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Kari (Solace thru Kirie))
Re: No Subject
Sat Sep 1, 2018 11:37pm

Solace leaned in and kissed her in return. His own feelings on the matter returned in that kiss he could not go back either. He could not hide his feelings not after finally speaking on them on sharing the kisses. When he broke it he looked at her and shook his head. "I can't go back." he whispered and smiled. "Those two….have there ways." He said chuckling but smiled as he held Nour. He ran his fingers gently along her cheek and shook his head. "I just want this moment to last forever." he said being truthful to finally be able to be with her, he didn't want it interrupted he knew it would be….but he would not let it stay. He could not go back but he had no idea just how intense there love had been…what it had done……not that he would ever deny her either. It would more break his heart that they took so long to realize it….she had been alone when she should have had…them.

Millie walked with Tomoe to the infirmary which thankfully was close to the entrance and lead her to a closed room but a few of the nurses saw her enter with Tomoe and seeing the marks of the Abyss on her rushed off to get Sarah since Millie shoo'd the nurses away, Tomoe tensed when they went to approach it was delicate this balance the girl with her didn't want people around her and she was not about to make her loose to the darkness she seemed to be fighting with everything she had. Once Tomoe was sitting on the cot Millie moved about the room and got some stuff to clean the cut. She didn't get Sarah mostly because she didn't know Sarah was in the Infirmary today in her office for one and the other…she didn't want to leave an easily agitated Tomoe alone.

Adriel watched as Rohdorn got back his magic….all but one verse which was safely beyond Raiser's reach with Traya. Adriel turned her head though wondering when Luminos would make his way there or would he go to see her directly in the hidden corridors of light within La'shire? "Tomoe is in La'shire Luminos…she's here." She spoke in the direction of his domain not sure if he was still busy with his grand daughter and that….was going to be a delicate subject to bring up around Tomoe right now as it was.

Fii chuckled. "I Believe you do know." He said gently. "You'd be angry you were pregnant if you weren't sure or didn't want. Nervous is healthy." he said as he held her gently in his arms laying there with her his tails curled about them both. "Mmm before I met you no." He said honestly as he laid there. "In my youth I would have sworn never….I didn't want any child of mine to be made into…a …" he shook his head. "And here…I had not met anyone I loved enough to want a family with. It was more of a mental place of where I believed I had to be….not where I wanted to be." he said as he laid there. "That changed when I met you." he paused a moment. "Besides my lovely Roo is far too spirited a girl…to not know what she wants not deep down inside."

Frau walked with her still holding her gently in her own. Cleo looked nervous and she understood why in her own right it was the first time going there. "You'll see Sweetie it's actually a lot of fun." She said gently as she walked with her.

Baillie looked at Meeka and smiled. "I like that one too." She said as she walked. "I like the one they said has dragon fruit in it too. " She said as she walked her tail swishing as she walked along with her knowing that Cleo was back with Frau and hoping once they got there Cleo would want to take part in the fun too.

Tae blinked and nodded. "Thank you." She said grateful for this help it would only be a moment or two but it would put the girls in a tizzy and she'd have to calm them down but she really didn't know how to deal with this melon when it came in whole like this. She walked back with Maks.

Shale nodded and leaped landing lightly on Fauve's shoulder her tail coming up like normal to the other one the thick soft fur brushing Vi's cheek without her thinking about it. "Maks went to help Miss Tae a moment…he'll be right back."

Fauve nodded. "Thanks Shale." She said as she glanced over not thrilled not about Maks he barely paid those girls any mind but the girls how fawned over him….they never stopped. Even when he stated clearly he was taken it just seemed to make him that much more desirable to them.

Daire shook his head. "He wasn't. He was in it to keep his family happy but he himself was miserable and closed off the higher up in the ranks he got." He said shaking his head. "But he was one who learned about the other races out there quickly. It was his mistake to place Frau with him, I'm pretty sure Liam was taken by her the moment he laid eyes on her." He chuckled and then looked at the smaller list. "yeah….Need to go set up the center of the Rose Maze for this….Trait already gave his blessing on using it…he said just let him know who I needed for the Ceremony." He said not sure heck any of them could….Trait, Silvi, Traya or Finn, Trilander. Even Simon really.

Ceil chuckled as he leaned against the wall. "So basically Everything." He said and Daire kinda smiled a bit shrugging.

Solan did….he felt all of her feelings as clearly as she felt his. It was amazing just how much his life had changed once she came into it and now it could never go back to the other. He couldn't figure out how he had lived his life before she came into it. He broke the kiss nuzzling her a bit, he knew that he had there wedding to plan for tonight but….there was time. He was more of a down to earth type of dragon anyways.

