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Shiloh (Orion thru Juno)
Re: No Subject
Sat Sep 1, 2018 11:57am

Orion watched as Rotta waved and greeted the youngest of the Priestesses gathered. He smiled upon being greeted in return. “Hi, Mizuki,“ he returned, though not quite picking up the shy motions of the girl. “Haven’t seen you in a while… Uh… Where do you want us to put these?“ he asked, looking down at the treasure box of crystals.

Eros moved aside to let the others in and to let this meeting between Twilight and Dimael happen. Seeing their auras together made the White Raven all the more curious as to just how they were connected… as he knew was that they were. He could see the fluctuations in the others, Jupiter’s flaring up with protectiveness and suspicion, Zanna’s with what he could only read as a desire for atonement, Mars’ remained stoically curious. He moved to let the room dim a bit, so Dimael could see as the rest of them could, save for himself, his vision only slightly present in the darker lighting, but Eros saw them clearer this way than he could with eyes like theirs.

Twilight watched Dimael‘s cape fall away and retake the full form of the butterfly from the other night. She was about to say something when Dimael spoke to her, greeted her, with only her name… and with a quality to his voice that implied they‘d known each other long before this meeting… Still, though, she had no memory of him carrying her from Aeon as a newborn, leaving her in Unkindness to be cared for my the Royal Family, the only clue to her origins being the blanket she was swaddled in. “You… know me… but… am I supposed to know you?” she asked him quietly from beside Jupiter. He apologized for ‘returning,‘ which implied… he’d been with her before.

Liora giggle a little and cooed when Acerbus kissed her. She looked back down at Lukken from where she was seated on her daddy’s lap, resting against him. Can mama fly too? she asked curiously.

Koi smiled, “Morning, Rodrick,“ she said in return and then rose an eyebrow when he remarked that Rachel nearly started a war. “Wait… so… you’re why we’re not allies with the hawks anymore?“ she asked with a sly smile. “How did you let him down?” she asked about the prince. Obviously it didn’t go so well if Rodrick was teasing about it being ‘war-making’.

Vera blushed as Rio moved in and kissed her, something he’d attempted to do this morning, before the ruckus downstairs interrupted them… She returned it and then let her ears fall back just a bit when he pulled back enough to speak to her. She wasn’t used to these feelings, or at least to having them reciprocated. Granted, she’d have probably been able to have her own fair share of relationships, had she not been so picky about not wasting her time on anyone that didn’t make her feel like… this. Panro… had made her feel something, but not this. He was someone very special to her and that could get confusing… and she’d probably ruined that with her feelings and her jealousy… but since meeting Rio, she understood the feelings didn‘t have to be that confusing. “You didn’t own me anything, Rio… but I liked it,” she assured him with a shy smile, but then her ears rose into place atop her head once more. “I’m bad with grudges too. We’ll work on that…” she said, letting him know… she was here for him.

Saffy smiled and nodded a bit, “Oh, of course. The Archive…“ she mused. “I think your Archive likes me more than you,“ she teased him playfully before she swung around, those large ears of her not just decoration or for Duncan’s enjoyment! She’d heard the crackling whisper of something passing between two realms behind them and then mutterings of Lana confirmed it. Those two hadn’t been there a moment ago. “Garand?“ she asked, confused, but relaxing upon seeing it was one of the princes and his girlfriend.

“Oh… hey guys…” Garand said as he placed his hand on Lana’s back to steady her and reassure her after that unexpected little trip through the chilly shadow realm, or just the cusp of it as it existed in this realm, anyway. “We were… just looking for you, or… well, Duncan, actually.”

Saffy looked to Duncan curiously. Perhaps their date in the gardens was meant to come to an early conclusion regardless of their plans. Of course, she did still have a couple of appointments late morning and should grab a quick bite before, so she wasn’t absolutely famished by the time she got to Duncan and the Archive with their meals for later.

Nascha seemed intrigued by Mela’s quip and smiled. “I would love to hear it, actually. I don’t know mine anymore. Only until I was twelve. They might still be out there, but with all that’s going on, who knows,“ she said as though it was just a fact. A fact she’d forced herself to accept. She’d made new family here, and that would be enough, but she did get curious about such stories… of families that were still together. Mela had them all. Mother, father, all of her siblings, even nieces and nephews. What would that be like? The good, the bad, and all of that in-between.

Blake cocked his head curiously at the boy’s remark and then rose an eyebrow as he seemed to appreciate every bite of his relatively simple dish of eggs and cheese… granted it’d been made by Tae and therefore the ingredient that made all of her dishes most delicious was her love of her craft and of pleasing others with it. He glanced at Serg and sighed. “Yeah…“ he said quietly. “And… you know… having him here… I should offer to let Sascha do the same some time… It’s so much easier with her,“ he admitted, clearly he had a good rapport with his niece, if her conversation back home with acerbus was any indication.

