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Kari (Safira thru Yuuri))
Re: No Subject
Mon Aug 27, 2018 4:28am

Safira looked at Abbadon as he perked up at first about her name and then….Cresdinfall….and that it was taken by the furies. She closed her eyes brining her right hand up to grab a hold of the flesh above the fake arm…"No one.." she echoed leaning back against the rail which she had been leaning against looking out from but mere moments ago. She did look at Soraya though when she said sorry and shook her head. "No, don't be. We were a small platoon but we were proud. Don't be sorry none of this was anything any of us ever dreamed could happen." She said as she looked up then sighed. "It happened the last day …I suppose I sent off a report home. There was unusual activity in the woods three clicks south of Cresdinfall. A sort of odd dark almost….entity floating above the forest there. The people of Cresdinfall were not warriors by any stretch we were stationed there because a village farther off had been making raids of there lands and there farms. I sent home that I was taking half the platoon with me the heavy hitters but fast flyers. The other half was to stay behind in Cresdinfall and ready any need for defense as well as getting the people ready to move to the safety zone if the Raiders were coming in force. The half with me all took to the air with me it was all standard…all normal…we never saw it coming. Something large foul and dark hit us with so much force we fell from defensive flight fromation hitting the ground hard…."

Safira tipped her head looking up at the sky. "Several of them…died upon impact. There heads turned…in a way that wasn't natural. The others were in various states of….they didn't look good." She said unable to talk about the way there limbs had been…twisted in the fall. AS if they snapped like twigs. "The other half of the platoon came running out of the village gates as that thing picked up one of the living who had fallen as badly hurt as they were and brought it's sword around to kill him. I can't even begin to describe what that thing looked like only that it was massive dark and evil….There was no way…I'd make it in time to left wing had broken in the fall…it was twisted behind me and dragging on the ground….I hit the spark oil canteen I carried and lit one of my swords on fire bringing it around behind me cutting it off….even as I ran…I kept that thing from killing that solider…and ordered the rest of the platoon to run emergency evacuation procedures…to notify Arnon's platoon three days out…" she dug her fingers in that shoulder to talk about it but she had to…what happened had to be known. "I stayed…there was no way I'd make that run and neither would they with that thing breathing down there backs. They seemed to listen to orders and I fought that thing for a while before it knocked me back and they surged forward…." She looked at them. "Those men never stood a chance…it knocked them all around like it was nothing. They were on the ground bloodied and bleeding….one of them shouting to me they got the relay through that they were on there way….but that was three days away. And there was the platoon wounded on the ground and the villagers we were stationed to protect…."

She shook her head they didn't ask….but if she didn't talk about it…she felt like the nightmares that kept her from sleeping now. Would never end. "I regained my footing and started fighting again. It drug on and I learned quickly that that thing didn't wan as nightfall came….as that eriee darkness with no stars around it…..seemed to make it so much stronger. I didn't realize it at first but the villagers listened about as well as my men did….they were moving around us quietly grabbing the wounded and the fallen dragging them back to the gates and trying to treat there injuries…." She lifted her hand looking at it while it shook as she talked about it. "Three days….three nights. On the third night as dawn started to approach fatigue was starting to get to me even more then it had been before and I miss stepped….I was so tired but if I fell if I stopped all of them…any of them that lived and the villagers were all dead. But that misstep cost me my left arm. That thing brought his blade down cutting it clear off and laughed. I didn't have time to scream to register it…I used the last of the spark oil to sear the stub shut and went back to fighting that thing." She turned looked at them. "As the sun brightened the sky on the forth morning I saw the goldens from Anon's patrol and heard the rally horn. That thing hissed and took off Anon caught me….as his men came down he gave orders to check the wounded and the villagers I started to black out as they came rushing with stuff to help me." Safira shook her head. "Then I woke here….no one came back and Cresdinfall….was taken?" She looked at them. "I failed to keep any of them safe…..I'm awake now…able to tell of you this only because of this tiny silver fox….I was told she healed me…"

Fai listened to him talk to herself as she paused having been getting things ready for lunch never minding when he was home it was something she enjoyed immensely there time together however she'd rather it wasn't because he had, had an arrow go through one of his wings. She did walk over to him unable to see the map but she did know the scents and the way the nature felt around the Unkindness enough to have a general idea of things. "Is there a wooded area outside of the Unkindness's barrier? Something that is thick and dense with plants far enough that one would not easily spot movement among the tree's from here and close enough…that they could hide and use spells and other means to scry from a distance?" She asked…it seemed rather well informed for a military ploy and that was mostly….because it was what her 'Master' would have done. Talked about it with his men well keeping her on a 'leash' close to him in order to study and raid a Mystrian village. That they could learn there habits and defense's before taking them down. Mystrian or Human it seemed to be a sound battle strategy one used when they were up to no good.

