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Shiloh (Orion thru Juno)
Re: No Subject
Sun Aug 26, 2018 11:30pm

Orion looked around a bit as they made their way to the Sacred Tree. “It’s like no one really knows anything happened,“ he said, noticing the markets and parks and walkways were all bustling with the same old, same old. Of course, it made sense. It’d been a limited event, not a big attack. Only the guards and the Royals had been notified… and it hadn’t happened in a place where any citizens would have been witness to it… He didn’t know that Crys and Phere were going to be heading to one of those markets. Finally, they reached the Sacred Tree and Orion let Rotta lead the way to where and who they’d be meeting to drop them off.

Twilight took a breath as well, looking up at Jupiter before she walked into the room where Eros, Mars and Dimael were waiting. She paused as she looked at the gargoyle across the room. Should be be shocked by him, or startled… most might be, but she wasn’t. She almost wanted to say she knew him, but… they’d never met.

Eros turned at the sound of the door opening and he took a few steps back and over in the direction of Dimael. He bowed his head, recognizing Twilight’s light as she entered the room, and seeing them together, it became all the more clear to him that there was something about the princess and the gargoyle that somehow connected them. “Princess,“ he greeted respectfully.

“You have to do that, Eros,” she said quietly, looking from the white raven to Dimael again.

Liora giggled and held Acer’s face with her tiny hands when he rubbed noses with her. She looked over at her cousins as they came over to see her and Lukken. She and Lukken understood far more than they could respond to, but only now and then did they communicate that, and only then it was usually mentally done and only between themselves or with Acer or Del, which always got an excited reaction out of their parents. Lukken… what’s fly? she asked curiously. It wasn’t like they’d left home much, and when they did, it was usually just Del or Acer taking them for a walk around in their stroller. Not flying. She was too small and Lukken too squirmy for that!

“I… remember that a bit, but I don’t know what happened,“ Koi said. She and Twilight had been younger and so Koi was often around the royal oak to see things going on, but they were also not involved in any of it. “How did you get out it? What happened? I mean, if you don’t mind me asking.“

Vera’s ears perked up as he suddenly spoke up what he’d been holding back, and it wasn’t what she’d worried it was. She was stupidly insecure after what happened with Panro… and that had gotten her to worry if Rio had felt something more with Gizmo in their old partnership than he’d originally said… but she was wrong. She could’ve kicked herself for having any doubt. It was so new to have someone react that strongly… because of her. For her. She shook her head and took his hand when he reached for her’s. She slowed and pulled him to a stop, looking at him before she moved in and hugged him. “No, Rio… you did nothing to apologize for. There’s always going to be those people…“ She pulled back and looked at him. “They’re not even worth noticing when I’m with you,“ she said quietly.

Saffy blushed at the gesture and looked up at him as they walked, smiling. “Is it possible that you’re getting more romantic the longer we’re together?“ she asked sweetly.

“You’ve mentioned him before,“ Nascha said and then smiled and placed a hand on Mela‘s shoulder. “He’s just a kid. He’s not too far gone, Mela. I’m sure if anyone can reach him, it’ll be those two,“ she said, with obvious faith in Serg and… well, Blake did have many younger brothers and had been second in command for the Knights since he was 18. He knew his way around these things, he must.

Blake sighed. “Come on, Horace. Indecision is for those who are unable or unwilling to move forward. But we don’t have time to dally, so you don’t have time to be indecisive,“ he said, gesturing to one of the plates and pushing it towards him. “Not sure what you’re looking for, but every plate has all you need, so any one will do,“ he added. The boy was slipping back into Helios’ way, and Blake wanted to get him looking at things, even breakfast, differently.

Garand looked at Lana and nodded a bit. “Yeah, that… that’s probably not a bad idea,“ he said, to let Duncan know. Then again, like Lana said, Duncan was the reason Tenabra was here in the first place and unable to leave. If he hadn’t figured out a solution, maybe he couldn’t…

“What?“ Sandy sat up a little to look where he’d been looking. “What’s that?“ she asked, and before he could respond, she was already wiggling out of his arms and off the bed, picking up her nightshirt off of the floor and pulling it on before padding over to the door to pick up the letter. She turned it around a few times as she walked back over to the bed and hopping back onto it with him. “It has your name on it,“ she said, handing it to him.


Soraya also felt a bit taken aback at the mention of Cresdinfall. “Sorry…“ She said, shaking her head a bit, knowing that, clearly, Safira hadn’t known the fate of her platoon. Then again, neither did they. Not really. It was assumed all perished… and seeing the state she’d clearly been in with her injuries, it wasn’t a reach to imagine they’d suffered worse fates.

“You’re right,“ Senn said, rubbing one of his fuzzy ears. “There has to be a way that we can, I don’t know, block him. Shield their dreams from him. That seems to be where he’s reaching them. Give them the chance they deserve to be free from him,“ he said.

Amara smiled, obviously feeling honored that they both loved the designs so much. “I’ll get right to work on them, then. They should be ready for a final fitting with plenty of time before your wedding tonight,“ she assured Tria.

“She wouldn’t be proud of me,” Juno said suddenly, tears filling her eyes. She hadn’t expected the reaction to well up so intensely. The resurrection had numbed all of that guilt, wiped it away, but it was one of the things her father kept showing her, reminding her of. “That’s why I can’t do it. I think I feel like I don’t deserve to be that close to her,” she said. To take that form, the form that she’d have from her mother’s side. Their mother who Severin had made her kill… without ever telling her it was her mother, using that hold on her to make her do such horrible things. She’d killed her own mother, Yuuri’s mother. “He wants to break me again… and I’m scared it’s working…” she whispered. She didn’t have her walls anymore. As far as Frau’lea’s gifts were concerned, a new life and fresh start warranted a clean slate and there was no need for walls or guilt or any of the baggage from the last life. But Severin knew how to inject those things back into her mind while she slept, and he was malicious about it with both his girls.

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