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Shiloh (Nour thru Sarah)
Re: No Subject
Sun Sep 9, 2018 11:06pm

Nour smiled as she brought her hand up to place over his, pressing her cheek into his hand. She’d waited forever, it seemed, to feel his touch like this… to hear those words, and it seemed her had no plans on holding them back. And neither did she. “I love you too, Solace.“

“It’s been ages, Narcissa. Let them know you….” Draco urged again as she watched her parents in the large dream globe in her sanctum.

“They’ve only just let themselves be with each other, and there is still so much more to their love they’ve yet to feel free to explore. If I went to them or brought them here… I’d become a focus… I’d take away from them,” Nara reasoned.

“You know that’s not true. You’ve seen their dreams… their longings… you are a product of their love. It’s why you’re here. Why you’ve become the keeper of this realm, a place where the heart’s deepest desires and passions play out in grandeur and you give them all a place to do so. A safe place. They would be proud…” Draco whispered as he stood behind her now. He wasn’t the only Ancient who knew of her. Luminos knew as well, because it was with Narcissa’s help that he could protect Mildune until enough time had passed that she could be given back to the world in Traitorin’s care… She’d been kept, asleep and in her infant form for a long time within Nara’s realm of dreams. That place between, where spirits could also come and go… to speak to the minds of dreamers and leave messages… and although Nara would prefer they all be of love, some did not leave such kind messages… such as Severin.

“What if they were to find you and my uncle knew of me… Wouldn’t they be angry with you?” she asked.

“Your father, perhaps, for a moment… until he realized he had a daughter who was doing so much good for the world…” Draco said. “Shall I open the door?”

Luminos looked at the image of Tomoe and closed his eyes. “I should’ve known. It’s my fault she’s in this state… that Raiser influenced her.“ He nodded some and took a breath. “I will go back to La’Shire…but…“ he looked around. “Where is my sister? Has she seen Tomoe?“

Topaz looked at him, baffled by his laughter, her ears falling back again. She knew it was because of what she’d said. “You didn’t have to agree with me so easily,“ she huffed a bit, but it was just a sign she was starting to feel a little better, a little more at ease than she’d felt since discovering she was going to be a momma. She nodded a bit and moved to rest her head against his chest once more when he reassured her that, had he not had a history of working with and helping mothers-to-be in the castle… he’d be just as nervous as she.

“What’s odd?“ Tala asked curiously as they approached Fii’s room. Her larger ears could hear them talking, so she knew they were in there and awake, but… it didn’t really cross her mind that her brother was usually busy in other ways, being his playful self with the feisty roo by now, although Seimei had clearly expected as much. “I can’t wait to let Fii know,“ she said with all the eagerness of a little sister. In a weird way… it was hard for her to remember there was a time before Fii took her in. Harsh as life had been from both directions, Humans and Mystrians, it all seemed so far in the past now… between having Fii take her in like a big brother and having Seimei-Maru for a mate… and soon… for a husband. She stopped at the door and took a breath before knocking, that light, unassuming knock that could only belong to the little fennec.

Nikki smiled. “Then… I definitely think I could eat some more of it,” she admitted. It’d been so delicious and, while she’d eaten enough last night, her appetite had been somewhat hampered out of concern for Averie when he went off on his own, something having clearly been amiss. But now that he’d been to the infirmary and been checked over and properly tended to, was clearly feeling better and not in pain… she could let those other needs resurface, and the nursing lynx certainly needed her strength to keep tending to Kiva’s needs. And Averie’s, for that matter. The dragon wouldn’t let this injury keep him down or away from her all that long, after all!

“… Lots of things… I think…“ cleo said, trying to recall all of the times Ceil took her somewhere to have a new experience… some she liked and asked him if they could do again… and others that she simply didn’t take to. The ermine wasn’t all that fond of the music room, because it simply got too loud for her and spooked her. Perhaps under the right circumstances and with the right instrument, she’d reconsider music to be nice, but for now… it wasn’t ‘fun’. Her nose scrunched up a bit as she was starting to catch a whiff of various scents… unaware it was from the spa… or that they were getting very close.

Meeka walked ahead with Baillie and eagerly pushed open the door with the margay to go inside. She had no idea that Frau already had Maple, Holly and a few others girls ready to anticipate them… and to have a section of the spa just for them, set up already with the dresses for Meeka to try on and pick from… among other things, like little snack for the girls and such.

“It’s okay. You just held it too tightly,“ Maks said, taking the spoon and looking at her hand, rubbing the tenderness out of it. “Looser this time…“ he said, placing the spoon back into her hand. He then held onto her hand and shook it lightly in a hitting motion in the air to show her how it should move, with a bit of swing in her hand, not gripped so tightly it was going to hurt her. “See… like that… Now… right there,“ he said moving to fix the melon and point where to smack it. “Try it again…“ It was fairly clear he wasn’t unfamiliar with teaching others. He had helped raise a whole bunch of little sisters. He always credited them with all the good things people saw in him. If he was charming, it was because of them. If he was noble, it was because of them. His love for them and his care for them shaped him from his youth.

