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Kari (Solace thru Kirie)
Re: No Subject
Mon Sep 10, 2018 2:15am

Solace smiled as his thumb moved gently tracing along her cheek. He leaned in and let out a happy series of chirps as he shifted to hug her. This moment in time….right now although it had been long in coming felt wonderful but now….that he was admitting it…it felt like there was something he was missing or forgetting. Not her….but it was important. It wasn't about Tomoe he knew Adriel would call to them the moment something went array. It was something else……but whatever it was, it wasn't bad.

Adriel looked at him. "We all missed it." She said looking at him. "I did not start to realize it until I saw the struggles of My Finn and his Nayril…." She looked back at the image seeing Tomoe crying and being held by Millie. "Nour is with Solace." She said looking at him. "She's fine…and yes she has seen Tomoe. She's spoken to her too….Nour and Solace is the reason…Tomoe was able to fight the darkness and make it this far. Now though….they are recouping."

Adriel did look at him quietly. "Your dallyingly. You know as well as I do….Nour would have sensed her arrival and rushed to her side. And so did Solace who was there with her to keep anything from happening. If Her meeting Tomoe now did anything it stopped them form denying what we've all known about those two for so long." She looked at him. "Now isn't the time for blame. Certainly there is more then enough of that to go around Orkla said something in the past and well all missed her warning's. We were all young back then as young as the world we cherish so much. There is no mistaking that you love her….in some fashion. You dropped everything when Raiser attacked her…you were the first to her side. Whatever it is she means to you……..she has to hear it form you. Don't….let Millia….Millie's pressence stop you we both know that outside of your daughter she can feel you close by even if you aren't stepping into there world she knows when you're there. She's been able to sense and feel all of us….it's a rather unique….gift she developed."

Fii couldn't help it at that he chuckled again when she said that shaking his head a bit. "True but….Paz your responses are just too adorable not to." He said warmly as he leaned in and nuzzled her a bit. Nothing to be arousing just a bit of affection and turned his head raising an eyebrow at the soft knock and more the to point the voices on the other side of the door.

Seimei shifted. "mm nothing." He said shaking his head. "Just my thoughts wandering."

"It's open." Fii called to them able to easily tell it was his adorable adopted sister and her skittish mate. Seimei opened the door and let Tala in first. Fii looked at them both and had a pretty good idea of what it was Tala was here to tell him. Regardless he'd be happy to hear it. Although he was in no hurry to relay his ordeal yesterday and as for the pregnancy as much as he'd like to tell his sister he still needed time to help Paz be comfortable with it he was sure a talk with Yuuri would help there.

Averie smiled and nodded as he flagged down a waitress and spoke to her. She smiled…it being Melody form the banquet and nodded.

"I know a bunch that would make a lovely breakfast from last night. Would you like me to bring out the assortment and you two can have fun eating them as you like?" Melody asked and Averie nodded.

"I'm not sure of all there names but…that would be wonderful if you could." He said and Melody smiled.

"Sure thing, in fact Miss Tae will be tickled pink you asked for them. She's a shy Avion but….she takes pride in her cooking and seeing people loving the meals is why she keeps cooking." Melody smiled and nodded to them. "Would you like the juice form last night as well?" She asked and Averie glanced at Nikki since he said yes to the assortment he thought it only fair to hear if she wanted that.

Frau smiled. "Lots of things is good." she said smiling at Cleo. "That is the same for everyone, there are things that feel that way and we enjoy and things not so much. But the only way to know if something falls into a 'fun' thing is to try it even just once." She said warmly gently to the timid girl. "Nothing says you have to keep doing it if you don't have fun. But if you do…even today with the spa if you decide to try it and enjoy it. I'm more then happy to bring all of you girls here as much as you like. There's nothing wrong with having fun, besides if you enjoy it and like doing it. Then you'll enjoy being able to do it again. That goes even for romping in the snow gardens you mentioned. If you want to do that again I'm certain if you say you'd like to return and do that again. You will." She said having a feeling Ceil was waiting for cues form her not wanting to goad her into doing something again she didn't like if he thought she did.

