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Kari (Daire thru Mikleia)
Re: No Subject
Sun Sep 9, 2018 1:36am

Daire looked at him as Ceil tipped his head. "Would you believe me if I said….I had concerned it many times myself." He said looking at Thayne despite being known for never lying which was true. Daire knew it was a touchy subject there Uncle. "Then there was his cryptic warning to Trait….'You'll regret this you have no idea…what's coming…' As he died…I think was the jest of what he said." Daire sighed as he crossed his arms. "What I do know….is that when Raiser first appeared here out of seemingly no where centuries ago she had first got ahold of our Uncle….there was mention in a few Mystrian villages old records denoting how he was Originally her slave and from the books words her favorite so much so…that she had Traitorin by him. But at that time….if the tomes were correct…he was good. Which perhaps is where that fragment of light was there for Silvitrista to find in Trait and bring it out in him for all of our sakes." He said shaking his head. "But if I had to wager….he learned something about her back then…something that gave him a edge over Raiser the Dragon who control's flesh and blood….that she backed and shy'd away from fighting him….form having any entanglements with him once he gained his freedom form her….even when he was weakened and living solely off of the Ariel stone and later just off of the Phoenix's power….she did not challenge him. But the moment he died……she cut loose bringing the Furies here and attacking………she's been relentless ever since…"

Solan smiled as she said that and reached up to gently cup the side of her face. "Then we're both lucky. I started truly living when you came into my life Keelin. I look forward to the moment we walk as husband and wife. That's a future I'm happy to look forward to with you." He said warmly as he looked into her beautiful eyes.

Jarral leaned against the wall outside of the room and once he heard the okay he opened the door and came in. Sitting down it occurred to him he forgot the bubbles so concerned with keeping the water warm and comfortable for her and bringing that chill out of her skin so it would not be painful climbing in. "ah sorry I forgot the bubbles…..did you still want them?" He asked it was a simple bit of wild magic but he could do that for her.

She was doing leaps and bounds better then Trait did but it helped having him close as it was the Esper's pure magic that created the waters that worked to cleanse the darkness. He nodded as he looked at her. "It may be a hunger headache, you're still recovering but that's a good thing." he said gently. "I can coax the vines back and then take you inside, where we can get something to eat. If you like we can always come back out here later?" He said gently to her. Miharu was thankful things were moving along for her the way they were.

The spirits bristled back and forth gliding around the window watching. Keeping watch over Zai. If anything happened they didn't know if they'd be enough but they would certainly try even as one rushed off to get Aiyan for help. They just didn't know how much danger was lurking around the house right at the moment.

Tokeru grumbled a bit as his brother said smelling water and then paused at the beautiful house sitting there all alone next to the waterfall. "Well now….seems someone likes there privacy a little too much….how about we find out if….that place holds a few lovely treasures for us." He said as he moved closer looking about sniffing the area.

Suna nodded. "it has been." She said in agreement with him, she had certainly been disgusted with the way her father ran things since then. She smiled though when he caught that the question in his voice. Suna reached up cupping his face gently in her hands. "Our Children and Grandchildren And the tribes of course." She said smiling. "But….Singo Yuyrin….there is not another Tiger in all of the Wylds or further whose children I want to have, no other tiger I want to spend my life with. I do not want some stupid rule….tearing apart my family or anyone else's its not right." She said looking at him. "I want to know when I'm home I'm with this tiger I love so very much….and that he loves me…that I'm not just some conquest for him and to be tossed aside when he tires of me….I want to see that look in your eyes when I come or when you do…it doesn't matter….but that…would make it home." She whispered. "I don't want to dream about it…Singo I want to make it real….I want…more then anything to have a family with you. There has to be a way….to stop the idiocy that my father encouraged….there has to."

Rosie sighed, Naiya was denying it….because of the very words at the end. "It means none of you children should have had to loose your parents." She said shaking her head. "But….unfortunately its all speculation theories. There is no proof of Ill will done." She said looking at Naiya. "I'm sorry Naiya I should not have said it. But….I did not feel it right to not let this go forward without everything that concerns us out there. And Naiya you're wrong child you are that special you and your brother your Cousin. If you do not believe me….then look to your wrist where Ruze's roses sit. You and your brother both have them." She said gently. "Pay this no mind….it is perhaps just the rambling of old Druid woman who is bitter at the loss of dear friends."

Aiyan looked at Naiya as Bruskan and then to Naiya and Kei. "Perhaps because….it's not something she can tell us, but a truth like any that we must learn for ourselves." He said walking up and placing a calming hand on his twins shoulder. "Right now we don't know the truth about anything concerning this. What we do know…is the very morning after Kirie finished the Miravanna, King Silvantis sent and army to take her by what could have been force. They called her a thief and that there general Ramos stiffened at the mention of Mom." He looked at Naiya. "We know that they came here….through the Abyss riddled skies without being stopped or endangered and that brings about more questions then anything before. And we know…that whatever illness Midora had Padara was healing her….until she was lost to us." Aiyan looked at his sister. "Those are all things we'll have to find the truths to, but right now what we do know, is that the Sky Elves will be back and they will seek to take Kirie and the Miravanna and most likely make it disappear. They have not learned of the Zion or they would likely be after that as well, not fully they do not yet realize what your creation can do." He said looking at his sister. "So we deal with the threat that we can see at the moment. We make arrangements to keep them at bay from Kirie. And we find out the truth about Midora little bits at a time. Some answers might lay….with Uncle Leon and Aunt Nysa….there has to be a reason…for everything even if it is one…none of us will like." He said gently.

