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Kari (Dimael thru Aster)
Re: No Subject
Sun Sep 9, 2018 1:35am

Dimael listened to Twilight speak about what she did know which was…not much at all and the dear in a headlight look meant no one was bent on telling her some half baked truth she was to believe. But when she said not always good….he sighed softly closing his eyes and shaking his head. "You're referring to the paths of war." He said sadly. "that one I'm afraid my dear….is never a nice one. No matter what choice is made when choosing a side one will suffer. It's not an easy one to figure out…..and sadly the state Pherenice is in….she was unable to truly help you with it." He said the first indication that something was amiss with Pherenice at all. He looked at Twilight. "What I'm going to say at this moment…comes from Orkla herself. You my dear are only a guide. A very talented guide who can show a lost soul the correct path but that is all. Once you show them that path….it at that point already begins to change depending on what advice you given them and they listen to. As such you have no control at all what they do with the advice you give them. " He said looking at her gently. "That is all the Power of the Oracle is to this world you're not and never will be the one anyone is to look to for all of the answers you'll never have them even if you can see the path before someone as it changes new people come into play and some old ones fall out. It is forever changing." He said gently. "A choice when it comes to war though is not easy. Had you not given advice it could have ended much worse it's one of those things…that I fear….leaves a bad taste in ones mouth…." He said gently. "However what concerns me at this point is Pherenice….you see….she should have been able to help you sort through all of the vision pick out the parts that were good….and create a new path for everyone that did not result in deaths…..she didn't from the way you're speaking." He said bringing his left hand up and pressing it against his lower lip. "She hasn't seemed right since I saw her this morning….what was she like….when she first heard you voice? When you woke the Worlds spirit from her sleep?" He asked unaware totally that Pherenice referred to herself as a weapon or sword….not the Worlds Spirit or Guardian spirit. She was not and had never been a weapon….it was Twilight's guidance and working with the spirit that brought everything to peace again……….not this. And that was perhaps what had Twilight so uneasy she who was so like Twilia…she would know feel that something was wrong with the Guardian but she would not know what.

Yuuri shook her head. "He was evil." She said looking at her hands. "But there was always a method to his madness….and he always…only played a certain card or move when the time came and it would benefit him the best." She said staring at her palms. "He was always looking for how things would make him stronger. More powerful." She looked at Juno. "And making certain even from the grave…that you could not hear Mom now that his spell is broken on you….would ensure in his mind that he still had a means of taking you back….we won't know for sure…unless we try."

Safira looked at Sora nodding. "I would like to go home. As nice as the Unkindness is to visit….Aer'Oro is my home." She said looking at her and then paused when Sora asked her that. That she was speaking to the princess and didn't realize it was horrible on her part. "My father? I'm honestly not sure…my mother doesn't tell me much about him other then she left him and got married just after she got pregnant with me…for a position of power here, and that….he's someone very important in Aer'Oro but not….what position he holds. She's rather fond of telling me….constantly that if he wanted me to know who he was…he'd find me. " Safira said shrugging a bit. "When I asked her why she just snorted and rolled her eyes. Telling me that….he knew I shouldn't worry about it. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful with that."

Eri nodded and smiled. "Thank you." She said as she linked arms with Tria and lead the suddenly skittish Tigress off to go relax a bit and be pampered how to put this. "Know what I'll go get pampered a bit and you can just use the excuse you're coming along to make sure I don't go into early labor if you want." She said trying to put some levity to it and take the 'fear' out of being pampered for Tria.

Solace ran his fingers gently along the side of her face smiling as he took in just the sight of her like this. It was wonderful. "I love you so much Nour." he whispered as he did. It was hard to think of anything outside of this moment. This point in time. Dreams were incredible but this was even more amazing not that…he even realized the depths of there love….even unspoken bore fruit of its own. But he would love her just the same as if they had her the same way any other parent did how she came into being did not change for one moment whose child she was and if they found out…he was certain Nour would feel the same way.