Baillie smiled as they walked in and saw everything then glanced back at Frau…how she always did this was amazing. "Maple" Baillie said happily and Maple smiled walking up and holding out her hand to Baillie.

"Should I start with your hair today or did you want claws done up first Baillie?" Maple asked looking at her.

"Mmm….hair….I think I'd like to start with my hair first." She said happily and Maple nodded then glanced over at a quiet girl among there group to help these girls. Then at Cleo. "You must be miss Cleo….that's Amane…she's quiet but if you'd like to talk a bit and see what we do here I'm sure she can explain a lot to you." Maple said sweetly as Frau walked in with her the girls in the spa had taken to doing this with many Mystrian's they found if skittish at first…once it got started they began to feel what they hoped warm and loved and happy and felt good about themselves when it was over. It was all they could ask for.

Tae looked at him and smiled. "Thank you." She said when he got the soreness out of her hand she didn't get all light headed like the other girls did but to Tae he was off limits and just a very sweet and kind young man. She let him guide her hand and as he showed her, after a moment and he reset the melon she did as he instructed and this time….she let out a surprised chirp as it split….perfectly in two….it had to be some fluke on her part to get it. "It just….split…" She said blinking and looking form the melon to the spoon then him.

Aster paused and thought about it derailed by Ginseng's question and tipped her head. "I think so. Fauve likes those berries too." She said and then looked at Vi and nodded. "And muffins if Vi says there good then we got to try them too."

Fauve was aware they were talking about something else at the moment and right now she wished she could get her head away from that nightmare. There was simply no way she could come up with something believable. Although the way she met him wasn't exactly the best of circumstances they fell in love with each other over time after it wasn't just a simple matter of oh you saved me I love you but rather they took to each other went on patrols and fell in love with each little by little. Shale was well another story she had this way of working herself into a person's heart.

Shale looked at them. "Mm don’t' forget to try the bacon." She said to the little wolves which got Aster to smile and nodded.

"Sure." She said liking bacon even if they got it rarely back home this was different right they could have it without it being a 'reward' for being good.

Daire sighed as he sat down. "Yeah that was what was bothering me lately. I don't believe he was completely overcome by the darkness that some part of him still held onto the light. Even if it was twisted in him." Daire said reaching up and touching his neck. "Outside of you two, Liam knew and our Uncle. If dad found out…"

Ceil shook his head. "If he found out he would have had the guards pump you with so much tranq there would be nothing I could do to reverse it." Ceil said shaking his head. "He kept the secret making sure even Aether didn't find out. Even if it was just to use you….he made certain no one who would seek to kill you found out in his own way he kept you safe just like he kept Juno and Yuuri even if he was severly twisted about it." He said and then glanced at Thayne. "And what about whose mother?"

Daire sighed. "I forget you weren't in the loop on everything." He said as he looked at Ceil. "Yuuri and Juno,…to mock her before she died he gave Yuuri he name. "Yuuri'Lansea. Lansea was the name of both Juno and Yuuri's mom."

Ceil nodded with a look that said go on.

"When Juno was a kid probably about fourteen he forced her to kill Lansea. Who did nothing to stop it she didn't yell she didn't curse she didn't try to attack. Lansea knew that it wasn't Juno's fault. It wasn't what she wanted to do. Juno….cried the entire time. He made her stop crying invoked the spell on the shard he put in her as an infant….and made her do it. She cried afterwards for a long time in her sleep it tormented her even fi he didn't see it. Lansea could have fought back….that pulse that Yuuri can use and fight with……..Lansea had too she could have knowing Severin was about to have her killed fought back and seriously maimed if not Killed Juno with one blow of her magic. She took it instead….she'd rather take it then hurt her daughter even a little bit…..and Yuuri well Severin made a point of telling her over and over again that he had Lansea killed for daring to defy him and get pregnant with her. It wasn't till later he twisted that and added betrayal because the 'daughter she gave him was born looking like her." Daire sighed. "It's scary in a way to think of that as his own twisted way of loving them…"

Solan smiled. "It will be hard to top it….but it'll give me something to try for." He said warmly as he looked at her. "I always want to give you reason's to smile so brightly Keelin." He did too. She was his world as he hugged her back.