Pherenice tipped her head as Crys lead her along saying that it was a good thing that she was enjoying herself or enjoying being drug around by Crys. That it was fine for her to feel like this was something she was wrapping her mind around that and the fact that Crys wasn't treating her like a weapon….she had this vague feeling like that was like she used to but…no one here did that. They treated her like they treated everyone else. It was a different feeling. "Fresh air and crowded market places….don't they sort of Clash?" She said tipping her head. "All the scents and noise?" She looked ahead following along with Crys curious never the less. "Is…it the energy of it?" She asked meaning the rush of the people going too and from places. Dimael wasn't wrong….Crys was picked perhaps because she would not be afraid to show Pherenice what it meant….to be alive again. To be…living breathing person and not…some empty weapon as others would have her believe.

Dimael turned his head fully when she entered the room even without Eros saying anything and his lack of sight her pressence was one he could easily pick out. So similar to the one he loved to this day even if he'd never again see her or walk with her. He still loved the woman who held his heart and in a sense broke it a bit. Not enough for him to fall never….despite her choice she seemed to almost crave his closeness but he had no idea the real reason why she did all she did back then or that the girl he was fond of and wanted to protect having only known her the short time as a infant when he brought her to were Samson found her….was someone in truth who would become even more precious to him. He glanced at the cloak. "Whisper it's alright now." He said simply to the room and the shadowy cloak moving about him shimmered and began to shift before becoming that lovely but very large butterfly that had visited Twilight last night resting on the back of his shoulder. "Hello Twilight." he said not saying princess that would be something he would….have to adopt if she so desired it. "I'm Dimael, although Dim is fine." He said speaking with her as if he was speaking to anyone else. He could almost sense a bit of subtle confusion. "I'm sorry it has taken me so long to return to, that you've had to come into any of this so suddenly." He shook his head probably confusing the others but…."I can explain everything and answer any of your questions." Although the first with his statement might perhaps by 'return to your side'. He knew that but it was important that she know….she was not abandoned or unwanted at any point. That her being brought to Samson was not because she was not loved and wanted…it was because she was. Dimael's injuries had been sever he could not stay here and heal…but when he watched Samson pick her up and the love of a father shown in his eyes…he knew she would be safe and loved.

Eri smiled and nodded. "Sounds good." She said happy with the way things were that dress was lovely. And it felt right. "Well we got the dress fitting later, but if we can step out a bit while you work Amara I think this one could use a bit of pampering and getting ready at the spa."

"Juno" Yuuri said softly and turned her head to look at her sister as she said that. "She knew." Yuuri looked at her sister. "I…I'm in certainly no hurry to rush back off to the Vale believe me…but." Yuuri placed her hands on her legs. "I've been sorta trying to make sense of it all…it was beautiful warm and not like anything I'd ever felt or seen. I…was being held by a woman there she spoke softly to me telling me that she loved…us both." Yuuri looked at her. "That we were her precious girls and she was only sorry she lacked the strength and courage to keep us safe from him. That he made us do anything like he did." Yuuri looked down. "I thought it was some sort…of weird dream because I had…gone there…but after last night and that not so dream, dream…I realize it was most likely really her." Yuuri looked at Juno. "She just kept saying….that she loved us both and then….I felt something tug at me it must have been when I was being healed….but the last thing she said to me was that…I had to go back I had those who loved me and a big sister who needed me." Yuuri looked at Juno. "It was her, I'm certain of it….and she kept saying as if stressing that she loved both of her precious girls. If I have to place that it means….that was mom and her precious girls…would be us. I think more then anything….you're being close to her…is what she wants. She was crying Juno…. I guess that's part of why…I thought it was a dream I don't remember her face or her voice. But…when he showed up in my dreams last night….it made me think about that brief time I was there….with someone who spoke and held me with so love….and yet wept….the first thing she said was how sorry she was to have failed to keep us both safe….I have to believe that was her. And if it was….then she certainly isn't upset with you."

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