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Shiloh (Twilight thru Sarah)
Re: No Subject
Sat Sep 8, 2018 11:22pm

Twilight looked a bit like a deer in headlights when Dimael essentially asked her what she knew of the responsibilities of the Oracle… “I… I don’t really know… I just do what feels right, but sometimes what’s right is awful,“ she said, obviously meaning the very first thing she’d ever had to do when she awakened to her gift. When Severin and Traitorin were in battle and it’d been her decision to pick a side that essentially allowed the tide of battle to turn in Traitorin’s favor, ending in the death of Severin and so many others… Deaths and defeat would have happened either way, maybe even more would have died, and maybe the wrong side could have won without her… but it still haunted her some. It was perhaps why initially she had pulled away from Pherenice, before the Shisha’s programming -- without reinforcement from the new Oracle-- overwrote itself and left the girl a clean slate with no memory.

“Maybe…“ Juno said quietly. “If he was blocking her… blocking her from letting me know her forgiveness… then he comes in and torments me with the memory I’d given up with my rebirth… he’s more of a monster than I remember…“ she said quietly, shaking her head.

“There are ways… if you wanted… but…. No one’s forcing you. And… I am the princess after all. I could ensure you don’t receive any such court-marshal,“ Soraya said simply. “Abbadon is my father’s most trusted eagle, and between the two of us, we would have his ear,“ she assured her. “Aer’Oro is still your home…“ she said. “Who is your father, if I may ask?“ she said suddenly, likely throwing Abbadon for a loop, but it seemed a fair enough question. Obviously Safira’s mother was a Raven, so he father was the Golden… and Soraya was eager to hear the answer.

“I’ll contact you when they’re ready,“ amara assured the girls as she showed them out. “Have fun today,“ she added with a smile before closing her door to get right to work. She didn’t want them thinking about the payment… Traitorin compensated her very well for her services, especially when she was doing anything for his sons, daughters or their significant others. She was recommended by Aspen for a reason. She was good, albeit young for such a master dress maker.


Nour could lose herself in him, in this moment, in his kiss… it would be so easy to let eons pass by like this. She broke the kiss, eventually… not because they were in need of breath, but because she needed to look at him again, to be certain this was real… and not some dream. Even Ancients dreamed, after all… and she and Solace did so with such longing and strength, they’d left something behind in that plane.

“I could open the door any time…“ A deep voice said to the lovely winged wolf.

“It’s been eons, Draco…“ she said, turning to look at the ancient who hid himself away in her realm. “They don’t even know I’m here.“

“They would if you let them know, Nara,“ he said.

“And you could be among them, too, instead of hiding here with a demi-Ancient,“ she added.

“Child, you are impossible,“ Draco mused.

“I am the only child to be born from love that was so powerful and yet unspoken that it was force to take a physical form. How does one explain that?“

“How doesn’t matter. They’re your parents and you are exceptional. You’ve seen their dreams and hidden yourself away from them when they’re here in your palace… It’s time to be seen and known by them and not just by the Dream Walkers and me…“ Draco said.

“Love…“ Luminos repeated, though the word had so many levels for an Ancient. He didn’t yet understand, even being an all-knowing being such as himself, that Adriel meant romantic love, like what he’d felt for Lureyna. Did he love Tomoe, of course. Had he thought about being in love with her… no. And he likely wouldn’t until it was brought boldly to his attention that her love for him had been as deep a love as could ever exist. “I should still wait until she’s alone. She’s under guise… I wouldn’t want to risk exposing her… even to one of my Lights,“ he said, meaning Millie.

Topaz felt a bit frustrated with herself, that she had to keep making Fii reinforce things with her, for her, to make her recognize her own feelings… her own reasoning. He knew her well, and he didn‘t seem to mind reiterating again and again for her things that she already knew in her heart… yes, she wanted this baby… yes, she could be a good mom… yes, she could keep this baby and not have to worry about anyone taking it away from her… yes, her fear was normal… yes, it was okay to be nervous… “Okay…” she whispered back to him and then slowly tipped her head back to look at Fii, studying the blind fox a few moments. “I‘m not really good with patience…” she whispered, though lucky for her, he was! In spades! Which he had to be when it came to his roo!

