gently behind Saffy's soft ears. "A memento for the date." He told her.

Mela returned the kiss and let Blake move off. Once far enough away she let out a sigh. "That boy..." She said letting herself settle back out of 'Princess' statues. Looking to Sally and Nascha, "Sorry, he is the son of the raven who wanted to take control of the Unkindness. We hope to show him a better world."

Horace stood in front of the table were many dishes had been laid out before him. The young princess had never seen some of these dishes before, and asked possible every question for Serg to possible answer. He then did another round of inspecting.

Serg sighed a bit and looking back as Blake walked up, "By the time he chooses it will be lunch." he joked a bit. In his hand a plate of simple eggs and some bacon he was snacking on.

Tenabra looking over, "Or I can just take you two there." He noted having the ability to transport himself and a few others. Lucky for him he gained that much of his strength back. Though he could only do this inside. So far all he could do is communicate outside but not travel.

Lana looking up and back to Garand. "I don't know about that." She noted knowing that they have to get permission. Only ones suppose to be there was who Triation choose to. Last she checked the three of them didn't have that kind of clearance. "Shouldn't we at least bring Duncan in on this since he brought him here in the first place."

Pan looking over, "No not bad, we just been spending a lot of time together is all." He said with no compliant behind it. He then paused a little as his eyes looked to a piece of paper slide under their door. "Hm?" his ears twitched with curiosity.


Abbadon had been placed to deal more with the defense of their home before placed on this mission. Which meant he didn't really deal with the units sent out beyond the boarders. He looked up, "Captain Lochheart?" He asked that name did seem to click, then the next Cresdinfall. "The last we heard of Cresdinfall is was taken by the Furies and..." he didn't know if he wanted to say it. But, since they didn't know of her being here which meant. "No one came back."

Torin crossing his arms a bit, "Living to be paranoid is no way to live." He countered to Senn. "It is not fair to them trying to regain their lives." He was starting to respect magic as days went on, but it is times like this he wanted to hate it.

Tria smiled, "I think just from this they will be wonderful dresses." She noted feeling for the first time today at peace with the idea.

Donovan sat at the table, he pulled up a map of the Unkindness and surrounding areas. "All right, so Rachel won't let me use her agents, then I need to figure out where Chaos is hiding these troops." He said. Since he was grounded for the moment Fai once again gets to be around her hard working mate as he talked to himself.

Crys nodded, "It is very good." She told her and moving to walk beside her now, "Means you are enjoying yourself. Or enjoying me drag you around." She added with a smile, "Come on, if there is one thing I like to do when I can't think straight is head to the market place. Fresh air and crowds of people can do wonders."

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