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Kari (Mikleia)
Re: No Subject
Mon Sep 10, 2018 2:16am

Mikleia listened to him and nodded. "Alright I forgive you, I suppose." she said looking up at him and then watching as both he and Sarah agreed to focus on that later that she was important now. "I think so…Mama said it was something like that I was not really good with the name but she said it was a place that so pure and it was beyond Raiser's reach no path or door would open to it for her get there no matter what she did. I suppose." She said in answer not realizing it was because well…Lemuria was beneath water. Which would have been bad for Mikleia if the spell was even a little off center of it's mark.

Mikleia nodded as she watched him go hearing his reassurances and then walked over to lean against and look into the tub as Sarah worked on filling it, she stood there though watching the water fill up the tub the scents were pleasant on the nose. She didn't know she wasn't responding right to the trauma she had been through and that she had Sarah worried.

She nodded as Sarah said it could have been too risky for her to be sent there because of where it was. She watched the foam for a few moments but it was a different sound that was for once in her life too loud…the sound of the water rushing to fill the tub. It reminded her of the awful roar…..the sound of the barrier shattering the thunderous roar of the horses hooves pounding past her…her father Argo Rhoswen the young king looking back at her and screaming for the guards to get her to safety….the chaos the sound of people shouting and dying….more craziness as she brought her hands up closing her eyes cringing as she stood there. She was fourteen but felt so much younger and so much more helpless. The shouts of countless people and Guards who rushed between her past her towards the danger….yelling that Raiser could not have there most precious treasure not while one of them lived….the treasure…..her mom and then Mapet was in her arms she was on the dais and then the spell as she faced her mom who was holding her arms to the side keeping as much of a protective shield through those awful blue green flames…..some got past got her despite her mom's magic and then she was being yanked away….seeing it all fade. Her mom being swallowed by the flames as her father had been swallowed with the guard by those horrible monsters……the roaring of sounds her heart had been racing. One tear fell and than another as she stood there…..Raiser appearing before her sight as well as one of the elders of her mothers half of the family her Great Aunt Bartolli who….always made Mikleia uneasy and the flames were licking off of Bartolli's fingertips as she scowled and then it was gone but not for Mikleia she….

She didn't even realize she had started doing it. She screamed………her hands clamped over her ears as the tears fell…..shaking form head foot, she had dropped Mapet in the next room but it floated up glowing resonating with her….her mothers complex spell ready to trigger to take her away if need be. But part of that spell Drak might know was forbidden for it was a spell that wound ensure what you were teleporting made it there but it bordered on Necromancy and light magics smashing them together the fuel for such a spell was life….it was a desperation move on the people of Rhealm for the past three hundred and fifty years…they had not a single one been able to have a child. They had all sacrificed the lives of the prior keepers encouraging them to dig deeper into the knowledge and write down what they knew…or rather Bartolli's generation did she didn't care if it cost the 'Keeper' all she cared about was the knowledge. Pyria Draconis and Argo Rhoswen didn't agree nor did those of there age but they wept endlessly and Pyria begged Draco to show them mercy and give them one last chance for years to one day have Mikleia a tiny miniature dragon who would be bound as it passed down through the Draconis line…to the Solaris Key….and again there people would have to make a choice. Drak might not have noticed it when he was there…but outside of Mikleia there had been no children laughing and playing. She was the first….in three hundred and fifty years to be born to the Dragon' s of Rhealm if they could have given Raiser the stone without risking Mikleia's health they would have gladly.

Instead knowing that Raiser would find a way to break the barrier one day all made a vow on that magic…when Pyria wrote the spell they all gathered and bond themselves to it. A gamble that they would never need it but if they should……it would be to save the most precious gift Draco had given there people. A ray of sunlight on dragons who had long forgotten what the sun felt like. What the warmth of a child's laugh brought to them. She had the key and they were loath to ever see her use it.

