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Kari (Trait thru La'shire)
Re: No Subject
Wed Sep 12, 2018 12:20am

Traitorin sighed as he walked through the halls, he had, had breakfast with Dia and a bit of fun. It was supposed to be his day off and while he had told her about giving the Reigns of the castle back over to Silvi who handled it so much more gracefully them him. Dia had been happy. It would allow her to further explore her crystal's system which Silvi liked a lot and well that meant he had to go unlock the unused Throne room, get Silvi's crystal staff and crown which were kept safely there and return them to her. She had not asked he had not offered just wanting her to be a normal woman and fall in love. Which she had. No what had the Elder Dragon sighing as he paused before the doors to the Archive was that he had….at present four very mischievous children running about……plus one Shade or Shadow Being….he of course had known, he put things in place after the whole Forlorn Destiny Episode which nearly destroyed someone with it's dark predictions of the future. While this certainly was not the worst thing ever it was….beyond highly disappointing. He had thought….at least the one in the group who was his kid would know that his temper was not so dark and dangerous that one could not approach him and after causing a small accident seek his help and advice in fixing it. In fact he approached most things calmly he thought was he wrong?

The problem here….was that while the spell that summoned the Shadow Spirit was harmless enough any further attempts could fracture the barriers of light that protected La'shire and all those within making a small but unseen entrance for Raiser….and her forces and well….that might not seem like she'd find it for a long time but Trait knew his mother well enough to know she was always poking and prodding La'shire's defenses. Which perhaps was why….this was so utterly disappointing. He had been waiting for them to come… talk to him and ask him how to undo the summoning or release the Shadow being and instead…..they sought to fix it and if the times were not so dark….it perhaps might be fine to let them muddle along the way they were they certainly meant no harm. But Trait sighed placing his hand on the door to the Archives and uttering an enchantment that would seal it….not allowing it to open even for the keeper of the key without Trait's leave to do so…..The layers of the seal settling into place and unless it was someone of his or Drak's level it would not be so easily broken and even then….the last time his old friend proved he could break one of Trait's seals Trait's heart nearly stopped as it sent him flying down the hall in a heap…that had been….well Trait never really wanted to enter one of those bets again. Not that Drak's own defenses didn't leave Trait in the same state….more times then not and always when they were 'proving' themselves to each other Silvi would end up in the past coming up placing a hand on her one hip Averie tucked on the other and declare that after they were done putting each other back together they could work on fixing La'shire. Yeah….he really didn't want to go there again the errors of youth.

"I swear…..those children will have me old and grey long before my time….." He muttered to himself shaking his head once the spells were set and went down the hall. He didn't know everything certainly not….but this? He sighed… he walked up pulling the key ring out of his pocket and began unlocking the doors to the throne room. That would have to go to Silvi too although her idea of a throne room did not include a actual throne that one sat upon. It had a large beautiful round table that she invited the rulers and even the people to sit at time and time again and talk with her as equals and hear there ideas. Although it could also be partially his fault if they thought to solve it because he was always soo busy. One could not possibly know why the four were avoiding him. Not to mention that both he and Silivi were aware of the Shadow beings pressence in La'shire how could they not be? Of course La'shire would tell Silvi and she would touch base with Traitorin. They both knew and both agreed to let the children come to them on there own time but things were turning in a way that showed….they most certainly would not. He could not afford to let La'shire's barriers be damaged so….it would seem he would have to make a silent but clear point. They should have come to him to start with. Now he simply needed to wait until they did. La'shire already gave Silvi her word she would not harm the shadow but she could not alter her energies any further without letting Raiser and the abyss come waltzing in which she felt bad about because it was even hard on Daire but he bore it for Meeka's sake.

As Trait unlocked the door and walked over to the table where her crown and scepter sat he sighed picking up. Disappointing…..and quiet saddening. "La'shire my friend… I really such a scary dragon to approach if one makes a mistake?" He mused he had not even yelled at Aspen when he left to stay with Chaos's group a bit because he was so angry and hurt inside. He had been understanding………so why then did it keep coming around to this? In his own way…..and perhaps it was just him being an old fool he had hoped they realized they could come to him. "Draco in all of your wisdom….how in all of D'joran do you do it….to you we are all children….who make mistakes….I swear mine…will have me old long before my time….and yet you show un erroring patience in dealing with all of us…..I just hope can and show your grace to them always no matter how much I feel like it's going backwards." He spoke lowly to himself and to the ancient of Dragon's unaware that a little Dragon of Rhealm was here in his castle right now, that his guards had frightened her witless and was currently crying her heart out to Sarah. He would be relieved she was with Sarah and utterly frustrated with the guards for pulling there swords on a frightened scared and hurt child.
La'shire tipped her head as she glanced Drak while floating in the room leaving Solan and Wynter alone for now and then let a shimmering sphere of light enter into the Mapet causing it to once again set down. She understood why he asked it. If the little one triggered the teleportation who knew where in castle she might end up or worse outside of it. The lights in the room twinkled as if to say that should work.

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