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Kari (Mikleia Thru Raiser)
Re: No Subject
Thu Sep 6, 2018 11:14pm

((Occ: Please bare with me, using a few plot devices I've been toying with to get things moving and picking up again. Still working on Aether's and Cecilia's plot a bit, but needed to bring into play the relic's more. Not throwing any characters under the bus. And no sudden kids of someone in the castle popping up. lol))

D'joran was not by any means a Small World. The people of the Arlum Continent knew this better then anyone although to them anything beyond the Ocean looked dark and Ominous as if all light had already been swallowed there. It had not for that was the Continent of Straya and where the Legendary Castle La'shire sat. The mythical Elvin Kingdoms….things that the people of Arlum had come to believe as nothing more then fantasy, it was on this content that the Sky reaching purple mountains lay as a back drop to the west and yet now only clouds of darkest pitch surrounded them. To the south a desolate waste land, the lands ravaged by the Furies the fields no longer showing any signs of supporting life among them. To the North was the Ocean…well one of them but it was in that Direction that Straya sat. To the west was the Mountains of Solaris as they were called by the people and in the bowl of the mountains on the ground the Kingdom of Rhealm. There the people were Ruby Fire Dragons. There race was an odd one for although no one knew why it happened among the tall dragons they would have offspring that were 'Miniature small boned slender but highly cherished. There Kingdom was long believed to never fall to the false darkness of the dark Dragoness.

But Raiser was moving ahead with plans of her own. She had not yet come to realize the betrayal of Tomoe's in taking the Orb containing Rohdorn's magic. For as she had Sent Wrath out to collect and find any relics on the lands of Straya, she had gone back to the other Isle to lead the charge against the Kingdom of Rhealm. Why? Because although she knew that like Straya lands held many lost and missing Relics just begging for them to find them….the Kingdom of Rhealm had one of there own. A powerful one but one that was not a weapon at all. Raiser had learned through her Furies that the Kingdom of Rhealm held the Solaris Key. Or as some called it the Sun Stone. A stone that held the light and warmth of the Sun always but was truly a key to what many called the wisdom of the Ancients or rather a Library that housed any written book. This 'Key' was no weapon but it could give her the edge to getting all she wanted and she wanted to be sure it fell into her waiting hands. Knowledge on how to take down any Race or so she had been told. Knoweldge of lost healing arts…….a joke to her. But most importantly she had been told by her Furies the commanders that the library was said to house knowledge on how the Elysian Lake far to the north in Straya had come into being. What created the waters….and more importantly as far as she was concerned… to gain the power of an Ancient. She had not been able to pull that knowledge from Tomoe in all the years she tortured and twisted that Ancient's memories…she never completely fell as if something inside of her held to a figment of light. Refusing to let it go.

The Barrier though around Rhealm was not one easily gotten past it was as hard to break as La'shire's barrier. But….Raiser smiled coldly not impossible…..she watched as the Furies broke the barrier by using pure innocent Mystrians….giving them access to a small hole in the barrier one that would not last long but gave her ideas for when she decided to finally take down that fool of a white Queen and her traitor of a son. The Furies though had one order upon entering the barrier throughout the Kingdom of Realm along the outer edge not backed by the Solaris mountain range were Long Sun Crystals… break them. Break them they did. The stones shattered into shards of dust. Falling like radiant shinning snow upon the ground and as it fell….so too did the barrier that had long protected Rhealm from outsiders. That though was perhaps one thing that Raiser did not know.

Ten years ago a traveling dragon had come across Rhealm and had been given entry into the ancient city. There he stayed for a bit learning and reading the books that he did not know and befriending the royal Family. The King and Queen found his company pleasant but did implore him not to fill there young daughter's head with dreams and stories of myths and legends that could not possibly be real. For he spoke of the Castle of Crystal and Light that was La'shire, of the forests of the Elves and even a forest that held the Espers the keepers and users of the pure magic's.