It didn’t take Ginga much to recognize the look in her sister’s eyes. She already knew what had happened to Fauve, thanks to that mouthy nurse who Ginga had wanted to pummel if she’d been physically capable of it. Whether it’d been true or just cruel falsities being spread around by jealous girls who wanted her sister’s mate… it didn’t really matter. It was slander. But that look in Aster’s eyes told Ginga that it hadn’t been lies. Something had happened to cause the mark of the Alpha to fade from her elder sister and begin appearing on herself… and to have been robbed of her innocence would have been a valid reason for it… but then something had started to reverse it… which was when Pepper stepped in and restored Fauve. The only authority above the Luminara, after all, was Luminos and the Ancients…. And he seemed happy to give his granddaughter her freedom to do what her heart dictated was right. “Fauve’s probably hungry, guys… why don’t you help her pick out something to eat, too?” she suggested. “You seemed to pick out something good, Aster… think Fauve would like it too?” she asked.

“Oh, try the muffins. The muffins are good…” Vi said, having eaten one off of Juniper’s offered tray. It seemed to work, though, to get their minds off of Fauve’s sudden silence. They would ask Maks when he came back. Being the doting big brother he was, he’d probably already have a way of spinning it on its heel to protect Fauve’s truth and to protect the girls from learning about it…

Thayne listened and seemed to have a realization come over him. “If… if by some measure, some part of him was still good at its core when he died… maybe he hasn’t gone to either place yet. Maybe the Ancients haven’t chosen where he belongs for all eternity. Think about it… He never killed his children… none of them. Cruel as his treatment of them was, he kept them safe in his own way. He didn’t know how to love, because Raiser stole that from him, but he wanted to. I think that’s what their mother was about… and why he couldn’t kill her himself,” he said. Thayne, of course, knew the truth, that Severin had made Juno do it when she was so young, had compelled her to kill a slave who didn’t fight back or plea for her not to do it, who just looked at her with deep sadness for what Severin was doing to the child, the trauma he was forcing her to carry once she learned who Lansea was… It was a dirty secret that he’d learned before even Juno had… though Thayne and Ceil still might not have known that dark secret their cousin had kept to herself, sharing only with Trait, Torin and Yuuri. “So what if there’s a way to save the good and wash away the corruption in his soul, like with the Heart, and then maybe he’d be on our side…”

Keelin’s ears tipped forwards and she reached up, hugging solan and pulling him down more over her, kissing the dragon tenderly. “If this is my first birthday present ever… I don’t think any other could be better,“ she said, meaning to be marrying him tonight.

Wynter shook her head a bit. “It’s okay like this… unless… you want to…“ she said quietly. “If you did… then I could move the curtain,“ she said, shy despite all that had happened -- feeling much like a fever dream -- last night. Part of her was completely unsure what parts were real and what weren’t… It’d been such a surreal haze of events…

Vespa thought a moment and then smiled and nodded gently, mindful of her throbbing head. “As long as I get to be close to you…“ she said quietly. She’d happily go in and have another meal with him, but only if she could be assured she’d get to cuddle up with him again after… The other night, even though she’d been unconscious for most of it, his absence had still be felt by her… when she was inside the cottage and he was out in the gardens. It was necessary… so he could recover… but she couldn’t help her desire to be near to him.

Zai shifted slowly to sit up again, moving the covers away from her body and collecting the nightshirt from the chair beside the bed. She pulled it on and tested her legs. A bit weak from all of her nymph husband’s antics last night, but nothing she wasn’t used to or couldn’t handle. She plucked a grape from the bowl of fruit Aiyan had brought up last night for a snack and munched on it, still trying to gingerly determine if her stomach wanted food or if it would reject it this morning. She was blissfully unaware she was being stalked.

“Let’s not waste a moment…“ Tonka agreed before figuring out the best and quickest route down from the cliff into the lush valley below. They’d come in a small pride, only five of them, including Tokeru and Tonka… but one tiger tended to be enough to cause trouble… especially when they were Tokeru and Tonka’s size.

Singo’s smile seemed as though it reached right up into his eyes. He moved to kiss Suna again and nuzzled her upon breaking it, pressing his forehead to her’s. “I want the same, Suna…“ he whispered, his deep, rumbling purrs starting up in his chest. “The day I can take you for my wife… and have a family with you… without fear of any consequences to it… I eagerly wait for that day. That moment will keep me strong and going for as long as I must to see it happen…“ he said through his purrs, his voice soft.

“I’ll get the perimeter set up,“ Grayson said as things seemed to be settling down after the early morning upset. He took his leave to do just that while Bruskan looked to Rosie. “I’ll go speak with Lorna,“ he said, “unless you would rather…“ he said, unaware nature spirits were on their way to summon Aiyan, or that his daughter was in any sort of danger…

Naiya looked at Aiyan and took a breath, nodding a bit. She didn’t want to have to wait to know the answers, now that the idea had been put into her head, but… at the same time, she wasn’t sure she’d like the answers they got. “Okay. We deal with right now…“ she agreed, looking to the roses on her wrist. She then looked over at Kei with Breece as he tried and succeeded in soothing the kitten.

