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Shiloh (Nour thru Eko)
Re: No Subject
Sun Aug 26, 2018 11:30pm

“I’m sorry for how long it took… to finally say it to each other…“ Nour whispered. For a moment, Solace pulled her thoughts away from Tomoe and to him, to them… something they both needed. Something they’d always needed, but denied themselves, because there was always some reason to put their feelings aside, to say it wasn’t the right time. But even Tomoe would have chastised them for using her as just another reason to deny their hearts, if she were herself again… and she would be right.

A figure watched the phoenix and the wolf from a room filled with mist and haze, prisms of rainbow colors, soft and muted, scattered about. She blinked back tears and set the pink glass orb down on its pedestal beside a row of others. To walk through her home, you would find millions of such orbs, various sizes and colors, for those who walk in the Mortal realm, or the shadow realm, the Elsyium realm. If they could dream, she could always find them. “About time,” she whispered before moving out of her room, the palace seeming to unfurl around her, revealing itself only in the immediate presence of her. She walked these halls endlessly, and always she could find herself amongst others, though they rarely knew of her presence. She existed beyond their scope of recognition, at least for now. Though the dreamers, those with the ability to navigate their slumbers with a higher consciousness, they would know her, they would know this realm, a place Raiser could not reach, but where she could reach the devil dragon, should she ever choose to forgo her normally passive nature and wage her own war on her twisted mind. Oh she could, but she was better than the creatures she knew others dreamed of…

Rohdorn looked to the orb, which seemed to swirl with the golden elvish texts deep inside of it. Only one verse was missing from it, now tattooed on Trayavane’s arm for safekeeping. He moved his hand over it, and to anyone else, it would seem as though it had merely disappeared from her hand. “You will be fine, Tomoe. Be open to the help you find within La’shire. We will find a way to break her hold on you,” he assured her before looking towards Millie, who had arrived at the gates. “You know how to call us. We’ll always be right here,” he said.

Topaz looked at Fii, nestling her head against one of the pillows, just watching the fox. “I’m sorry… that I’ve been such a mess since we found out,” she said quietly, her tall ears tipped back. Not that she needed to apologize. She knew he wouldn’t let her feel guilty or bad about how she’d reacted or her being scared.

Vi looked over at Frau too when she heard she was a phoenix. They’d only been told stories from fairytale books about phoenixes. She didn’t know they were real. “She’s pretty,” she whispered to Fauve.

Ginga gave Aster‘s hand a gentle, reassuring squeeze so her didn‘t wouldn‘t be so shy or startled. She then looked to Frau as she spoke to Aster, but not in her entirety. She phoenix had made eye contact with Ginga and she looked away a bit. She wasn’t ready to ‘blossom’ again any time soon. If it happened, she certainly wouldn’t be off looking for it. “Come on, Aster, let’s go sit down and get some food, huh?” she urged once Frau bid them all good day.

Maks moved over to the table and pulled out a couple of the chairs, obviously for the youngest girls first.

Cleo had been a bit startled when Aster called out like that, but Frau’s gentle reassurances kept the ermine from running off and hiding somewhere, or ducking under the table and asking for Ceil. She looked at Frau’s offered hand and moved to put her smaller hand into it. She then headed out with an obviously excited Meeka and Baillie, who walked eagerly ahead of Frau and Cleo to go to the spa.

Meeka wasn’t even thinking about the fact she still needed a dress, but Frau was probably on top of that. No doubt an array of dressed would be waiting for Meeka to pick from and try on at the spa. “I can’t wait to get to the spa.”

Thayne smiled as Daire congratulated Ceil on his progressing romance with Cleo. He shook his head. “We were all done for when we met the girls. That’s just a fact,“ he said, then chuckled and nodded. “I think Daire will be just fine with these plans, now that he’s pulled back on the groomzilla stuff,“ he teased his friend.

Lassa smiled when he chuckled. She loved that sound. She loved everything about Trilander. She shifted a little under him, her body relaxing a bit more now that they’d been just laying like this for a bit, and yet when she moved, her whole body tingled. Seemed only natural, though, since they were still joined and both so sensitive after all of the embracing. “Do you think… we could go swimming together… today?“ she asked him curiously. It wasn’t something he’d done with her yet, but swimming made her happy, and no doubt he would be delighted to do that with her in between embracing the selkie, who seemed to be stirring up the softed side of his spring fever.

Keelin blushed as he chuckled in return to her giggles. She sighed sweetly and ran her hands up his back and through his hair as he continued to trail those kisses over her shoulders. “I love you too, Solan,“ she returned, looking at him, her eyes almost silently asking him to look at her too. She didn’t even have to say it, odds were he’d look, and then would come another of those kisses that made her tail wag and drew one of her adorable whines out of her.

Wynter could feel his hands, light as his touch was, barely touching at all… it was enough to get the shivering lycan to blush. She tucked her chin against her shoulder as though to hide the fact she was blushing behind the curve of his wing. “Th-thank you…” she whispered. He hadn’t said anything about the fact she’d left his bed to return to her own early this morning… She’d worried he’d be upset, but he didn’t seem to be. Not with her.

Naiya nodded a bit. “Okay…“ She moved to finish getting dressed in a pair of shorts and a tank top, pulling on her ankle boots. “Spiritus doesn’t seem pleased… maybe I should bring my bow…“ she said, which generally meant she worried there would be a fight. She looked to Breece in Kei’s arms again, the kitten still purring away in her deep slumber, obviously feeling even more content with the scent of her daddy so close. She worried, even with Kei protecting her, should she let her baby be out there? She got up and grabbed her quiver, tying it to her hip and then picking up her bow. She hadn’t used them since she left home in the first place… yet grabbing onto them felt like riding a bicycle. “Let’s go.”

If Zai knew where Aiyan was going, what was happening, she’d have insisted on coming with him, while he would likely prefer her and their unborn baby stay as far from the trouble as possible. That’s why it was probably for the best that she was so exhausted and soundly sleeping in the large, cozy bed, snuggled in the fluffy comforter and the large, soft pillows.

“You test our tolerance with your accusations. We will give you no one and nothing, Ramos. You will withdraw your army from Ethion and return only yourself and your select ambassadors to speak with our Council and Lorna,” Grayson said. “Nothing will be done today except for you leaving Ethion, and if you will not do so willingly, I must warn you, Spiritus will do it by force. We have no control over her whims.”

“Your presence is pointless as there is not even a thief here, save for yourself, Lord Ramos,” Naiya said, approaching from the opposite side her brother had. It was easy to see the resemblance between naiya and her mother, Nydia, and Ramos would be familiar with the Alchemist Demiter and his wife. The fact Ethion was home to such a prominent Alchemist, just like Skydome had been with Kirie’s father, it really wasn’t a stretch to imagine Miravana had been achieved on the sole merits of an Alchemist. There was a time when Ramos thought to marry Nydia, nymphs being such close cousins of the elves, but she was far younger and devoted to Demiter since they were small. He had no chance in the Dark Realm of winning her, just like he had no chance of taking Kirie or the Miravana from here if Ethion had anything to say about it. “What brought back Spiritus to her glory was made in my father’s labs and does not belong in any way to you.”

“Are they here for it or for you?“ Eko asked, sitting up, as though the realization there was some threat out there was enough to push sleep fully from his system. “I know you would’ve done it regardless, Kirie. You saved everyone. You did. You saved Spiritus, and I’m still planning on dealing with Roderek about that later… but right now… this… you have absolutely nothing to feel sorry for.“ He moved to cup her face between his hands. “I won’t let anything happen to you.”

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