The little princess only four at the time had loved to hear them and although her parents often told her they were just fairytales. She loved them anyways. For the traveling warrior was kind and fatherly he spoke of a place were dreams could happen and light danced and played in the halls. It didn't seem so far fetched to the young princess who grew up in the city of Rhealm surrounded by mountains that shinned like gold during the day and lit up as if spires to the sun at night. She herself was a tiny dragon a miniature. Petite in stature but that was not why his stories meant so much to her, it was because of what she inherited at birth. Although there were multiple Relics all through the lands of Straya, Arlum and two others there was one here in her kingdom one that choose it's keeper at birth. By the time she was a year old she had been bonded with it, the markings of light dancing along her arms and back. The pendant as beautiful as it was hanging always around her neck.

That princess was Fourteen now, standing in the center of Rhealm's great city square having taken in those who had been running and could make it there from the Furies only to see the first time in there history….the Sun Barrier fall….to Raiser's attack. Never before had that happened. Racing past where she was standing was her father on horse back along with Soldiers even as he yelled back at a few guards around her to get her to safety. They were moving then rushing her though town even as others tried to escape in different directions chaos erupted before her eyes. She was dressed as if some old Victorian Princess her long pale crimson hair up in pigtails the thick tresses from large looping curls down past her hips towards her knees. Through her hair was radiant gold and silver highlights and streams of light intermixed. Her eyes were a lovely rose gold. Her skin held a dusting of gold undertone to it. She looked more like a living doll tiny delicate features. The furies intercepted them there target was not the people in fact Raiser had given the order that she didn't care how many of them died in this struggle as long as the Princess was brought to her unharmed for it was also rumored that if she died before passing on the relic it would disappear until a new soul that was worthy and could handle guarding and protecting it came to pass. The fight in that moment was intense she was knocked down and away sent rolling. It was the one day she had left her Mapet at home. A magical device that looked as if nothing more then a stuffed rabbit that held an teleportation spell that would whisk her away before anything severe happened. Her dress tore and arms and legs took a terrible beating a stray arrow grazed her cheek and then a burly guard had her up in his arms running.

Ten years ago Rhealm had seen the coming of a warrior, a scholar who showed them so much and got through to her parents that although voicing peace was important it would be all for not if they did not know how to protect that peace. Her mind kept going back to that warrior now…that man who seemed so wise to her as a child. A year after he left the Furies had begun there attack and in short order….had seemed to swallow up nearly all of the Kingdom's here and being so far out from any other kingdoms over seas they had no way of calling for help. The guard who carried her know grunted in pain, staggering and setting her down then pointed telling her to run and she knew where….of course she did. Then turned pulling his sword. His back a bloody mess from a blow. It was clear even to her he was not long for this world. Not much longer and turned. Running her heart slamming in her chest blood rushing her ears. She made it to the temple in the far back of the village set into the mountains as if carved out of the stone itself. It would proved a bit of safety but not for long and all knew that there. The Priest and Priestess were grabbing her moving her forward but with so much force they were bruising her already beaten and sore frame. Still the blood rushed in her ears. Then the Mapet was being thrust into her arms and she was being told to focus….on the Sanctuary far, far to the north father then perhaps even Raiser's reach had gone. A place she had never seen.

She held the Mapet tight to her chest and reached out her hand to her mother when flames as cold as ice rushed the temples grand room. Burning her skin, charring her long hair…it hurt and yet she did not bare the brunt of it. Her mother did and glanced back at her. Telling her to focus to trigger the spell and go…that Raiser would loose interest in them once she was out of the city….once she took the Relic and left….and they would find her. Her mother promised……She closed her eyes and forced herself to focus on that so called safe place. But…… was not the cold empty sanctuary far to the frozen north as it was described to her, but instead a place of light and crystal. All castle set in mountains with rainbows of light arching around it. A fairy tale place with a White Queen who Raiser dared not challenge directly. A place…that worked itself firmly into the heart and mind of a four year old child now fourteen year old teenager. The light rushed around her as the four layer runic transport spell triggered inside of the Mapet appearing thousands of miles away from Rhealm in the front Forayer of La'shire's Grand hall. A so called place that did not exist.

