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Re: No Subject
Sun Sep 9, 2018 3:13pm

Mizuki nodded as she moved to the boxes opening them to inspect the contents. She nodded to the question, "Lady Delilah instructions were so clear this shouldn't take too long." She noted and looking up, "And thanks to Rotta here the guards will be waiting for us."

Rotta smiled and waved his hand, "Aw, I'm just doing my job."

Jupiter was quiet trying to listen to all of this, wanting to let Twilight ask the questions, get the answers she had been looking for. Though not noticing the eyes of his littler brother Mars watching him as well. "Are you saying she can control her visions?" He asked finally knowing there were times it felt like she didn't.

Lukken nodding as if their conversation was said out loud . *I'm going to be the best flyer!*

Sasha looking up, "So am I suppose to be a brat and I can go?" The younger girl asked. Taking the extreme out look.

Acerbus shook his head, "No, I don't recommend that." He said moving a hand up to rub his daughters ears a little as they danced. "I know you will get your chance and soon I bet. We just a little stretched thin at the moment."

Lucina poking her head around, "Where's Aunty Del?" She asked coming back into the room somehow finding herself a little bottle of juice to sip on.

"She'll be back, she had to take care of some duties as well." Acerbus answered back. Smirking as the clever girl found the drink.

Rachel looking up, "About the middle of all of this mess when we met." She told her and looking over, "I got flustered and sneaked out to one of the taverns to try and cool off. Turns out a certain raven was there as well to do the same from a recent job."

Rodrick shook his head, "Don't remind me of that nightmare." He noted.

"Seems the client was a bit over baring on him. So fate placed to frustrated ravens in the same place and next to one another. We started to talk and vent and well we wanted to meet again and again and well you see the outcome."

Rio smiling and then following Vera's eyes a bit and staying they should head back. He nodded, it was a bit of a show of courage for him to kiss Vera in public like this. But, that was enough for now. "Sure." he said and then moving to next to Vera and arm still wrapped around her and walking back.

Duncan listening to Garand and then moving a little close to keep his voice down, "It's still here?" He asked, in his mind when it left Saffy and him that he had left. He was trying to think about the request a bit and looking. "Well I can let you in Garand." He said, it was easy since he was a Knight. "But..."

Lana crossing her arms, she knew where this was going. "Let me guess. I can't." She noted having warmed up from the sudden transport to the garden. "I get it, why help the ones cleaning up your mess."

Mela paused, "Nashy, have you..." She paused and hoping she wasn't about to open any old wounds. "Have you tried to contact any family since being here?" She asked.

Serg nodding, "I do know you. And truth be told never seen you so....focused on someone either." He noted looking over and then elbowing and pointing.

Horace had finished his dish and returned it and then which might make Blake feel like something had learned a little something, thanking the chef for it. Before he would just eat and leave, but now taking a little time to be thoughtful. Moving back to the two dragons. "All right, that was good."

Pan took a breath, "He is a happy for us." he said, "But, a little upset for ignoring the duties of a groom to gather our rings and so on." He said and folding it up. "Well, it our wedding and our life I don't need Ikki telling me what to do."

Torin nodding a bit, "I willing to do anything to make Juno happy." He noted, she knew that. But, he be lying if he didn't say there was also fear for Juno's father to return. Many times he was able to show Torin he could just kill him with so little effort.

Abbadon looked over hearing the whisper, he didn't think he said anything wrong. Then looking back to the story, it is true the army was very strict, though that is why they were considered to be so good. "Perhabs." He said which might get another 'look' from Soraya, "But, at least you have the princess to help you."

Tria looking over, "Thank you again." She said to Amara. Then looking to Eri a bit, "So, I think you been planing something to help 'relax' then for tonight."


Crys nodded a bit, "Sure, I have a few outfits." She noted walking with her, "It is a way to express yourself a little bit." She told her, "Some days I like to be a little more 'free' and loose. But, then sometimes I am more serious and dress like it."

Donovan leaning in the chair, the idea Fai just presented, "That..." he said looking over the map, "That can work." He said leaning back up to it and marking the spot to let them out. "And with all the magic around us, they wouldn't know it was us looking for them." He smiled.

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    Drak's long platinum hair shifted as he nodded once as his wife suggested she help Mikleia wash up and tend to her injuries "Very well I'll leave that to you.." he trailed off carrying the petite... more
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