But for Mikleia now seeing it remembering she realized what she had been to scared to realize then…."Me…all of those horrible things were after me…I suppose." She said gasping and crying as she fell to her knee's. "Mama. Papa….everyone…..they…they weren't running from the bad one's they were running at them as bad ones swarmed and moved to follow me…if….if they just….if they let them take me…all of them would still be alive…" She said crying…not realizing that to them….if they lost her…they were worse then dead inside and they never wanted to feel that again. She couldn’t stop crying….and shaking. "Mama….all of them….those monsters….if the took me. There was so much yelling I suppose." She said staring at the tub…..wanting to double over. "What most precious treasure? What was worth the entire kingdom dying for…..everyone Caedra was so excited….she was going to be a mama too…" Mikleia gasped to herself shaking her head. "I was…so happy for her I suppose. I couldn't wait to see what….a baby looks like…I knew the baby would be younger them me I suppose but I didn't care….I could show her or him all the fun places in Rhealm…I suppose…There would be another child there besides me….I suppose….that made everyone so happy…." She said curling up. What treasure….she had no idea even if she could hear her mom telling her. "What could possibly be more precious then silver or gold….worth more then any cut or karot of stone? What could they all be willing to die for?" She said crying she knew they were…..even if it was really just sinking in…she knew almost everyone in Rhealm was dead. She just didn't know the treasure they were so despite to protect was her….what they felt was Draco's last gift to them and last chance….to prove they could still be worthy of his love and patience with him. Each one of them treasured her….she was used to being picked up and hugged and carried about. They would stop work to spend time with her and if she said sorry they always said…'it can be done tomorrow. There's no rush' For all the infinite knowledge at her fingertips Mikleia could not grasp this one….at first it was simply denial of it and nothing triggered the memories to resurface quickly on her made her remember or think about it…….but this………she rocked as she knelt there. "I'm all they wanted…..just me…" She said gasping crying. "Rhealm would still be there if not for me."

  • Re: No SubjectKari (Solace thru Kirie) , Mon Sep 10 2:15am
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    • Re: No Subject — Kari (Mikleia), Mon Sep 10 2:16am
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            • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Nour thru Sarah), Fri Sep 14 11:14pm
              Nour blushed deeply as she heard his chirps… sounds she’d only heard a couple of times before from him, and only when they were utterly alone with each other… because he didn’t feel comfortable... more
              • Re: No SubjectDkhoran, Sat Sep 15 10:21am
                Listening to Sarah start soothing Mikleia Drak nodded once to himself as he stepped from the door knowing the poor child was in good hands with his mate, whom he felt would be a contender for mother... more
                • Re: No SubjectKari (Safira thru Yuuri) , Sat Sep 15 4:18pm
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                  • Re: No SubjectKari (Solace thru Jarral) , Sat Sep 15 4:20pm
                    Solace blinked and actually found himself blushing a bit. "I'll have to…let you hear them more often." he said softly they were happy sounds after all and brought about by her but he glanced up as he ... more
                    • Re: No SubjectKari (Suna thru Kirie) , Sat Sep 15 4:20pm
                      Suna chuckled and smiled. "I seem to recall seeing that wonderful smile of yours quiet a lot growing up always in passing though….I had always hoped it was for me." she admitted. And was kind of glad ... more
                      • Re: No SubjectKari (Mikleia Thru Traitorin) , Sat Sep 15 4:21pm
                        Mikleia looked up at Sarah as she knelt down and hugged her getting a pause in her talking and a bit of sniffling on her part. Even as Sarah said that none of this was because of her with firm... more
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                          • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Nour thru Sarah), Sun Sep 16 12:25am
                            Draco turned to look at Nara and paused. “Child, will you stop disappearing?“ Nara had run away again. She’d spent her whole life imagining what it’d be like to meet them, watching their dreams,... more
                            • Re: No SubjectDkhoran, Sun Sep 16 1:32pm
                              Letting out a sigh at the desk he silently listened to Trait's words and what he was currently dealing with, the bit about the shadow being summoned into La'Shire was troubling to say the least and... more
                              • Re: No SubjectKari (Safira thru Yuuri), Sun Sep 16 2:15pm
                                Safira had no idea what was troubling her, if she did no doubt she would be just as concerned as Sora was. But she stood there on the walkway with Abbadon shaking her head. Watching the back of the... more
                                • Re: No SubjectKari (Solace thru Kirie) , Sun Sep 16 2:15pm
                                  Solace nodded as Draco said that, a bit curious himself. Just what was there friend up to he had not seen the dragon before him in a long time. He stood carefully helping Nour up and wrapped his arm... more
                                  • Re: No SubjectKari (Trait thru Mikleia) , Sun Sep 16 2:16pm
                                    Trait while he was talking to Drak telepathically saw his crystal blink the counterpart to Juno's it was sitting on the desk only because he was in the room otherwise it was one of the few things he... more
                                    • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Mon Sep 17 4:22pm
                                      Jupiter finally sighed a little bit and moving around to sit down as well. With all of this the grand scheme of things how on Earth was he going to protect Twilight. One of his main goals he wanted... more
                                      • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Tue Sep 18 10:41pm
                                        Zlo sat at a desk in a large tent in the camp set up hidden outside of the Unkindness. He was sitting and waiting for someone to activate his messaging crystals. But, something was wrong, he felt... more
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