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Sat Sep 15, 2018 10:21am

Listening to Sarah start soothing Mikleia Drak nodded once to himself as he stepped from the door knowing the poor child was in good hands with his mate, whom he felt would be a contender for mother of the year if she was a mom. But with that thought aside he moved to take a seat at the desk in their room "Thank you La'Shire the little one has gone through enough unexpected teleport is the last thing we need." he commented quietly after the spirit had accepted his request.

That being said he shut his eyes and reached out telepathically to Traitorn opening a mental line and waited politely untill he knew his old friend was listening before speaking up 'Sorry for the intrusion early in the day, but something has come up that I feel you need to be aware of since its related to your...mother's activities. Seems like I always come with bad news don't I?' he mused. However as he continued it was in a saddened tone 'We have a refugee from Rhealm, Princess Mikleia arrived a very short time ago teleporting into the castle and causing a stir among the guards..whom I'm going to be having a stern talking to later chasing a frighted injured child to the infirmary when she came looking for me.'

Traitorn could almost feel the sigh coming from Drak's end 'Raiser found a way to take down the barrier surrounding Rhealm and destroyed the kingdom just to try and get her hands on Mikleia whom we've found is the bearer of the Solaris key. Mikleia is currently under my and Sarah's care with her washing up the princess and tending to her injuries both physical and..emotional. I'm probably going to run the idea past Sarah that we take care of Mikleia in for the time being since we're the only ones she knows and she deffinatly needs the support.'

  • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Nour thru Sarah), Fri Sep 14 11:14pm
    Nour blushed deeply as she heard his chirps… sounds she’d only heard a couple of times before from him, and only when they were utterly alone with each other… because he didn’t feel comfortable... more
    • Re: No Subject — Dkhoran, Sat Sep 15 10:21am
      • Re: No SubjectKari (Safira thru Yuuri) , Sat Sep 15 4:18pm
        Safira nodded having no idea at all what it could possibly be but she wasn't going to push either. No doubt the Princess had a lot on her mind with everything going on. She just had no idea she had... more
        • Re: No SubjectKari (Solace thru Jarral) , Sat Sep 15 4:20pm
          Solace blinked and actually found himself blushing a bit. "I'll have to…let you hear them more often." he said softly they were happy sounds after all and brought about by her but he glanced up as he ... more
          • Re: No SubjectKari (Suna thru Kirie) , Sat Sep 15 4:20pm
            Suna chuckled and smiled. "I seem to recall seeing that wonderful smile of yours quiet a lot growing up always in passing though….I had always hoped it was for me." she admitted. And was kind of glad ... more
            • Re: No SubjectKari (Mikleia Thru Traitorin) , Sat Sep 15 4:21pm
              Mikleia looked up at Sarah as she knelt down and hugged her getting a pause in her talking and a bit of sniffling on her part. Even as Sarah said that none of this was because of her with firm... more
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                Soraya felt tears slip down her face as she hurried away from Abbadon and Safira, through the people on walkways. She could have flown and probably would’ve gotten back to the room faster that way,... more
                • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Nour thru Sarah), Sun Sep 16 12:25am
                  Draco turned to look at Nara and paused. “Child, will you stop disappearing?“ Nara had run away again. She’d spent her whole life imagining what it’d be like to meet them, watching their dreams,... more
                  • Re: No SubjectDkhoran, Sun Sep 16 1:32pm
                    Letting out a sigh at the desk he silently listened to Trait's words and what he was currently dealing with, the bit about the shadow being summoned into La'Shire was troubling to say the least and... more
                    • Re: No SubjectKari (Safira thru Yuuri), Sun Sep 16 2:15pm
                      Safira had no idea what was troubling her, if she did no doubt she would be just as concerned as Sora was. But she stood there on the walkway with Abbadon shaking her head. Watching the back of the... more
                      • Re: No SubjectKari (Solace thru Kirie) , Sun Sep 16 2:15pm
                        Solace nodded as Draco said that, a bit curious himself. Just what was there friend up to he had not seen the dragon before him in a long time. He stood carefully helping Nour up and wrapped his arm... more
                        • Re: No SubjectKari (Trait thru Mikleia) , Sun Sep 16 2:16pm
                          Trait while he was talking to Drak telepathically saw his crystal blink the counterpart to Juno's it was sitting on the desk only because he was in the room otherwise it was one of the few things he... more
                          • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Mon Sep 17 4:22pm
                            Jupiter finally sighed a little bit and moving around to sit down as well. With all of this the grand scheme of things how on Earth was he going to protect Twilight. One of his main goals he wanted... more
                            • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Tue Sep 18 10:41pm
                              Zlo sat at a desk in a large tent in the camp set up hidden outside of the Unkindness. He was sitting and waiting for someone to activate his messaging crystals. But, something was wrong, he felt... more
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