Adriel actually let out a long suffering sigh as she turned and placed one hand on her hip the other she reached up and poked the wolf before her lightly in the nose. "You know for a being who is supposed to be all knowing….you my dear friend can be most certainly…….dense……" She said shaking her head feeling a bit exasperated even Finn didn't take this long to realize just how deep his love for Nayril went. And well Sylar always knew his love for Traya….was determined to let nothing block him….which amused both her and Rohdorn ironically enough. That young prince proved….the strength of his love for his wife over and over even if Night Elves had a different way of expressing it. Adriel lowered her hand. "Tomoe has long held a deep unfathomable love for this world and it's children second only to you in that aspect." She said looking at him. "What Raiser used….what crushed her so badly was her heartbreak…Luminos….Tomoe was, is deeply in love with you." Adriel said stressing it. "She loves you more then even the world itself….and it is those deep feelings how much she's in love with you has been all of this time….that Raiser had made into the most bitter of hates. Something inside of her refuses to break to allow that foul spell to overtake her and if I had to guess it's not this world she loves and cherishes so much but her love for you… if some part of still clings to it." Adriel looked at him she had been close by standing by incase Solace and Nour had needed her while confronting Tomoe in Ethion. "Her heart broke….when you had a child with Lureyna….she could not stay and she left. That much I've figured out from her talk with Nour and Solace a bit earlier….she's struggling Luminos. Please don't let her collapse into that darkness…I am certain…you are all that is holding her….that bit of light Raiser can not snuff out in her….from becoming completely lost. Love is the one power in this world Raiser can not win against. Not even Severin could find a spell powerful enough….." Adriel looked back as Millie bandaged off Tomoe's arm. The Vixen looking at her, seeming to teeter between calm and falling even as she sat with Millie.

"You should run." Tomoe said lowly while a part of her was still able to push back the darkness.

"I won't." Millie said firmly but gently as she set down the gauze.

"I could kill you." Tomoe's voice sounded both light and dark at that moment something twisted and yet…still holding traces of purity to it.

Millie shook her head. "I don't believe for a moment that's truly what you want at all. You didn't come to La'shire to kill anyone. You aren't fighting with everything you have to hold onto that light just to let it go now. You came here for a reason." Millie said gently.

"I did….but I don’t sense him feel him….Luminos…" Tomoe said her voice sounding like many at once and yet one.

Millie paused then set down the gauze and walked up to her holding out her hands. "Then walk with me…talk to me…"

Tomoe looked at her and grabbed her hand yanking the girl easily to her. "You have no idea who I am…"

Millie looked at her. "No, not fully that's true….but….I've seen you enough times in my dreams and in them you're always crying in agony….and sorrow. I guess you can say I've seen you coming….I may not know who you are…but I do know…that you're lost and I can't explain it even if I tried but….I'll help you find your way home."

The word home……..Caused the shadows creeping in Tomoe's skin to rush back form a horrid spell like circle at the side of her neck where Raiser had first stabbed her and injected her foul blood. "Home….I can't ever…." She whispered…Nour, Solace, Celeste, Tera, Adriel, Rohdorn and….him…Luminos…"I can't go there……." She whispered.

Millie looked and despite the 'danger' moved hugging the woman before her wrapping her arms around her. "It's alright to cry and that's not true. It can't possibly be true or you wouldn't be here. Everyone gets lost from time to time……'s alright….to cry, to let out the hurt and sorrow. I'll help you find it…your way home. I don't know why you can't sense him feel him…but Luminos is always present in this castle…."

Tomoe trembled this girl…tore through the darkness in her heart like it was tissue paper and made her cry….opened it up and she could not hate her why? Why did the darkness peel back from her? From this Fae-lycan? She brought her hands up though and did as Millie suggested……her head coming to rest on her shoulder can cried…..something she had not truly done…not since Raiser caught her off guard all those centuries ago. Millie took a deep soft breath and began singing…….feeling Tomoe just go lax into her…if she could give this woman even a moments peace from the abyss tearing her apart inside she would try. It was just who Millie was.

Kiten could not help but laugh his ears falling back but it was a warm light sound. He shook his head and leaned in nuzzling her a bit. "Oh my dear sweet beloved Roo do I know it." he said chuckling as he looked at her. "But that spirit is one of the very things I so love and adore about you. No my love….patience may not be your strong suit but it is mine." He said warmly. "Do not for a moment feel bad about any of this Paz. It is new to both of us. The difference between us only in being that as the castle Apothecary I have had much time to learn the ins and outs of pregnancy otherwise I would likely be as nervous as you are." He said which may help put things into light for her. He had been helping expectant mothers for a bit now. This time the difference was he was the dad so as nervous as he was he had his own medical training to help him rationalize and keep calm and to help his beloved Roo through all of it too!

