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Kari (Frau thru Kirie)
Re: No Subject
Mon Aug 27, 2018 4:32am

Frau smiled as she glanced down at Cleo. She walked with the little ermine holding her hand as she did. She looked at the backs of the two girls and began humming as she walked she often did. But figured the soothing notes as she'd been told a phoenix's voice could be…might help calm the rest of those frightened nerves right down.

Baillie nodded having no idea that Frau had already had a dress made that would look lovely on Meeka several in fact in different styles for the sweet Mink to try on and of course Baillie knowing that Meeka would be crushed if her dear friend wasn't there and Baillie would be heartbroken if she missed seeing it. She had also had clothes made up for herself and Liam to be about there to support there dear friends. She could just as easily add in an order for Cleo if it came to it but for now….it was best for baby steps and see where things led. Baillie walked along and then smiled. "Mmm the scented shampoo's are neat…which one is your favorite Meeka?" She asked but that might get Cleo's attention Baillie was excited about shampoo.

"Ain't that the truth" Daire and Ceil spoke in unison and then started laughing a moment when Thayne said they were all done for the moment they met the girls. Ceil nodded though and smiled. "Good at least we got him calmed back down good thing we came early in the morning to check up on him…"

Daire snorted. "I'll be fine."

"Sure…" Ceil said shaking his head. Then chuckled….and shook his head. "Although out of all of us…I would never have thought Liam would be willing to risk everything like that." the change…he was no longer just another 'humann' to many in fact he seemed to get a much warmer welcome since becoming a Mystrian a Phoenix around here.

Daire shook his head. "I'm honestly not." He said looking at Ceil. "You would have had to see them…I don't know the full story between them but…he risked everything in the Village bringing her to my place and asking me to get them to safety before she was hurt." He shook his head. "Any one else would have believed that was the worst thing to do…coming to me. Most others would be right…in a sense because I'd know they would be up to something. But not him….Liam was one of the few people in town outside of Thayne there that knew…what I was. And he kept that secret he didn't even threaten me with it." Daire sat down. "When she was hurt….bad and dying…everyone knew she'd ash…there was a room in the infirmary added on for her in case of that…but he would not leave her side. Not even then. He loved her that much and she him. Because she was able to share that flame with him and bring him back. Without the rebirth ceremony for others….her flames shouldn't have but they did because of there love for each other. Of course Daire had no idea that Cecilia was up to her old tricks and was currently out there singing into the woods trying to think of a way to get her talons into Liam. She figured if she got him just once…he'd never go back to Frau'lea. He'd become a dark phoenix just like her.

Trilander smiled. "Of course." he said warmly looking at her. "One of my favorite past times and I would love to spend that time with you." He said being a sea wolf he loved being in the water as much as he loved being here on land with her and Marin. He was certainly happy about the idea of swimming with Lassa though as he leaned in and nuzzled her to show just how happy he was.

Solan felt himself smile as he paused in kissing her hearing those sweet words fall past her lips he lifted his head and looked into her eyes. He swore she held him enchanted by that lovely gaze and he certainly didn't want that gaze to stop those feelings those emotions in her eyes made them shine so beautifully to him. "I love you too." He said in a low husky tone before leaning in to steal a kiss from her lips letting that kiss speak volumes of words he could not think of how to say. It was funny how those deep emotions that meant the most were often the ones one stumbled over finding and so….this was perhaps the best way to express how deeply that love went. And he certainly never hesitated to shower her with those deep feelings.

"You're welcome." He said gently as he continued to let that heat slowly warm up the shivering lycan on his lap. "Let me know when you're ready to get in but don't feel the need to rush" he said gently warmly. "I can keep this up as long as you need it." He said as he continued she was still shivering a bit only he had no way to telling if that all was from the cold water or if he was tickling her or something else so he figured the best was to have her let him know when she no longer felt so frigid cold. "When that frigid feeling goes away it'll be safe to enter water. Before that it just hurts." he said having learned that thanks to a very angry king one day…he thought to break Jarral's will to be defiant to him and refuse to just up and give him all the energy he had all the time….had his guards alternate between ice cold water and really hot water. The hot water would not have been so had….if he hadn't been so frozen from the cold first. It didn't break his will….just made him clam up a bit more after trying to survive the kings cruelty.

Kei looked at Naiya and nodded, He moved to follow her out the door and walked a step behind her this was her village long before it was his and while he felt at home here there were things he was learning about like this. It was amazing to scent and see only a small faction of what he was scenting the Druids were out there encircling the Elves and were not backing down. He had been told countless times since marrying Naiya and before that he was a part of there village a part of there family. He had thought it was a tribe thing like back home but this was different. To them there was no difference between one family or another. They stood there ground as one to protect one of there own and he realized that was what had become lost in the Wylds. They no longer stood as one to protect the tribe it was all about becoming the one to have the powerful next generation but here before him was strength not in one…but in many. Too bad it was going to be hard to get the Tigers of the Wylds to understand that one.

The spirits happily moved about keeping the scent and things about the room with Zai comfortable so she could sleep peacefully more then happy to give Ayian a hand and keep her safe and sound for him.

Aiyan glanced at Naiya as she spoke walking up nodding as he himself stood there. Both guardians he could see Kei with there kitten and she was happily asleep obviously feeling safe in her daddies arms.

