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Solace shook his head. "Don't be sorry…as stubborn as I am…I realize it was us…deeply loving each other but not wanting to put our love before others who needed us." He shook his head as he held her leaning his head down to rest his cheek a moment against the top of her head. "I think…it's as my annoying but adorable sisters kept yelling at me about….we wanted all of those around us to be safe and happy or we didn't feel it was right to be that way…." He sighed. "Terra was fond of saying that to me…but she said how can those we love possibly be happy if we're not?" Solace shook his head as he lifted it a bit. "The right time may never come and perhaps Adriel is right and we have to make it the right time…but…I do know. I don't want to keep going as we were. …" He paused. "I want this…to hold you close like this finally….I love you so much Nour." He said softly.

Tomoe nodded to him then glanced back at Millie wanting to pull away from the Lycan and yet she didn't quiet scent or feel like a Lycan…a Lunar Wolf or Dream Wolf…a Fae-lycan….what was that called again? A Fairalupa? No that wasn't right and she knew it but as the girl approached her apprehension calmed. And the darkness pulled back on her arm as if running from the girl. For the girls magic was in a realm that Raiser's darkness could not touch. Not that Raiser knew or understood why. "Don't this will…"

"Never harm me." Millie said gently as she reached out and gently took her hand. "Come on…let me take you to the infirmary and see about those nasty scratches on your arm. That has to hurt." Millie said as she gently moved to collect the Vulpine.

Tomoe hesitated but began to move with her glancing back to see Rohdorn one last time she did know. At least she did right by the laws and balances of nature in returning what belonged to him. Having no idea that was a gift bestowed to the 'Morning Star' of the Elves or the Maiden of the elves who connected the four races of Elves. But it would ensure that Raiser was no longer using Rhodorn's magic to do her evil bidding no longer twisting his pure night. Millie walked with her not making a big deal out of things but had no idea that a means of helping Tomoe was more then likely already here in the castle…the Miravanna and while it could have been given probably in Ethion it was not the right place for it. Because not even the Miravanna could purge a curse so deeply set over the centuries but it could strengthen the light of her heart…making it easier for her to hear…the truths of those who loved her.

Fii shook his head. "Don't feel you need to apologize Paz, not for that, not to certainly for that." He said gently. "To be concerned and worried about this…is only natural. You're not the first new to be mom to be worried and fussing and If I have to compare I'd say your actually handling all of this really well…" Fii chuckled. "Two weeks ago I had to help the doctors calm down an expectant mom to be….she was chewing her fingernails to death and if not her nails she was plucking all the fur from her tail…and pacing." Fii shook his head. "This my love is normal. What your feeling how your dealing with it. Don't worry." He said gently reaching up knowing her well enough to know those lovely tall ears of hers were tipped back. "The fact your worried….just means you want this baby. That's a good thing."

Frau nodded. "She is." She said in agreement seeing Frau leave with the three girls and with the normal calming grace she had keep the knew little one in her company from becoming overwhelmed or frightened by a child's excitement.

Aster nodded. "Okay." She said as she walked with Ginga to go to the table she looked about it was so neat seeing all the different Mystrian's here. She was more used to seeing just the painted lycan's back home.

Taevasina sighed as she walked out glanced about and then saw Maks and Shale….with Fauve and the others she walked over the carefully moving so as to not snag the long tail feathers that trailed behind her on the floor on anything. Shale looked up tipping her head as Tae walked up and bowed slightly. "Excuse me." She said softly her voice barely a whisper.

"Oh good Morning Miss Tae…did you need something?" Shale asked and Tae bristled a bit. "I'm afraid I do…" She glanced about at the dinning hall. "I received an order…for a Duska Melon salad…but I'm afraid none of us have the strength to um…" She bit her lower lip…to split the hard outer shell of the melon. The fruit inside was incredible. It was just getting to it.

Shale chuckled. "Want me to break em open for you?" Shale asked amused and Tae actually paled a bit.
"On no Miss Shale…The Duska Melon is….a northern region favorite treat…." She said blushing a bit. "Admittedly I've used it in the past but it was….always pre hulled…." She glanced at Maks. "I…only wanted to know if there was a certain way to crack the hull of the melon…." They were small fit in the palm of the hand but she had no idea there was a spot on the melon that if smacked with the back of knife would split the melon in half….otherwise the knife just bounced off of the hard outer shell.

Tae had learned though a long time ago…that those in the castle loved helping and sharing information about there lands cultures and different foods. As much as she loved cooking them. When one of the waitress's walked into the kitchen whining about Maksim being in the dinning hall and even now more off limits as he was surrounded by Fauve, Shale and now three other girls….Tae….had to work up the courage to come out there and speak with all of them. Otherwise she'd never get the answer the girls would as they typically did when it came to 'flirting' with Maks rub Fauve the wrong way.

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