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Shiloh (Nour thru Eko)
Re: No Subject
Sat Sep 8, 2018 6:42pm

“Suddenly I don’t know how we kept ourselves from this for so long,“ Nour admitted. How they’d denied themselves such a deep love that had literally withstood time itself. “I wouldn’t want to go back… even if we could. But it’s impossible… it’s impossible to even think about it,“ she said as she cupped his face between her hands and closed her eyes, leaning up to kiss him again. For the moment it was easy to forget about everything else going on. Rohdorn and Adriel had Tomoe under their care at the moment, things seemed momentarily at peace, and all that was in Nour’s thoughts was Solace. She too had no idea that their love had taken on a physical form where they had so deeply denied themselves that love, or that very soon they may learn of… her…

“I’m aware,“ Luminos said from behind Adriel. The wolf watched the image that Adriel had up to observe Tomoe amongst them in La’Shire. “I can’t go to her yet. Not yet.“ He didn’t want to draw the attention to her by risking her reaction to him, when she could be seen and he couldn’t. And perhaps it was the only thing in his entire existence that left him unsure of what to do. Tomoe had expressed hatred for him before she fell out of their purview. What he had done to cause her to not just pull away from them but run from them all, he still didn’t know, but he knew he was somewhere at the root of it. He was fearful that going to her would cause her to repeat history.

“I worry I was angry at first,“ Topaz said. It was sometimes difficult to separate fear from anger. She was angry at him for getting her pregnant, but it was because she was afraid of what it meant to be pregnant. The panic and denial he’d contended with when she refused to accept what he was telling her was mostly conditioned. Not from back home. No. Flyers played hard to get back home, they never let things like this come about easily, but when it did, they were never unhappy with the result, but always carried with an air of indifference, if only because they’d know from the beginning whether or not they’d have a joey in the end or lose it. It all depended on that season’s abundance of Nocturne blossoms… and if it was sparse, the roos would vie for rights to what was found, which meant maybe only a small handful of Flyers would gain a family. It was that blossom that the successful mothers ate or drank each and every day that gave the race their stunning, vibrant blue hues and their Blue Nocturne name. But her tribe’s ways wasn’t where her initial reaction came from, it had been from her time in slavery. There were still small threads of that mentality that had yet to be plucked from her, as Fii could relate after his sauna trauma. The only reason she resisted that influence so well in every other aspect was because she had refused to be fully broken of her spirit in captivity, and because life was not so scary to lose when it was her own…. But suddenly Fii had been confronting her with the idea that she was responsible for another life, one they’d made, and that had terrified her. She just… worried it’d been for the wrong reasons. Fii was convinced it was because she wanted the baby, Paz worried it was because she didn’t… though that wasn’t the truth at all.

“Tonight… is the full moon…” Tala said as she walked with Seimei back to the room, his tail wrapped all around her like a fur coat the tiny fenec was cloaked in. She held onto his hand, the delicate ring on her finger. She’d said yes to him and she hoped he wouldn’t be too concerned about the fact that he would be shifting to his human form tonight. Though, she had said yes, so odds were he’d be all too happy to really care what form he was in tonight.

“I feel a lot better having had one of the doctors take care of it,” Nikki said quietly to Averie as they finally had made it to their favorite little atrium just off of the main dining room to have their own quiet little breakfast with the sunlight pouring in. She couldn’t have eaten knowing he was hurting and so injured this morning… but the very night Roo… Riggs… had tended to it and given him something for the discomfort. Averie looked like he was feeling much better when they left.

Cleo looked up at Frau with obvious confusion. “Fun?“ she repeated the word as though it was entirely foreign to her. Ceil had tried to give Cleo opportunities to experience it, but he’d never actually given her the word for it. When he’d taken her to the pool to learn to swim, or when he’d take her to the snowy northern gardens to shift into her natural ermine form and frolic and romp about the area in a manner she probably always would have if she hadn’t been taken into captivity at such a young age. Or when he’d taken her to the are studio to paint with her hands on the canvas, because she thrilled over the colors and the feel of the paint between her fingers, such innocent curiosity and wonder that Ceil seemed to be both happy and sad over seeing. But… Cleo had no idea what ‘fun’ was or that she’d experienced it at all…