Jarral nodded as he reached over and lifted up a soft towel draping it over her to give her privacy as he shifted and moved his wings setting Wynter down gently. "I'll step out so you can get in…." He said not sure with how things went if she'd want him to come in and talk like normal…last time it ended with La'shire tossing him into the tub with her then them cuddling and what happened after. He wasn't sure…he looked at her and started to stand to leave the room.

Tokeru moved was searching for a way to get around the village at the moment….up to trouble. Always while Suna and Singo where out 'hunting' he'd be searching for a way to get something just as important to there village and no doubt get him made chieftain over Suna…..the women they needed to keep there village strong. But Tokeru didn't know that Aiyan had asked the spirits of the grove and waterfall around his home to watch over his slumbering wife and protect her they would….Ethion's spirits loved the druids who lived there to them protecting them….was a joy not a burden.

Suna sighed sadly as she looked at Singo. "As much as I'd like to stay here I know your right." She said shaking her head. "They will most certainly be up to trouble if left alone too long." she said not at all thrilled about that. "There has to be a way to stop them….we'll never get peace with the People of Ethion this way….."

Aiyan listened to Naiya and nodded seeing the way Kei tensed a bit and had a feeling it had to do with something that happened there but he had to give her Tigara credit he didn't protest or get upset more of a ugh type response. Not over all in the castle but one….he wasn't overly fond of. Nor he was he sure whoever it was might be all that fond of Kei either.

Ruze looked over and nodded. "There was no other way for something so evil to get through Spiritus's barrier." she said sadly looking in the direction of that monster. She was not a happy spirit but it was true as far as she knew nothing so fowl so evil would have been able to get through Spiritus protective Aura. "Those woods behind the village there are still within Spiritus's protective Aura. That creature is a Fury…it was brought here no doubt to kill and stop Kirie….from realizing her destiny just as you realized yours." Ruze shook her head. "Unfortunately King Silvantis of the Skydom was known….for his desire and greed to have his Elves in the sky be the ultimate rulers judging who was 'worthy' to be saved or not since he said 'all crimes could be seen by there eyes in the sky." Ruze shook her head. "It would have been unfortunately very easy for him to go to the Abyss and crave that false dark power that Raiser brought with her here. And if he did soo too did all of his Sky Elves up there. They will follow his lead willingly. The only one who ever dared defy him so boldly was Leon. And Leon believed the only place after she was born that Kirie would be safe…was here in Ethion under Mine and Spiritus's protection." She looked at Naiya. "With Spiritus's strength returned soo too has mine come back fully….but now I must warn that those in the false darkness will crave even more to silence her….for she is the only one who knows how to Make the Miravanna….your Zion can heal those who have been hurt and who are near being lost forever. It can even heal a degree of older injuries. Kirie's Miravanna can bring back and restore the light of the persons heart and soul….erasing all the darkness and it's mark that it would have left on them. Between the two….the light has a strong footing to stand on. If she removes the Miravanna even if we can use the Zion to heal the wounded if they become infected they will soon become lost to anyways. Either loss would be dire….both of you are very important to the fate of this world now Naiya." Ruze said honestly.

Aiyan looked at Ruze and shook his head. "It's a good thing she's not out here to hear that. That her father's people sent that thing." He glanced back in the direction of Kirie's home…"The fury…it's path towards Ethion would take it right through her families home." He said shaking his head not thinking about it before. Taking a deep breathe he looked back at Naiya all there unaware that Sarah was already planning on contacting her about the Miravanna and it's creator. "That would be best Naiya…for her sake, I hate to keep calling on them for help when there all dealing with so many searching for help from them….but." He glanced back at the home that held both Kirie and her Tigara.

Rosie looked at them and then at the hut. "For now….we should keep a shift of Rangers on the look out watching the skies for any more….Unexpected arrivals. The Sky elves….will not give up so easily." Rosie said shaking her head. "I can go and check up on them in a bit."

Kirie nodded as she rested against him. "I believe you." She said about his not going to let anything happen to her and smiled a bit. "Yes…Loki would have made certain it got there by this morning. It should be helping others soon." she said feeling better about that one. She lifted her head a bit and smiled looking up at him. "Yeah, somehow I get the feeling this isn't over yet." She said shaking her head. "Form what my father told me….the king of the Skydom isn't one to give up easily when he's after something or someone."

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                                      Daire looked at him as Ceil tipped his head. "Would you believe me if I said….I had concerned it many times myself." He said looking at Thayne despite being known for never lying which was true.... more
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                                        Drak's long platinum hair shifted as he nodded once as his wife suggested she help Mikleia wash up and tend to her injuries "Very well I'll leave that to you.." he trailed off carrying the petite... more
                                        • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Sun Sep 9 3:13pm
                                          Mizuki nodded as she moved to the boxes opening them to inspect the contents. She nodded to the question, "Lady Delilah instructions were so clear this shouldn't take too long." She noted and looking ... more
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