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Kari (Solace thru Kirie)
Re: No Subject
Sat Sep 8, 2018 8:30pm

Solace shook his head. 'I don't know myself." He said as he leaned in and kissed her. This moment in time…was amazing. It was there's it was a small window but he loved it. Every second he got to spend with her like this and was looking forward to so many more. When they found out about her….he knew his heart would accept her, accept what there feelings had brought about. For the moment though he returned the kiss.

Adriel looked at him as he spoke from behind her stepping aside a bit to let him draw closer. She looked back at the image before her. "I've been thinking…." She said lowly. "The one thing you've all been able to tell me is that that cruel dragon said….it was a means she'd never use." Adriel sighed watching Finn and Nayril, seeing him torn in two between his true love and the teether forced upon him seeing the smallest of things he could do to let Nayril feel his love the holding her hand the kissing of a cheek before the tug pulled him away again…."That I know….what Raiser did to cause her to fall…..and that in truth…." Adriel closed her eyes a moment before opening them to look sadly at the noble wolf beside her. "That Tomoe has never hated you at all…….there is only one emotion out there…just one…Raiser hates and loathes with a passion. She'd do all in her power to corrupt it….that emotion my friend…..I think you know it well…for it is the one thing Raiser lacks…love." Adriel said sadly she didn't say it was Raiser hurting Tomoe with the apparent rejection without words after all they had been through….his love of Lureyna….it never meant he didn’t care deeply for the Vixen in some way but she never got the chance to heal…to let go or move on Raiser tormented and changed those feelings. "The deepest and most powerful of love's can be posioned to become the darkest of hates Luminos…..I can't help but feel it's your voice…you….who will be able to call her back from the darkness she's been thrust into."

"Normal." Fii said as he looked at the top of her head. "But doubtful. Only in the aspect that it's because you didn't want the baby." He said lowly. "You were for a time in world much crueler then mine…where a baby would have meant death. Where it would mean not just your life on the line. The flower protects you both now." He said gently. "But that anger was never because you didn't want the baby Topaz…it's because while you can fight anyone who comes your way and win…this is not a battle fought with fists it's not something that can be handled by swinging." He said gently. "If I know my beloved roo….it's not that you were angry because you didn't want the baby…it's because you do and you don't know how to win the fight to keep the baby safe.. " He reached up and brushed her hair gently with his fingertips. "This is not sklave battle where my girl would win hands down. This is a balancing act with the laws of nature….and that is much slower and takes time and patience."

Seimei's ears twitched a bit the full moon. Only the first night because he had been afraid to tell her had there ever been an issue and then it had been small. Once she realized it was him…she was more then fine with it she loved him all the way. He looked at her a moment and knew what she mentioned it now. She had said yes to marrying him….but tonight was the night when he felt vulnerable and exposed. The night when the Canid in him faded to show the human side of his heritage. "Tonight…" He said softly repeating it. "That's fine, as long as I'm with you it doesn't matter."

Averie nodded. "Whatever it was Riggs had given me it worked to quiet the discomfort." he was not one to say pain…it had hurt yes. But it would have worried Nikki endlessly although Averie was pretty sure she figured Discomfort and Pain with him were the same thing. And that calling it discomfort was a dragon thing. He smiled. "What would you like for breakfast?" he asked as he sat there with her.

Frau nodded. "Fun….hmm how to explain it." She walked along and then looked down at Cleo. "Has Ceil taken you anywhere that you felt light and warm inside, where you got to feel like you could laugh and just run about?" She asked thinking about it not realizing that might relate to when Ceil took Cleo to the winter gardens so she could do just that. Just romp around and feel like she was free to do it. NO worries.

Baillie nodded. "Me too." She said glancing back as well. She walked along having a different idea of fun oh it still had a bit to do with Thayne too….but Nayril had this thing with finding 'sparkly' things to give to Baillie that would not harm her but would instead be something the kittenish side of her would find the need to chase and play with and Thayne never got upset with her for it rather he encouraged it but it helped wear Baillie down to….she was full of energy at times.

Tae jumped a bit and looked at one of the girls who dropped the pan. Surely….she shook her head and looked at Maks. "Ah yes this way." She said walking over to where she had been working the Melons were at there best point….and yet she had no idea how to get to the meat of the fruit inside. At the present all she knew was that knifes just seemed to bounce right off of the tough outer shell. It would amaze her to no end to find out there was a spot if smacked….would crack the darned melon right in half.

Fauve nodded. "He does." She said looking at Vi as she walked up and started to lower one of her adorable twin sisters into the chair. "He helps a lot of people. Maks has a kind and caring manor to him, Miss Tae who just came out is a very shy Avion but she can approach him for help since he helped her the first time. He doesn't do anything to make her afraid or jump."

