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Kari (Safira thru Yuuri))
Re: No Subject
Mon Sep 10, 2018 2:14am

Safira looked at them both. "Thank you." She said when Sora said she could have better made and shipped then she could of course return home once she had a better means to do so. She watched the princess walk off and she seemed highly troubled about something….something other then the facts of what happened. Safira tipped her head and then looked at Abaddon. "Forgive me this is the first time I've meet the Princess is she alright she looks like something I said or did is deeply troubling her." She said not aware that wasn't it but although it was about her…..just not in a way she was expecting.

Eri chuckled. "if you count spontaneous spur of the moment planning sure." She said looking at Tria and shook her head as she walked with her. "IN all honesty this all just came about this morning but…I figure getting to relax a bit before trying on dresses would help. Besides….it'll help eat up time while we're waiting." She said as free time gave room for nervous thoughts and well that certainly didn't help when you were getting married to the one you love.

"Express myself? Clothing does that?" She asked learning something new at the moment her tail swishing a bit as she walked it was interesting to think about and to wonder what looks clothing brougth about she never thought of such things before did she?

Fai smiled as he seemed so much lighter and happier when she suggested it. "I can gather the Will-o-whisp's for you let them know what you want from there you only need to let them go. The plants will do there thing their one of the few that commune really well with natural magic." She said glad she could help him he didn't sound stressed about this. It would allow them to find the problem without risking lives. That seemed to make him happiest the most.
Dimael listened to her answer his own eyes going wide when she said cold, angry demanding….that she threatened Twilight…"No Twilight that in no way shape or form was your fault. But I do know of a few Priestess who will be getting an ear full from me for daring to do this…" He said shaking his head and sighed as he pinched his nose. "A sword….never in a million years would the Heart of D'joran the spirit who walks among the people of this world and tries to save it….be a weapon." He said the irritation in his voice clear but it was not with her. He looked up shaking his head. "You did not feel right around her no doubt didn't respond to her? Pherenice's aura if you could see it would be very similar to yours. It represents the bond between you. If someone had not meddled and erased her memories….you would be dealing with the real her….and I think had that been the Shisha you met….this would not nearly be so painful for you dealing with her in the beginning. She would never have asked you to choose a side if she were herself….she would have asked you….if you could see how to save them all and stop it, if not she would have asked for what you could see and then offer a path to look down to see if the answer was there where it had not been before. There is simply too many possibilities at any given time for you to be able to see them all but she can help narrow it down seeing the best pieces in the worst visions and giving you a direction to look." he said and then looked at Jupiter his question was a bit more….detailed.

Dimael held up both of his hands and sphere's of light formed above magical arrays which formed above his palms. The one at the start was brilliant and radiant the one at the end held that brilliance as well but it was wavering in and out, pulsing and coming to as if ebbing and flowing with a current. The ones in the middle were not nearly as brilliant some a bit bigger some smaller but each one represented an Oracle who had come, the first being Twilia and the last Twilight. "This is what the sphere of the Oracles light looks like for each Oracle who has come starting with Twilia and ending with you Twilight, now don't be concerned…there is a reason your's behaves the way it does." he said gently. "If you notice though yours and Twilia's are nearly the same size and nearly identical in light. You are the first Oracle in history to have gained….or rather will gain the Original gift. Others gained only fragments of it which is why theirs is so much smaller." He said and then the middle ones disappeared and he held just the two. "What I can tell you is that one….this is not by any means your full gift, the reason it seems to hard to handle and why it seems to ebb and flow is because it is doing just that. At the present moment….most of your gift is still asleep inside of you. Right now they will trigger mostly on there own without your asking and without any seeming ability to control it, it will unfortunately be exhausting because at the moment it is using up far more of your strength then it needs." He said looking at her gently. "Your gift was put to sleep sealed until you came of age in order to protect you and keep you safe only now the seals are breaking and you're beginning to come into a power….you should have had since birth. In Aeon there is a cradle that is scared to the Oracles normally you would have laid in it at birth and upon doing so your gifts would have stabilized and formed naturally as you grew older. To protect you though from Raiser and Chaos that did not happen. So now….fragments of your gift are surfacing with it you'll see not only the future endless possibilities but if you so choose you can see what led up to it. To know better the people you are trying to guide." he spoke calmly. "Once you touch the cradle this will stabilize and look more like Twilia's. But that alone is not enough to control it not completely. Twilia Saw you coming she was so happy to see you and sad at the same time that she could not be here to help you. She left with me something to help you control the sight….and it does just that. However I can not unfortunately give it to you yet even though I want to…if it starts to tame the parts of your gift that have awoken now…they will be harder to balance with it all once they wake."

Dimael frowned it sounded more like he just wanted her to struggle with this but that could not be further from the truth. "If I'm honest….I'd rather it had no reason to wake in you at all…that you could live a normal life with the ones you love and not be troubled by the visions at all….." He looked up at her. "But….I dare not jump ahead of what needs to be done or see you hurt….and I can not do that. All I can offer you now is not to try to trigger the visions right now. I know others will ask for help those who are lost and hope you can guide them. But…the danger now because they are ebbing and flowing is going too deep. Going so deep into a vision you've invoked…..that you can not come out of it again….Twilia said it happened to her once nearly going to deep and a voice not her own but her own at the same time…….warned her to turn back now…to stop." Dimael looked at her. Then nodded. "That is exactly what I'm saying. It's a gift to you. Once it's fully awoken you'll be able to control it and if you don't wish to have them just occur you can stop it and see the paths only when you choose to instead of it choosing for you. Orkla would never bestow the gift only to have you tormented by it. She was a loving and gentle Ancient…the gift was to be a help not a burden."

Yuuri shook her head. "Honestly it's fine we're not trying right now. All it will do is end in frustration." She said looking at Juno understanding now why she was struggling and it was something they needed to work with and to her it was they. She was Yuuri's big sister and there was simply no way she'd turn her back on her. "I can talk to Kahiri, I'm sure he'll help." She said looking at Juno and smiling gently squeezing Juno's hand. "We can tackle this together one step at a time. There's no point in struggling alone…." She glanced at Senn. "I've been told by a few….that having a family that cares means our burdens aren't heavy because there never ours alone." She said Senn…Aspen, Paz and even Juno would never let her collapse under the weight of being a Sklave. She looked at Juno and smiled. "When I forget that….there's this mountain hound I know….who'll happily remind me of it. We're sisters Juno and nothing will change that. I might have been crushed and shocked to learn the truth about him….but not you. If anything good came out of it…..and that wasn't something he did for sure….was learning I had a big sister and a half brother…..that I had family and wasn't alone."

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                                    • Re: No SubjectKari (Solace thru Kirie) , Sun Sep 16 2:15pm
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                                            Zlo sat at a desk in a large tent in the camp set up hidden outside of the Unkindness. He was sitting and waiting for someone to activate his messaging crystals. But, something was wrong, he felt... more
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