Seimei smiled as he walked with her nodding. "I'm happy for it." He said that she planned to be with him the whole time they were drawing closer and closer to the room and he tipped his head. "How odd…" he said as they approached Fii and Topaz's room and what was odd was the fact that usually the rather…..sensual fox seemed to be doing nothing more then perhaps cuddling? Usually he was playful and active if at home. Did they catch them when they were napping no? His ears as they drew closer were picking up whispered voices through the door as they were talking low, even as they came down the hall granted his hearing wasn't as good as Fii's so while he could hear that they were talking what they were discussing was completely beyond him that and La'shire wasn't allowing that much out just the knowledge they were talking for the sake of keeping Paz calm.

Averie smiled and nodded. "I am." He said in agreement loving that little bit of playful teasing on her part he tipped his head. "I'm sure they do. Tae seemed tickled pink to make the menu for you last night I'm certain she'd make sure to have a bunch of it saved in case you wanted more." He said unaware that was more true then he thought and that she was planning on sending some of the Dusk Melon out for them as well. Knowing it was one of Nikki's favorites.

Frau nodded. "It was." She said looking at her. "That was having fun….just getting to do something without any worries or fears. Feeling that light and warmth inside that was fun. Can you think of other times when you felt that light and warm, something that just made you feel good and like you had to smile?" She asked her unaware that Ceil had been trying just not telling her it was fun. He wanted to introduce her to things and let her want to come back to things that she liked doing. "Anything that you really liked doing and would like to do again? Those things are 'fun'" she said gently to the girl as they drew closer.

Baillie nodded. "I think so to." She said as she walked along and then smiled when she mentioned Holly. "I hope Maple is…." She said softly. "She….knew my left ear….gives me problems….without my having to say she's careful about the shampoo and stuff…" Baillie said lightly not realizing perhaps that Maple who helped her so much was almost completely deaf herself born that way and that was why she leaned down and smiled when she heard the murmuring of Baillie's voice to talk to the little Gatan.

Tae nodded. "I was told it was a good time for them." She said as Maks helped her she didn't blush because he was touching her but rather because she was so awkward with people in general although she no doubt had quiet a few girls jealous behind her. She did as Maks instructed and blinked when the spoon bounced off having not quiet gotten it right. She let out a rather pretty but very startled chirp. "I don't think….I quiet have it…though." She said glancing at him and shaking her hand having been holding the spoon a bit too tight when she smacked the melon….her hand took more of the abuse then the melon taking the whack that was for sure!

Fauve hadn't thought of a way to explain it. How she met him….she looked at the table and a haunted light entered her eyes not one that thankfully Aster or Vi would pick up on. How did she explain it to her little sisters……that Maks had come into town not once but twice to save her from High Mage Severin…the first time before anything happened….the second after. Shale looked at Fauve and then at Vi her question was innocent enough.

"Mm I think that story is best told by Maks." Shale said as she rested there on Fauve's shoulder. "It sounds far more heroic when he tells it." Shale said having a feeling that Maks may know a way to skirt it having several sisters of his own. For Fauve it was a bit….different. She didn't even know how to explain it or even realized at the moment that….Shale had spoken up when she fell silent. Shale nuzzled Fauve a bit to try to get her attention. Shale looked back at Vi. "Your big sister has a hard time talking about it because it gets her thinking about how dashing he was." She said Ginga might notice that Shale wasn't lying but rather trying to lead the little one away from a rather painful and touchy subject for her, as Ginga's own loss was for her. For Fauve though it was the knowledge in the back of her mind….that by all rights she should have lost….the right to be Alpha and then there were so many other's of the painted Tribe for breakfast in there if they heard that she had been enslaved and lost her innocence was taken by the 'slave master' High Mage Severin….she was likely to face quiet a few painful duels in the next few days. No….Shale was trying to keep the peace and by a out for a few minutes. Even trying to think of how to guide the conversation to something safer.

Aster glanced about and then pointed to one table the Elvin Crepe and the yummy smelling bacon they were eating. "That thing…." She said not being as loud as before and pointing discreetly over her shoulder at them. "With the fruit and cream and chocolate it looks yummy…" She said softly not sure what it was.

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