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Shiloh (Sarah)
Re: No Subject
Sat Sep 8, 2018 6:43pm

Sarah nodded a bit. “I understand that,” she said when Koran ‘passed’ on having Drak visit him in the forge. She heard Drak clear his throat and knew her husband was no fool. He knew what she was discreetly trying to do, but it was mostly for his benefit, considering how abruptly that relationship had ended. Though if it hadn’t… she and Dkhoran never would have met or fallen in love. She smiled at Koran and nodded, “Good. We’ll let you know,” she agreed.

She looked at Drak once Koran left and shrugged. “I guess I didn’t really think it through like that. There must be things, though, that you two can do together… as father and son. It’s all part of reconnecting, Drak.“ She smiled and moved to sit down too. “I’m guessing, though, one thing can bring him out of it. A certain Fine Fur,” she noted. No doubt Koran couldn’t lose himself for too long before his mate meandered into his thoughts and reminded him that she was home waiting for him to get back to when he was done for the morning or the day. It all seemed to depend on their plans. If she was spending the day with Tera, he knew he could spend extra time in the forge… or if she was just visiting with Yuna in the morning and wanted him to have lunch with her, Yuna and altair, he’d always managed to remember in time to clean up and meet them. “Seems like you two have that in common too… you, Koran and Miharu. Love is a pretty strong force…” she mused. Suddenly, the door to her office had burst open and in ran a child she’d never seen before, rushing to Drak’s side and clinging to his arm with tears in her eyes, as though she’d known him all her life. Sarah looked at a large crystal on her desk which had been illuminated with an array of colors similar to what it did when Drak would open his runic portals within La‘Shire‘s boundaries. It was likely his own teachings of such that had been woven into the device within the child’s mapet that brought her here in the first place. She glanced at the child and wondered… had she just come through the portal her crystal was detecting?

The Fairies of the North, caring for the kingdom in simon’s absence, were aware it’d been activated, but the child had never come through, and Lys -- who had been in agreement with the Priestess and Priest of Rhealm to be a safe keeper for their precious cargo, was perhaps most concerned of them all.

Sarah moved to gesture to the guards upon their confirming her suspicion. They seemed to doddle even with drak's dismissal. “Go on. We have this…“ she said. She let Drak speak with the girl and comfort her. "Drak... bring her to our room. It'll be... more comfortable for her," she said, figuring his scent there would be more soothing to the frightened girl than the smells of the infirmary. She gestured to the back door to her office, which would lead down the hallway to their room. The language, oddly enough, was not so foreign for Sarah or any of the siblings, as Traitorin had taught it to them himself. Not to mention her mother... Although Sarah never grew up in Straya, her kind was from there. Nessarina was from the island of Straya originally, but from the green valley of Fleuryon, hence Sarah’s array of teals and greens the Flair had in her hair and eyes. Of course, Sarah rationalized, Drak had been all over. No doubt he’d been to Straya and met this child. He'd met so many... helped so many.

She moved to hold open the door to let him through. She had her own collection of items in her room and wouldn't need to bring anything with her to tend to the child, but she was eager to do so. She'd been traumatized, that was clear... She walked with Drak as he protectively carried the young girl to their room...

You’re safe here… I am Serafina Nessarina Crystalanis Drakken… and it seems somehow you and Dkhoran have already met…” she said, using the ancient dragonic language… so few aside from their kind could speak. Traitorin taught them all the oldest of ancient dragon languages, the ones spoken by Draco, the Ancient who remained mostly in the realm of dreams and would not as directly mingle with the lives of mortals as his fellow Ancients did. She hoped showing she too could speak it might help the child feel comfortable with her, especially as she'd eventually tend to her injuries.

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