Tala smiled and nodded, “Then there’s nothing to worry about… because I plan to be with you the whole time, Seimei,“ she said with a blush. They were heading to Fii’s room to let him know about the engagement. Seimei had implied Fii would love to congratulate them, after all, he’d helped arrange the garden proposal… though Seimei had added plenty of his own touches just from knowing the fennec he loved so well. Tala still didn’t know of anything Fii had endured yesterday… the sauna, the infirmary, nearly having her ‘brother’ shut down… his own engagement to Topaz or, as of this morning, the pregnancy. Of course, Topaz’s nervousness and her request to keep it to themselves for the moment might keep him from giving the news of the pregnancy to even his adopted little sister just yet.

“Good…“ Nikki said, obviously relieved… perhaps even more than he was. “Aren’t you glad I made you go?“ she asked, smiling a bit, though there was no hiding how worried she’d been… She then thought a moment about breakfast. “think they have any of those things from last night left over?“ she asked. There had been a few items that looked to be good for breakfast, and all of it had been safe for her. No doubt Tae was more than aware of their presence in the dining room by now and… as the melon was also one of Nikki’s favorite, she probably had plans for a few of them for the lynx.

Cleo thought a moment as they walked. “In the gardens…“ she said, looking up at Frau. “The snowy ones. I think… I felt like that there… Is that what it was? It was… fun?“

“I think she’ll like strawberry…“ Meeka said, smiling, showing off her tiny fangs. “I hope Holly is working. She does this really nice thing to my ears when she’s washing my hair,“ she squeaked.

“Wow… you have a perfect harvest here,“ Maks said, thoughtfully. He looked around and then opened a couple of drawers before he finally pulled out a heavy, large serving spoon. “This should do fine,“ he said. He gestured for Tae to come closer. “Here, hold it like this, with the handle halfway down your palm, so there can be a bit of swing in it.“ He held her hand around the spoon as he stood beside her and then placed one of the melons in front of her. “See right here, that little rise, like a seam? His it right there with a good thump from the back of the spoon. No too much strength. Doesn’t actually take much at all,“ he said, pulling his hand away. He could show her how to just smack it on the counter or something, but it took just a bit more strength than a calculated whack with a spoon in the right place…

Vi settled into the chair as Fauve put her down, Ginga doing the same with Aster before taking her seat beside her little sister. “Fauve… how did you meet Maks?“ she asked curiously. One had to wonder if Fauve had thought up a wonderful story to replace the horrific one that had truthfully occurred, though the basic idea was true… he’d saved her…

“So then, Aster…. Did you see anything anyone was eating that you might want to try?” Ginga asked her little sister.

“Is it terrible that I do wonder if it would benefit us to try to find out just what that thing he knew was?“ Thayne asked, not meaning to take this joyous day and turn it on its head with such a notion, but he knew they were all thinking it. What if Raiser had been afraid of Severin or of something he knew, something he could do? What if he’d taken a means of defeating her with him to his grave?

“I think… I was the lucky one…“ Keelin said, tipping her head a bit and reaching up to trace his lips with her fingertips. “You saved me, Solan’allara…“ she said quietly. Keelin, who had never had a last name of her own, would very soon be given his… something that she hadn’t even thought about. Tonight she’d become Keelin Anasolaia… So many things in her life she’d never known, never experienced, never had… even something as simple and commonplace as a second name… Solan gave that to her. He gave her kindness, love, a feeling of security, he gave her freedom to become her… and then he loved who she turned out to be. “Sometimes… I forget there was a time before you…“ she admitted, which was a good thing, because before him… life had been horrible for the girl.

Wynter nodded a bit when Jarral told her just to let him know when she was ready. She didn’t realize his relief when she had asked him that… how it was a reassurance that they weren’t drifting apart after last night’s awkwardness… Once he’d left the room, she moved to set the towel aside and peeled the wet clothes off of herself. She slipped into the hot bath and tugged the curtain closed a bit, since there were no bubbles in this one to hide beneath. She sunk down in the water and felt the shivering return momentarily, slowly subsiding once more as the heat soaked into her body. “Okay…“ she called back towards the door.

“I don’t know…“ Vespa said, honestly. She turned a bit to face him, curling up into Haru a bit. “My head… and my stomach… I feel like I’m hungry.“ The fact she had an appetite was a good thing… While she was still under the weather, as expected, she was doing far better than Traitorin had with the ordeal of purging the dark blood ties… and majority of that was because of Miharu’s presence and the roses on her wrist. His pure magic helped hasten her recovery, and he in turn was recovering quicker and fuller from Dkhoran’s abundant gardens of exotic flowers from all over the world…

Zai looked at the floating watery arrow and glanced out the window in the direction it was pointing. She settled back again and sighed. “He went into town. Maybe Naiya needed a babysitter…“ she said quietly, thinking nothing of it. She barely heard the trickling of their conversation, and although she didn’t know what about, she could sense a small energy of something that put her at a little unease. She didn’t know that the tigers were close and would stumble upon the isolated home by the waterfall on their quest to find mates… using the ruckus in the village as a cover for them to creep through Spiritus’ defenses. Ethion wasn’t a place where doors usually had to be locked, with the exception of Kirie’s while Rodrick was out and about. But she had Eko now and only locked it as a means of peace of mind.