Meeka smiled and nodded. “I wonder what Cleo will like,“ she said, looking back at Frau and the ermine curiously. Meeka and Baillie were still learning about ‘fun’ themselves. Baillie had a better grasp on it with her multi light ball and other toys she enjoyed playing with, while Meeka had a slightly different idea of what was fun, and it usually involved Daire. Though Daire had been trying to get her to experience things that would engage her beyond him and their own brand of ‘fun.‘ Meeka’s favorite passtime lately has become chasing butterflies in the rose mazes, but she never really wanted to catch them. They were more fun to try to catch, and besides, she didn’t want to ever hurt one.

Maks headed back with Tae and entered the kitchen from the dining room side, his ears going taller than usual at the reaction when a pot clamored to the floor, one of the girls so surprised to see him back there. “There’s a trick to them, but I’m sure once I show you, you’ll be a pro,“ he said, gesturing for Tae to show him the way to where they had the melons ready to be prepared…

Vi shook he head a little and rubbed her hand against her cheek. Shale’s tail had tickled. Her little ears perked when Shale mentioned Maks to Fauve and looked at her big sister. “Does Maks like to help people a lot, Fauve?“ she asked curiously. Just like the heroes in her stories.

“He was damn good at what he did, but… that was a matter of survival,“ Thayne said with a passive shrug. “Our pasts don’t really matter much anymore, not here… not now. Severin is gone, Damienthros is gone… The one thing I regret thinking is that… his only purpose that did any good here was that he knew how to control ‘her’,“ he said, meaning Raiser. She hadn’t returned until Severin was gone… and for good reason, because Severin had learned just how to weaken her enough for her son and Silvitrista to end her and send her to another realm. And then he knew to bide his time, work behind the curtain, to turn things in the favor of himself and of Humankind. He wasn’t about equality, but he was about power… and to be powerful, one needed a world to dominate. Raiser, on the other hand, wanted light and the life that existed within it crushed out of existence.

Keelin didn’t know the first thing about weddings or birthdays or any of it, except for what she’d been told, mostly by Solan or Millie and Kahi. She had no idea all of the things Solan was ticking off in his head that he had to get done, but since Keelin wasn’t interested in anything outrageous or big, and she was such a happy girl even just sitting in the gardens with her Tuscan dragon making flower crowns… he probably didn’t have to go all out, and yet he wanted to make sure it was extra special for her, if just because they were marrying on what they’d now celebrate as her birth day. This full moon. Keelin smiled and blushed a bit. “Why are you looking at me like that?“ she asked bashfully. When he looked at her so intensely, it always made the maned wolf blush. She could help it.

Wynter held the towel to her and watched him as he moved away and let her sit on her own at the tub’s edge. She nodded a bit when he offered to step out and made no comment about returning after she was in. “You’ll come back in, right?“ she asked, looking back over at him. La’Shire had run off because of how her plan of soaking Wynter had sort of backfired -- though not fully, since Jarral was here now -- but odds were the spirit wouldn’t try to repeat her antics from last night by throwing Jarral in with her again.

Vespa stirred a bit, having fallen soundly asleep in Miharu’s arms in the gardens after Dkhoran had left. She looked a bit and realized the garden had overgrown some again, many of the flowering vines having weaved and braided themselves together into a blanket over herself and Miharu while they’d slept, but not so tightly that it’d prevent the warm sunlight from filtering through to keep them warm and cozy. She blinked a few times and held her head, which pounded a bit, but it was perhaps her empty tummy that woke her more aggressively.

Zai stirred just a bit, and mostly just because her tummy was starting to give her mixed signals. Did she feel ill or hungry? She couldn’t quite pinpoint it. She sat up in the bed, the blankets gathering around her waist as she rubbed her eyes and ran a hand through her shoulder-length hair, mostly pale blonde and kissed at the ends with all of those colors of a sunrise, plums and peaches and golds. It was one of those things that left Aiyan wondering if she was part nymph like him, but Bruskan had never uttered anything of it. She ran a hand over her belly as she turned onto her back and laid down once more, looking around the room. Spiritus had stopped putting out her alert and so Zai didn’t know anything had or was amiss, but she knew she wasn’t alone… she could hear the faintest twinkling on the breeze of nature spirits. But she didn’t know Tokeru and a handful of his tigers were on the prowl. “Where has Aiyan gone?” she whispered to herself, curiously.