Mikleia Rhoswen looked up and about seeing the glowing walls of light the liquid moving about it in. The sound of her heart slamming and blood rushing through her ears loud even to her. But it was as the tiny miniature dragoness turned seeing the guards approaching her wary at the spell ring's arrival and seeing the black burns form the cold fires and assuming it was the taint of the Furies were being careful but in there care and there shouting to her….in a language that although she had learned it and could speak it not being her first was not something she recognized right now. Caused that fear and panic inside of her to only instead get worse and she turned looking for a way to get away from the scary men and women she did not know speaking in a language she was too frightened to understand and ran up the steps. Her heart slamming in her chest as they chased after her yelling to wait and to stop but neither of those did she realize were what they were saying. By all rights she should not have been able to get in through La'shire's barrier by teleporting but La'shire's elder sister sensed the surge of magic from deep with in Straya and knew what it was and that it's speed would have her overshoot them below the ocean's depths and had her headed there. La'shire had not just opened her barrier to the little one…she had reached out and guided her safely in.

She moved going to rush past the door when a scent caught her attention one that she had known during the time she was four…he had spent a year there maybe a year and a half learning all there libraries had to offer. But when he left he was told he could return anytime with open arms and a warm welcome. She knew…it. Her kind didn't often forget a scent once they knew it and she rushed in. Not knowing what this area was…she could scent the herbs and the illness hearing the voices but even in her panicked state….she searched. He was a warrior that came along during a low point in there history a point when a neighboring clan had been causing trouble and although only there to study and learn he helped them resolve there differences. She rushed the door before her opening as did all doors it was one of the powers of her relic all paths of light opened before her or doors. She saw him he had not changed much in the ten years since she saw him as child…..she hurt, she ached and she was scared, and the last thing she heard was Raiser screaming as the spell took her away….about loosing one of the Relics of power. Then she was here….here….his stories about a magical place like this being as real as he promised.

"There gone…..Mama…she's dead….Pappa…." She said grabbing his arm this had to be him but she was so agitated she wasn't speaking in common or even realizing that, that was what the guards had been hollering her in. "The dark Queen she broke….the sun's barrier…..killed everyone…" She said shaking her head….the Mapet clung tightly to her chest with her left arm her right hand grasping his shirt sleeve….Raiser was after relics she just never imagined that the Royals of Rhealm would have taken measures to keep there's and their daughter most of all safely out of her reach. The city….had been willing to fight and die standing between her and her goal. Believing if she got it, the Sun Relic would lead her easily to the others that even Mikleia didn't know….She knew enough to know this was the castle of light….but was this the kind warrior the scholar who had come through Rhealm talking about castle that was a beacon of light to those who needed it. She looked back as the guards in respect for Sarah slowed and came to a stop at the door bowing and glancing at her. She also knew she hurt, cuts bruises, terrible black burns covered her frame from the attack. She was scared so very scared at the moment….and clinging to the stories of the kind Warrior…whose name she had forgotten being a child….but not his scent. Or his appearance….at least she didn't think so. The hard part was wither or not anyone in the room understood her….she was speaking almost Greecian like language and it sounded although she didn't mean to like she was calling Drak 'Papa' she just couldn't bring herself to say it too.

"Ah….this little one just appeared….through La'shire's barrier." The guard said a bit concerned.

Raiser Screamed in outrage in Rhealm as she went to lash out and destroy the last traces of light there and nothing not only did the Solaris Key get away from her it would seem she did not have access to Rhodron's magic and that angered her even more. She turned as the last of the Ruby Flame dragons disappeared those that survived the attack going out of her reach and in subspace she could not touch. No..not that she cared it had been the little tiny brat she had been after. "She was one tiny small pink haired brat….and YOU LOST HER" She screamed at them lashing out at the Furies hearing them hiss in pain. She looked at part of there number. "You fools go….find out where the remaining relics here are…the lot of you. Go and see and Wrath can use you and you had better pray he does not find you as worthless as I do right now." She sneered and they were gone. She walked for a bit heading back the Solaris Mountains for once in there creation had gone dark without the Sun Stone in there….and yet they weren't pitch black looking more like sunset or sunrise then sun up itself. "I know the little brat is alive but where would she go….perhaps to that frozen ice cube far to the north? Worth checking." She mused as she walked.

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