“All I smell is water,” Tonka grumbled under his breath as he stalked, hearing the pounding of a waterfall up ahead. As they crested the edge of it, below was the most beautiful valley, full of gardens and wildflower fields and star fruit willow trees. It was exactly where Aiyan and Zai had their first official date and where Aiyan had decided to build their home together… and there it was. The most beautiful house. Two stories, but with a small third story loft, which Zai loved to use for any number of things. Every side of it had doubled windows that were shuttered, but could all be opened to give a full 360 view of the valley and falls around them.

“It’d been going south for a long time… since we were children…” singo admitted with a heavy sigh, nuzzling her a bit. He then looked at her, his ears perking up a bit when she worded it that way… a better tribe… for their children… their children’s children. “Our children?” he asked her, wondering if she meant all children born in Wylds going forward or if she meant… yes, their’s… To imagine having that with her… to get to be with her and have that and not be part of a tribe where it could all be stripped away by a mere challenge for her, it felt like a dream.

Naiya looked at Rosie and shook her head. “I’m not that special…“ she said quietly. She didn’t want to believe anyone had caused her mother to die. Or that anyone would have tried to murder Kirie when she was just a little girl. Nydia had been so attentive to Kirie in the wake of it. Naiya grew up feeling like she had a sister more than a cousin… though missing her brother terribly… and then her mother got sick. So many blamed it on Aiyan, that his actions and exile had brought about the illness of a broken heart in his mother… but it hadn’t been that. Whatever it was, Dimeter’s efforts in the lab had been helping her recovery, according to Rosie… and he was so close to the elixir Naiya named Zion… her mother’s sudden death had ended all of his endeavors. It was believed that Dimeter had in fact been the one to die from a broken heart.

“Naiya…“ Grayson said quietly. Rosie was very forward with the suspicions they’d long held about Nydia’s death… about Leon and Nysa’s fates… He looked at Rosie warily.

“It’s not true… This can’t be true… because then you’re saying I didn’t have to lose my mother,“ Naiya said, fighting the emotions so strong.

Breece whimpered a bit in Kei’s arms as she stirred from the commotion of all of their voices, the sudden rush of her mommy’s emotions that felt like a force.

“We don’t have the proof. We believe that Lorna knows something but for her reasons, perhaps Orkla’s will, she’d never spoken of it or pointed blame at anything or anyone…“ Bruskan said quietly. He looked to Aiyan and then down a bit, shaking his head to his son-in-law.

“Oh… well… do you know any of them? Should I expect a fairytale dinner party one night, perhaps?“ Eko asked with a grin, moving to nuzzle her a bit. “Your laugh… it’s such a beautiful sound… I hope I’ll hear it a lot more now,“ he said. It’d been quieter, more reserved, whenever he’d heard her laugh before. This was the first time she did it with a real freeness to her.

Sarah smiled as the girl introduced herself in return, speaking Ancient Draconian, but then switching to Common, which she seemed to speak quite beautifully herself, and seemed very proud of. “You can just call me Sarah,” she said to the child. She noticed the look Drak gave her and smiled, realizing he had no idea she could speak it, though to be truthful, as far as her heritage being in Straya, Sarah didn‘t identify with it much… since most of her life had been spent here in these lands, on the run with her mother from Wrath… and eventually, after Nessarina‘s death, Sarah‘s entire life was lived within these walls… until Drak came along and got her to, at the very least, go to his sky island with him.

“I’m glad you made it here safely too… although, I’m so sorry about your family and your home,” she said softly. She moved around in front of Drak and opened the door to her royal suite, which she now shared with Dkhoran. She touched his arm, “should I get her washed up first? Then I’ll tend to her cuts and bruises,” she said, moving away to the washroom to get a bath drawn. It simply didn’t make sense to get her patched up just to later bathe her and have to redress anything that needed bandaging. “La’Shire… can you please help with something comfortable for the girl to wear?” she asked the spirit of the castle as she moved into the washroom. She didn’t know Lemuria had been the first destination for the mapet, and she’d sent the girl to La’Shire instead, which was why the castle permitted her to open a portal here.

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