"And yet that is were you were wrong. Yes perhaps the elixir was made in your fathers lab but certainly was not him who made it." Ramos said and although those words should be biting they came out instead of with a tone of respect for the man who once used that lab. "You look much like your mother." He said looking at her and then shook his head. "I'm well aware of how whimsical the spirits can be especially one as old as Spiritus." He said looking back at Grayson. "But Ethion does harbor those who do not deserve her protection at all. A thief even if the child did not steal it, it was stolen and she used it knowing as such. And then a guardian who has no true respect for the roses around his wrist. We saw him but could not go where the air does not flow as he banged…." Ramos stopped as he was lifted and thrown hitting the ground and sliding to a stop rather ungracefully at the river banks edge. He looked up at Aiyan who was looking at the open and glowing silver roses that went up the length of his arm and then glanced at Naiya who had the same but in gold.

Where Ramos had been standing swirled the loose dirt and stone silver and gold rose petals floating there in an almost angry whirl wind as a phantom or rather spirit took shape no longer a child but a tall regal woman her hair blowing about as her eyes narrowed in what could only be described in fury.

"Do not dare speak of a something in a half truth Sky walker. You…are very close to the end of my patience and Spiritus agree's with me…" she said angry as she was being the conduit for not only her power but that of Spiritus which allowed her to appear.

"Who.." Ramos said narrowing his eyes at her.

"I am Estra Del Rei Ruze….do not dare to call me anything else." She said angry the petals and energy still swirling around her. "That day you speak of…was not his doing but mine. Several of the wolves pups including Coral Bell fell through the bramble thorns on fell break cliff. Despite warnings of not running on them the pups did not listen. Aiyan as well as several other wolves climbed down to save them but that named pup panicked backed up further and fell. Aiyan was closet and moved to catch her sliding down the cliff's edge he did not invoke my power, I did. I hurt myself to catch the cliff as he caught her. He cried out to me and I told him not to worry. I speak of now only because you would speak on things you do not know….and I will not have him misunderstood a second time." Ruze said angry. "Head Grayson's warning…leave now…Spiritus and I are in agreement any further words this day…Right now….and we will throw you back to the Skydome…."

Ramos when to open his mouth but a silent solder moved and held out her hand before him shaking her head having her come with there King open she spoke to him on the wind relaying the message and then turned. "As the spirits have shown themselves we will take our leave this day by our kings Order. But now this….Our King Silvantis does not take kindly to this. Nor does he like being told that what clearly belongs to him is not currently used here when the proof is before our eyes. He does though apologize to the spirits for Ramos stepping out of line with the Guardian. He only wishes to have what is his returned. WE will withdrawn and choose those to seek council…the guard was only sent because of the….subjects intense power….he thought to keep her from….repeating history." She said as the Skyelves took to the air looking at them. Even Ramos before leaving thankfully without a fight.

Ruze watched them go she was so angry. "I do not want them returning Aiyan….Naiya. The nerve of them….how dare they…." She said the energy still swirling and Aiyan walked over.

"We now know they will return and they will try something else Ruze. They left without starting a fight that's enough for today. My Understanding is that the Elves of Night and Day are in the old Human city a few hours from La'shire and Day's King is currently staying in La'shire helping Lord Traitorin, it is not the first time in history King Silvantis has pulled this sort of thing. But it was decided long ago that his rule does not override the Ruling House of the Elves of Rohdorn and Adriel." Aiyan said and she nodded.

"True but we have no way of contacting them do we?" Ruze asked as things settled and she was become transluscent going to go back to the other realm that took a lot out of her. "I'm soo sleepy now Aiya…"

"I know…get some rest Ruze.." He said as she seemed to fall into him hugging him as she closed her eyes to fall asleep. Aiyan walked to the center where Grayson, Burskan, and Naiya were with Kei behind her. "Am I the only one to notice….they are not the Fairy Courts….all of those soliders somehow flew through Abyss covered skies and made it here unchallenged…Then there is that….thing in the forbidden grove. With there arrival I can't believe for a moment that that thing was after them…it had one target…"

Raiser's fear…was Kirie finishing it she knew it would not be Leon knew that because it wasn't his strength but…the sky elves kept tabs on Leon and his family and his little girl was very good with herbs….and mixing things. Picking up from watching Demiter, just as Niaya had. It had been something of a hobby of theirs it seemed. She had wanted Kirie dead believing that with her gone the best weapon against her furies would be gone forever with her.

Kirie took a deep breathe and leaned her head into one hand cupped the other hearing him and nodding as she closed her eyes when he said she saved everyone. She opened them again. "Both." She said lowly. "They are here after both….they'll want all of the Miravanna….so that no one can use it without there permission and….they'll want to force me to go to the Skydome…to trap me there and make me serve Silvantis making it for him only when he deemed it was worth making to save someone…and If I refuse…chances are I'll end up like my grandfather." She said. Then paused when he finished speaking. "I believe you." She said softly warmly a bit of calmness returning to her voice when he said he'd never let anything happen to her. That was her worst fear though something happening to him and being alone again but Eko was such a strong Mystrian and she knew that had its limits but. It made her feel warm and safe to hear him say it. She paused though as the pulse from Spiritus changed became calmer….and the Airey shifted. "They're leaving but they'll be back. Something happened out there….the Airey just keep saying…the invoked the anger of the Eternal Rose's spirit." She said and moved to lean into him curling up into Eko. "I won't stop making it….I won't stop…because it will save so many. Not them or anyone else can scare me into stopping. " She owed it to Demiter and Nydia…to her parents Nysa and Leon….to Ayian and Naiya and so many others. She couldn't stop now. Not that she had found it.

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