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Kari (Mikleia)
Re: No Subject
Sat Sep 8, 2018 8:32pm

Mikleia let Drak pick her up thankful that she had not been wrong that this was the warrior. She did not however know that she had the Fairy courts worried because she had not arrived there, her mother had told her only what to picture not why or where. Just wanting her focus to be on the place. But her mind took her to La'shire which was still a safe place to be. The Mapet was hanging from one hand as she looped her small arms around his strong shoulders and then glanced over at Sarah as she spoke….in Mikleia's native tongue. She spoke it fluidly… if she had been speaking it all her life. The guards had left after being rebuked not once but twice. She nodded though when Drak spoke and just hugged him holding on while he carried her gently the first one to touch her gently since the whole mess started. She ached and hurt all over and was thankful just so very thankful that she was safe. They had called this La'shire the castle that Raiser dared not attack not like she did Rhealm.

"Serafina Nessarina…is a Fleuryon name….from the green valleys in Straya I suppose…" She said recognizing the first part. The 'I suppose' was something of a habit with her much like Menda's 'don'cha know'. It had become part of her speech when learning how to distingush between her actual thoughts and when she was in a trance like state. " Drak…..came to Rhealm when I was four….he stayed there learning from the palace libraries a bit and helped Mama and Papa….with a dispute….I suppose." She said softly as she looked at Sarah as she held open the door she was speaking quietly but hugging and holding the to ancient dragon. "Drak would tell me….about the Castle of crystal and light….with rainbows of light in the sky….and a beacon of light and hope to all who need it….and the Elvin woods and the pure lands…I'm just happy it's all real." She said softly. "Just like he promised it was."

Miklea looked at her and then blinked a bit she hurt and was tired, although she was fourteen she was a miniature dragon…and so all of this took it's toll on her she was still scared though. But it felt better to have at least found the warrior who helped her Mama and Papa before. Having no idea they'd have to contact the fairy courts and let them know that Mikleia was alright. "I'm Mikleia Allura Draconis Rhoswen….I…was...Princess of Rhealm Kingdom of the Sun under the great Dragon Draco's star…..I suppose….I don't know….anymore….since Rhealm has fallen…I suppose…" Miklea said looking at her introducing her self properly however most cases she usually just opted for Mikleia Rhoswen since it was very long to say the full thing but because Sarah introduced herself by Ancient custom and law she did as well to be proper and polite. The Ancient dragon city…..and Raiser had swept in and crushed it in one afternoon however her parents had been willing to throw there lives on the line to stand between Raiser and there daughter because they felt as long as she survived she could return and restore Realm. As for her introduction though it was only fair to be proper and honest with her since Sarah was being fair and honest with her to begin with …"And Guardian…of the Relic, the Solaris Key….I suppose." She said and took a deep breathe since Sarah went to the trouble to show herself trust worthy speaking in the Ancient tongue…."It's nice to meet you….Lady Serafina…I suppose. " She said switching to common. Which might impress Drak since she had kept studying it after he left. Wanting to learn it to be able to impress him as she spoke in the language most common where he was from. She always believed she'd see him again meet him just not under these circumstances. She was lucky really if she was 3'5" Tall being a miniature so being carried was something she was used to ironically enough…it was easier when rushing around town to carry her by many.

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