Jarral looked at his hand and then nodded a bit to himself he motioned and the wild magic floated in the air like fairy lights almost before landing on the water the scent was one he knew she liked and the bubbles began to form one after another some tiny some large but the soft sweet scented foam was covering the water. "I don't mind." He said after a moment and he certainly didn't. It was such a small trick of magic and for a dragon who had been robbed of it for so long it felt incredible to do just these little things for her.

Miharu smiled. "Sounds like a plan to me." he said smiling and gestured to the vines speaking lowly to them and running his fingers of a few thanking them for helping them stay warm and comfy but now it was there turn to get something to eat and unlike them his friends water and sunshine was simply not enough. The vines pulled back untangling gracefully and sliding back then he was moving and gently looping his arms about her. Moving to cradle her head against his shoulder to avoid making it hurt worse. "Well lets go see what we can find." He said playfully as he started walking back towards the cabin.

Tokeru nodded. "Agreed." he said and moved down towards the house he didn't care how many where there……….even one right now would mean a bit of fun for them all. They weren't small tigers but because Tokeru and Tonka were so much larger those following them felt like they were the ones in charge.

Suna smiled and chuckled feeling his purrs going right through her. "I love that smile. The one that lights up your eyes Singo." She said softly looking at him her own purr starting up to match his. She leaned her head up and nuzzled him a bit she knew they'd have to get back and cleaned up first. But….part of almost wished they didn't have to. But if they didn't….Tonka and Tokeru would ruin what was left of the Wylds and she knew she and Singo could not let that happen.

Rosie nodded. "I should go let Kirie and Eko know what is going on." She said shaking her head. "It's best if we don't leave her unattended right now." Rosie said and turned to walk away only to pause as Aiyan's long braid and bangs were rushed everywhere and Ruze was standing there still visible to them all.

Aiyan went a bit wide eyed and then released his sisters shoulder. "I have to go now…" He said turning and starting to run back to the house. "Ruze….Bloom…" He called to her as he moved past Bruskan…Zai….by the gods no…if he didn't make it in time. The nature spirits had rushed to him but by the time they spotted the danger the Tigers were already on there way down to the house.

Ruze looked up and over."Zai" She said sharply realizing what Aiyan was so upset about even if she hadn't caught the nature's spirits words they had jumped onto Aiyan in there panic…Ruze shattered into rose petals and was gone from sight but rushing her power to Aiyan the scared bow forming……was there simply enough time to get there.

Kei looked up and over….frowning with that gust of nature. "That's not good…this scent is Tokeru and Tonka's ….they're coming in from behind Ethion." He said as he moved to hand Breece to Naiya. He could out race Aiyan….if he could get there but he knew there was more then just those two and a pride was hard to handle alone it was likely to get Aiyan killed…..which would not be good or himself.

Rosie looked her eyes going wide. "Alatru!" She shouted pointing at in that direction… was likely too little to late at this point they missed Spiritus's warning in with the Sky Elves….not good….not good at all….Alatru simply meant help him…..

Kirie couldn't help it she giggled. "No, Maizie is not just druid. But Dryads and Druids both walk with the earth so the two scents might merge together perfectly." She said giggling finding that one cute but paused as she was about to answer and sat up. "No no fairies…." she said and looked about her Airie weren't calming down they were agitating more…..and more. But the direction they were moving was towards the back of her house and to her again now……..slowly her eyes went wide. That couldn't be right….could it. "Oh no….Eko the Airie my Airie…"She looked at him as she sat up. "There not making any sense but they keep circling the same wind cry….tigers by the waterfall many….but that's where Zai Aiyan are….what doesn't make sense is they keep saying two are 'Paradia' meaning massive….." She looked not realizing that would likely register with Eko but not in a good way. Tokeru and Tonka….."And that Aiyan is racing through Ethion to get there….he can't keep speed sprinting like that….it's a aid form the spirits but it takes a lot out of a person. Most Druids can't do it back to back but we can…..if need be. But…most would have when the Sky Elves arrived…….." Kirie looked at him. "He might not make it to her in time….."

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