Kei shifted Breece a bit in his arms purring lowly and nuzzling the kitten in his arms trying to sooth there daughter knowing why Naiya was upset. Because that would mean the Sky Elves murdered her mom….and her dad died after. It would mean they sent a Fury to kill Kirie a child…..It would mean so many things. And many of them…not good at all.

Kirie couldn't help it she laughed a bit more about his asking about a fairy tale dinner…"Mm no not really but….Maizie might." She said referring to her dear and best friend. "She is part Dryad after all, you should see what she can do with plants." She said chuckling and looked up at Eko smiling as he nuzzled her a bit. She did blush though brightly as he said her laugh was beautiful and he hoped to hear it more. "I think…I'll have more reasons to now." she said meaning him….he brought warmth and joy back into her life. Made her feel alright in her own skin but she had no idea at all that they were talking about out there….that her parents….may not have died if not for the fact that they believed but no proof that she was being targeted by that Fury that they raced back even faster then they planned….to get between her and certain death. No one knew what words where exchanged between Nydia and Nysa….all they did know was that Nydia kept Naiya and Kirie close after that. They were almost like sisters for a long time. Even though Kirie still thought it was her loosing control that caused her Aunt's death….she had no idea at all….that it could have been something much more sinister.

Mikleia tipped her head when Sarah smiled and said to just call her Sarah. "Sarah…." She repeated and smiled happy to hear that and then smiled a bit more until she paused hearing Drak speak out loud in a sense putting down her Mama about putting silly notions in her head and then something else but Mikleia huffed a bit reached up and poked Drak in the nose. A frown despite the cuts and burns on her cheek as she narrowed her eyes at him. "Drak you should not speak ill of the dead I suppose!" She said upset with him for that one. "Mama meant well, she and papa were always only trying to protect me I suppose." She said looking up at him her bright rose gold eyes focused on him. She knew he meant no harm not really she had learned him well enough at the age of four to know it was more relief that he had told her and those stories brought her here safely then truly meaning any ill will. "Say sorry and I'll forgive you I suppose." She said full of spirit but not truly angry with him as tired and sore as she was. It was the same as her parents at times they would say things in reflection or thought that were not meant to harm another but came across totally wrong. "Mama put the Enchantment on my Mapet not long after you left I suppose."

Mikleia though lowered her hand and looked at Sarah hearing her say that she was happy that she was here safe too. "Mm I think it was the spirits I suppose." She said looking to them. "Mama called Sanctuary Lemuria but she described it as a cold and empty place I suppose….it was as scary as the dark dragon….and her monsters I suppose." She said not realizing that was very much far from the truth of the matter it was just that her mother had wanted her to focus on the place not the people. For Mikleia though she sorta needed to know she wouldn't end up somewhere all alone. "The taller spirit said something to the little spirit who said she would and then Mapet was reaching here….and the little spirit was setting me down in the big area behind the large pretty doors I suppose." She said meaning the front forayer.

Mikleia looked at Sarah as she said something about a bath and just before that her family….Mik looked down nodding. "Papa took the Royal Guard and raced….into the thick of the monsters…..they swarmed over Papa and the Guard I suppose… " She said softly. "Mama was at the temple….with Mapet she handed Mapet to me and told me to focus on the Sanctuary before the horrible cold flames rushed in….Mama stood in front of me taking the brunt of it….it hurt….she said she'd find me but I know….she never will….The flames consumed Mama as Mapet lifted up I suppose." She said softly looking at the room they were now in. She looked at everything here was her being here putting them in danger. She knew she was bonded to a relic….to the crystal around her neck but glanced up at Drak. "What are the Relics of Power I suppose…..are they something horrible….worth killing over I suppose?" She asked Them both unaware that she herself possessed a Relic of Power. Powerful items left behind by the ancients both beneficial and deadly…all Relics had a price for there power. Mikleia's key for example because no one person was meant to hold Infinite Knowledge and everything to be known the more the keeper of the 'key' learned from the Library of the Ancients the less of themselves the maintained until they were gone and ended up mummifying. Something that was referred to as 'Stone People' or Statue people back home for her. The prior keepers she never wanted to be that. People forgot things to learn new things….all the time. Raiser wanted her Key…..because she wanted access to the knowledge held there in but the key was worthless by itself without Mkileia. She would go into a trance if a question was asked that the knowledge was held in the Library and speak it or write it down for the person but after she would have no knowledge of her own….of what the answer to that question was. Which perhaps is were the 'I suppose' developed a way for the child to always identify her thoughts from being the in the trance around people.

La'shire was happy to help Sarah with that in the bathroom on a stool was a large fluffy and soft towel to dry the little dragon with and a pair of comfortable pj's that would not irritate any of her burned or so skin and would be comfortable once she was all bandaged up. Mikleia looked at Sarah and bit her lower lip a bit before speaking up softly she had been tossed around rolled around in the dirt….bloody cuts and bruises and the magic burns hurt a lot too. "I can have a bath I suppose?" She asked Sarah looking at her wanting to get all of that off…she hadn't really cried over the loss of her parents yet it was all still settling in. She'd worry about Drak's sorry later especially since she knew he really meant no harm in his words at all.

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