Breece settled in Kei’s arms, snuggling up once more in her favorite blanket, her own little purrs starting up in response to his deeper ones, which soothed and quieted the sleepy kitten.

Eko rose an eyebrow curiously. “She’s not just Druid?“ he asked, a bit surprised. “She smelled sweet just like the rest of you. I couldn’t notice any difference…“ he admitted. “So you don’t know any fairies?“ he asked with a smirk. He had a sense something was going on, obviously, but… he didn’t know what. Were Kei to tell him later all that had been said, Eko’s protective nature would have been appreciative that no one came to upset Kirie with all of that information the way Naiya was currently upset by it. And yet he wouldn’t want to keep anything from her… and so he was grateful not to know himself…


Sarah came back out of the washroom once La’shire provided some things for the girl. She held a bottle in her hands, something to add to the bath and bubbles that would soothe the pain all over Mikleia’s body, that would absorb during her bath. A combination of liquid Zion and other soothing remedies made by Fii’s hands to numb the pains of bruises, burns and cuts and help promote healing, to give the Zion a good foundation to move through. She smiled sadly and nodded, having heard the child talk about her parents… about losing them… such acceptance and yet she wasn’t going through the emotions excepted of a child on the heels of such pain. “The bath will be ready shortly and once we get you cleaned and tended to and settled in, then we can all talk about things like that, Mikleia. Let’s focus on you first… okay?“ she asked.

She smiled as Drak brought Mikleia into the washroom and Sarah followed, hearing him agree that such things could wait until after. If Mikleia were to come anywhere to learn about Relics and their keepers, she’d come to the right ‘Sanctuary.‘ Dragon’s Nest, the nickname for La’Shire by outsiders, was currently full of such Mystrians. The Staff of Far Mist, the Lunar Crest, the Sword of Ages, the Heart of Lemuria, the Phoenix Stones, the Tear of Adriel… and no doubt many lay in waiting in her father’s vaults and locked archives and treasuries beneath their feet… and then there were those who were of themselves ‘relics‘ like the Luminara, a demi-Ancient who was always a decendent of Luminos and carried his Ancient bloodline amongst this world. Mikleia might find herself most interested in speaking with Ivy, though, who bonded with the Heart in a similar sense that Mikleia seemed to bond with the sun crystal, and whose home had sent her here to La’shire for safekeeping.

“I guess it makes sense that Lemuria would send you here. Perhaps it was far too risky to teleport a child beneath the sea,” Sarah reasoned. Lemuria likely feared it could miss and any degree too far and the child could have portaled outside Lemuria and in the ocean and drowned. Now, La’shire was the safer choice.

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                    Nour blushed deeply as she heard his chirps… sounds she’d only heard a couple of times before from him, and only when they were utterly alone with each other… because he didn’t feel comfortable... more
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                                Soraya felt tears slip down her face as she hurried away from Abbadon and Safira, through the people on walkways. She could have flown and probably would’ve gotten back to the room faster that way,... more
                                • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Nour thru Sarah), Sun Sep 16 12:25am
                                  Draco turned to look at Nara and paused. “Child, will you stop disappearing?“ Nara had run away again. She’d spent her whole life imagining what it’d be like to meet them, watching their dreams,... more
                                  • Re: No SubjectDkhoran, Sun Sep 16 1:32pm
                                    Letting out a sigh at the desk he silently listened to Trait's words and what he was currently dealing with, the bit about the shadow being summoned into La'Shire was troubling to say the least and... more
                                    • Re: No SubjectKari (Safira thru Yuuri), Sun Sep 16 2:15pm
                                      Safira had no idea what was troubling her, if she did no doubt she would be just as concerned as Sora was. But she stood there on the walkway with Abbadon shaking her head. Watching the back of the... more
                                      • Re: No SubjectKari (Solace thru Kirie) , Sun Sep 16 2:15pm
                                        Solace nodded as Draco said that, a bit curious himself. Just what was there friend up to he had not seen the dragon before him in a long time. He stood carefully helping Nour up and wrapped his arm... more
                                        • Re: No SubjectKari (Trait thru Mikleia) , Sun Sep 16 2:16pm
                                          Trait while he was talking to Drak telepathically saw his crystal blink the counterpart to Juno's it was sitting on the desk only because he was in the room otherwise it was one of the few things he... more
                                          • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Mon Sep 17 4:22pm
                                            Jupiter finally sighed a little bit and moving around to sit down as well. With all of this the grand scheme of things how on Earth was he going to protect Twilight. One of his main goals he wanted... more
                                            • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Tue Sep 18 10:41pm
                                              Zlo sat at a desk in a large tent in the camp set up hidden outside of the Unkindness. He was sitting and waiting for someone to activate his messaging crystals. But, something was wrong, he felt... more
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