Daire chuckled and then sighed nodding. "I know….he always swore that if anything happened to him we would all not live long to regret it." He said looking at the stuff laying out on his bed. "I didn't know then but I think he meant Raiser….there was something he knew about her that no one else did. And he could use it to take her down. I think in a way…she was Afraid of him."

Solan smiled. "Just thinking about how lucky I am you came into my life." He said honestly and it was true. He was incredibly lucky to have her in his life as well as thinking about how to set up everything for tonight. But….he needed not make her worry about that.

Jarral paused and nodded glancing back over his shoulder. Her question to him…"Just let me know when your ready." He said with a smile warm and reassuring as it always was. Perhaps hearing that they had not drifted apart or that she wanted little to do with him reassured the dragon himself.

Miharu shifted a bit blinking and paused looking down at the blanket the plants had made and sighed….he swore it was an esper thing on his part. Or who knows but they seemed to love to do this stuff. He then glanced at her. "Hey you okay?" he asked sleepily.

One of the nature spirits in answer to her brought water up and pointed as if an arrow. Aiyan said she was safe to show off to and talk to. That she would not get upset and that was fine with them. Aiyan was one of there favorites perhaps because he could see and talk to them all since he was a child. A few spirits though sat there looking out the window watching everything out there. Something was amass back behind the Zion home…..something that had them worried and they were whispering back and forth likely creating a small tense buzz if one of them should get Aiyan……and quick.

Tokeru was moving about with others….sniffing about and trying to figure out where a safe point to do a raid….would be. Forget so called hours long hunt for food. If there going to be away for a while it might as well to be bringing back….girls for mating and making the tribe strong again.

Suna gasped and chuckled a bit looking up at him after he kissed her and took her breath away. "We will and when we do….it will be a Wylds our children and there children can be proud of." She said looking at him this had stopped being something that held that pride they would defend it….but there was a rift in the surviving members. How many of there tribe were lost that could have been saved if only her father did things differently? Did not have the only the strong survive….he died….that made him fall among the weak to them…but Suna his daughter had survived which made her strong for a girl…but she would not become part of the foolish mating rites the only tiger she wanted touching her was currently doing so and she was certain the girls whispers back home were the same. There tribe had long stopped being about families and love and strength that way.

Rosie looked at them all then at Naiya. "We're not so sure of that." She said softly. "It is why….we stand on high alert the way we do when the Sky elves come….Your Mother Naiya….was getting better although it was not Zion…you Father was healing the illness that was threatening to take her. From all the healers said and this is what broke your fathers heart….they could not find what caused her death." She said knowing that it was not something they talked about before but….Naiya had been a child then. She was a mother now. She had grown into her own. "Leon long warned that a Sky Elf need not bow and Arrow to kill….but…nor even be near the village."

Ruze shook her head. "Kirie was targeted Naiya but she was not the only one… two girls your births were under a powerful star…one that even the Elves….take notice. The both of you….as well as Aiyan. If we lost either of you girls…..this world would be lost now. The Miravanna can purge the darkness but it can not heal the wounds. Your Zion can heal all wounds…but it can not purge the darkness….if either one were lost." Ruze said sadly. " If either of you girls were lost to us….the Miravanna for all it can purge can not heal the damage done and great damage would still kill those who could help….all it could do was try to save those who have already been infected. But if there injuries are fatal….they are still lost… goes the opposite. King Silvantis not only wanted control…but if you girls were born under his rule….a foretold coming….he would control everything who lived….and who died."

Rosie took a deep breathe. "We have not said anything because to accuse without proof could be claimed to be a lie and we do not lie……however…Nydia was getting stronger not weaker near the Naiya that much is true. And she often looked warily towards the sky in the end. She knew what rejecting them would mean. But she would not have you among them….Leon would not stay among them either. It is my understanding several letters came to him wanting his return form his 'exile' and he refused saying that his daughter would grow up where her 'roots ran deep.' Or rather in Ethion the home of her Mothers people." Where Grayson would show Grace and not say it….Rosie felt she had to with his arrival and his attitude the way Ramos approached the topic of Nydia….the twin girls had burned the king of the Skydom. Naiya not knowing would not keep her safe. That…..and it had long been Rosie's belief that Nydia was getting stronger and had been trying to help little Kirie's heart heal that none of this was her fault.

Kirie laughed a warm musical sound as he said that. It brought a bit of levity to the situation that was perhaps long needed. She looked up at him. "Mmm there is soo much more then just Elves and Nymph's my sweet tiger." She said playfully. "There are Sprites and Fairy, the Fae…. As well as Banshee's and Dryads. If one only knows but where to look and how to find them."

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