Singo looked at Suna and then moved to grab her, rolling onto the fur with her once more and kissing the tigress deeply, unable to resist the urge to show her affection one more time before they had to wash off each other’s scents in the river and return to the camp… to face Tokeru and the others and see what mess had been made in their evening absence. “We’ll find a way,“ he said to Suna upon breaking the kiss, looking down at her and moving to brush a hand over her hair and one of her ears. “We’ll have the Wylds back one day and make it into what it should have been all of these years…“

Naiya had never actually told Kei about Dkhoran… though he’d always known something had occurred while she was so far away from him where he couldn’t follow. But Kei’s reaction gave him some hints that there was someone back there Kei wasn’t all that comfortable with or fond of that Naiya would possibly be in connection with… even if just through Sarah.

“King Silvantis just hates that his power is not as great as he likes to believe,“ Naiya said. “I’m not going to let him take that out on Kirie or Ethion.“ She then paused and turned to look at Grayson, Bruskan and Rosie. “He mentioned my mother…” she whispered, moving to walk back towards them and then looking at Ruz. “If only Leon was from Skydom, why do they even care about my mother or my Aunt Nysa?” she asked. “They were Nymphs and Druids, not Sky Elves,” she said. She didn’t know that forces had been in play to prevent her from discovering zion too… to prevent her from picking up her father’s work. Her mother’s illness had prompted him to get so close and then her sudden and unexpected death when she seemed to actually be improving… it’d made him give up on it entirely… It was because of how it haunted him, how he’d felt he’d failed her and his children, that prompted Naiya to eventually come back to Alchemy and finish his work. Odds were it’d been hoped that her losses, like Demiter’s, would make her lose interest in his work… but no one had sent an assassination order out on her or her family like with Kirie… as far as she knew.

“The Nymphs are just another branch of the Elf nations, but separated themselves ages ago… becoming their of race. To unite them once more through marriages was something Silvantis desired… to let his control go beyond just the Sky Elves. He could never attain the rule of the High Kings of Rohdorn and Adriel… but if he could amass the loyalty and rule of the other kingdoms -- the Nymphs, Banshees, Dryads, Sprites, the Fae -- he felt he could rival their rule, perhaps go to war for it. Were enough of his men to marry Nymphs, it would draw your mother and aunt’s kingdoms into his dominion… Your mother was favored to marry Silvantis and refused him. He then offered her to marry Ramos, who -- as we heard when she returned -- had no fondness for her rejection. Your aunt was already being courted by your father, which pleased Silvantis, but… he couldn‘t have foreseen they would leave Skydom to come here and live outside his rule. If Silvantis can’t have power through those means, he will have it through control of Miravanna and we cannot let him have it,” Grayson said. What he wasn’t saying was that he suspected Ramos may have had a hand in Nydia’s death... Simply for rejecting him so long ago.

“We should let Lorna know of what has happened and what we plan to do,” Bruskan said. Though it was foolish to think the Seer hadn’t seen all of it coming or didn’t already know of what was taking place. She couldn’t intervene or stop fate from playing out, but she could guide… and there was clearly a reason she allowed this to happen without a inkling to anyone, not even to Tasha, that Ramos was coming. “I’ll see to it that the Rangers are on alert throughout the day,“ he said to Rosie, nodding a bit. Rosie was perhaps the only voice of reason Bruskan listened to after his wife, Zai’s mother, had passed away.

“Good…“ Eko said before settling a bit with her again as she rested against him. “Leave it to an Elf, huh?“ he mused. “I never thought I’d see one, honestly… I mean… until I met you. I thought elves… nymphs, fairies… they were just stories. Surly nothing so ethereal could be real,“ he mused, knowing it get her to smile. “Unfortunately for the kingdom of skydom… the tigers of the Wylds don’t give up so easily either…”

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