Sandy caught a hint of some reaction from Panro when she returned to the bed, though that it was disappointment over her being clothed once more, she didn’t pick up on. She smiled and offered the note to him again. “It’s for you. You should open it,“ she said, especially figuring a congratulations from Ikki would make him smile, then again, neither of them knew inside was a bit of chastising towards Panro and a list of things he needed to get done before he sent Fang down on him for dallying.


Senn’s ears perked up a bit at the words. “That could work. I know a few in the castle who make them. They’re usually specifically made for the individual, with items that will respond to only them…“ he said, shaking his head. “I’m not sure the full practice, but I think that’s a very good idea…“ He looked back over at the girls. “Looks like they needed this…” he said, meaning for them to talk. Whether or not the attempt happened today with Juno to shift, it was pretty clear they needed this time together to no doubt work out what had happened last night. He just didn’t realize how much Severin was trying to drudge up in Juno. He might not have tormented Yuuri as much in her dreams, but that was only because he knew she’d be more affected by Juno’s reactions to everything in the waking world than any dream could affect Yuuri.

Soraya brought her hands up under her cloak to rub her arms a bit, shaking her head at the nightmare Safire regaled them with. “Anon’s platoon returned without incident. Their report was that they never encountered your platoon… and never reported receiving any word from anyone in Cresdinfall…“ she said, confirming that Safira’s warriors never made it out of the vicinity beyond those that dropped her off in Unkindness and then, likely, returned to Cresdinfall to meet the same fate as the others. She studied the girl a bit, and then looked down and got that unsettled twisting in her stomach once more as she followed the colors of her feathers to the fiery tips. Not from the tragedy of the story, but because she knew there was more to it all than she was getting, or than maybe Safira even knew. She looked at abbadon when he suggested they contact home and that feeling in her stomach got worse. “Right… my father would know,” she said, though she had a feeling it was only wishful thinking that anyone made it back from her platoon after so much time had passed and the Abyss had gotten so bad… but she felt more concerned about the fact she had something else entirely to ask him about.

Amara smiled and nodded, “Absolutely. I think that sounds like a perfect idea. I will send you both a message when I’m ready for your fittings, okay? So, please, enjoy your day,“ she said, moving to stand up, offering to help Eri to her feet. She was a polite weaving bird, wanting to ensure her guests were as content when they left as when they came in.


“I remember so little from my experience… I don’t think it was the same as yours. Maybe if I’d seen her it’d… it’d have been different. He wouldn’t be able to put such a thorn back into my heart when it was supposed to be unburdened… but she wasn’t there. It wasn’t warm and bright or cold and dark… it was just empty….” Juno whispered. She hadn’t talked to anyone about that period of time that felt so brief and infinite all at once from when she was no longer of this world and yet had not yet left this plane, allowing Frau’Lea to bring her back in the flames of rebirth. She closed her eyes and sighed, “I remember stars… or I thought they were… and I don’t think I was alone…” she said, looking at Yuuri again. “But it wasn’t her. Wouldn’t she have been there if she forgave me?” she asked in a whisper. She couldn’t remember who was there or what they said to her. She wished she could. There was probably even a way to find out… but… it wasn’t Lansea.

Juno was struggling to accept it… that their mother could love her and forgive her, despite what she did… but the fact of it was… Severin had denied Lansea the chance of ever knowing Juno. He took her away from her mother practically the moment she was born, despite Lansea’s pleas. He’d taunted her with how he would corrupt and darken Juno to be like him, that their daughter would never know her mother, never ask of her, never let it cross her mind for a moment the question of who was her mother….

He’d shown Lansea the baby from afar, the scar briefly left behind on her from when he’d put the shard in her with the brand on it, so near her heart that it had forced Juno to choose, all grown up, to die in order to be free on him. He‘d hidden away her brand from the world and from even her, giving him control of her… and let Lansea know, so she could recognize how lost to her their daughter would be. It’d been the brand and Severin’s doing that denied Juno the ability to ever accidentally or freely learn of her Mystrian heritage.

It wasn’t Juno’s fault in the end that she didn’t know or recognize her mother… that she’d been commanded to kill her and did so at such a young age as 14. The first life she’d ever taken, and it wasn’t because her driving force was the love of a daughter for her father, but it was because he used the brand to make her do it. Juno couldn’t remember how she cried and begged not to have to… or how it all just turned off when he used the brand hidden away within her to make her strike down her own mother in that dark cell. Juno never had much free will, except when it came to Torin. Falling in love with him infuriated her father most of all, because love was the one thing that he couldn’t seem to control in her. He couldn’t make her not feel it. He’d tortured her into forgetting Torin for a small time… but she’d always felt the loss… and when Torin came back, it didn’t take long for him to get her to remember.

“I guess… you don’t really get a fresh start without going back to face your old life first,” Juno whispered, shaking her head a bit.

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                        • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Orion thru Juno), Sat Sep 8 6:33pm
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                                              • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Sun Sep 9 3:13pm
                                                Mizuki nodded as she moved to the boxes opening them to inspect the contents. She nodded to the question, "Lady Delilah instructions were so clear this shouldn't take too long." She noted and looking ... more
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