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Sat Sep 15, 2018 4:21pm

Mikleia looked up at Sarah as she knelt down and hugged her getting a pause in her talking and a bit of sniffling on her part. Even as Sarah said that none of this was because of her with firm certainty she wasn't there but her voice sounded as if that was one thing she knew beyond a doubt. She looked up that it wouldn't have changed anything….they still would have suffered like that and died. That they loved her she had always felt that and blinked listening still as Sarah took the wet cloth and wiped off her cheeks and the soot. "I'm…." She said what they fought to protect it wasn't her fault….they protect her because she was there gift….from Draco. She looked up though blinking when Sarah said that Rhealm wasn't gone….that they weren't all lost. Not for certain she had been but she could not know on that Sarah was right there was so much happening she had no idea if any made it out she just saw those who fell protecting her. She sniffed and hiccuped a bit about to say something when Sarah said she would not be alone but paused as she continued…..her words….

Mikleia was trying to understand what she was saying it was so similar to what was often said back home they didn't have an orphanage when they took in the refugee's at the end the children without homes had been taken in by families there. And when the people they came with asked….it was because in Rhealm no child would go without a family to love them or home and warm place to stay….they had said it was different outside the orphanages but the way Sarah spoke was as if she was speaking the same at the people of Rhealm….Mikleia reached up brushing at her own eyes a bit as Sarah cleaned up her cheeks and face hearing her say that she would like….to give her that while she was here….that this could be her home…for as long as she wanted it…."As…..part of your family?" She asked trying to understand this it was so different and she wasn't sure she was understanding….if she learned anything from the people that came from outside it was that everyone had different views it didn't make it bad…but it meant asking questions and well she liked…loved learning about people. "Here….with you…" She asked not saying I suppose if only because she didn't suppose she didn't know but she wanted to.

Trait had just finished picking up Silvi's crown and scepter and asked a few of the girls to give the room a quick cleaning before making his way back to his study to place the ornate box on his desk for Silivi later. He had paused though as his hand brushed the deep mahogany of the wood hearing Drak get in touch with him and seeing the viewing crystal from La'shire about that very thing……he played it back as he listened to Drak and sighed. "Unfortuantely my friend…..that's the nature of things lately if it's bad news it's likely to be her doing." He said shaking his head but he listened as he spoke back to Drak…."Of Rhealm….that's the ancient Dragon city far to the south…in Straya…there barrier has stood the trials of war since before the Ancients…..left." He said closing his eyes. "And the guards…..a stern talking to from you and a reassignment to cool there nerves from me…there will never be a day I tolerate terrorizing a child." He said shaking his head it wasn't the end of the world just a reassignment until they could get there nerves settled and right again he would not have them guarding the palace gates if they were going to be swinging swords and chasing tiny fourteen year old girls who were already tormented by the ravages of this war. Being frightened by the guards that were supposed to protect her hardly seemed like a nice way to arrive.

"I'm afraid your words could not come at more terse a timing my friend." Trait responded. "I'm afraid a couple of children here well meaning as they were cast a dark magic summoning spell to summon a shadow being here into the castle no doubt to see if they could help….but I'm afraid they knew not the dangers of casting a shadow magic spell in a barrier of light…..I'm disappointed but not angry I know they meant well…but….I do not believe they know the severity of the magics used the opposing forces…La'shire can defend against any shadow magic attack from outside but is vulnerable to those from within….to pull the shadow in they had to first punch a hole out…with the summoning spell." Trait walked around and sat down at his desk resting his chin on his interlaced fingers as his elbows found his desk. The telepathic conversation was….a sad one this day. "I fear I must know how far it has gotten and figure out how to reverse it without any further use of shadow magics….and I must go over the conflictions of magic with them there is certainly nothing wrong with wanting to help but….it's dangerous to cast spells without knowing the repercussions what worries me most about this is that magic does not discriminate….although they were lucky and it grabbed a neutral shadow…it may have very well grabbed a fury if it was close and then I would not be speaking to you about a well meaning mistake…but rather….how to salvage the loss of so much life including there own. That is what troubles me most…."

Trait's disappointment. The reason he locked off the Archives…..was because he worried for not only the safety of all in the castle but there's as well. Water magic canceled fire magic….Earth magic Cancel wind magics….and Light Magic and Dark magic canceled each other. What troubled him was that there act in innocence could have cost them there lives and even now as La'shire helped Drak with Mekleia's magical Mapet she was searching her own barrier for the exit point of the spell and re-entry point that brought Tenebrae into the castle. Trait had various artifacts in his possession that could safely take Tenebrae back out if he could but locate the wary shadow being his being Raiser's son probably did not help that cause. But….Trait opened his hands and then thought back to….what he said at the end and there he chuckled a sense of amusement going through him when Drak mentioned that he might suggest to Sarah to take the frightened child in for a while. He saw the images….when Drak first contacted him. "Drak my friend I'm afraid you may have already been outvoted on that one long before you came to debating it. I saw the look in my daughter's eyes and let me tell you as her father and having seen the way she looked at Millie when she first arrived a fragile and frightened baby who she was at that time too young to be mother too….Sarah was determined to love and protect her no matter what. I saw that same look in her eyes when she looked at Princess Mikleia…a frightened little girl who desperately needs someone to love and protect her….when next you speak with Sarah you may find….she's already decided she wants to keep that child….as if her own. Honestly…..I think if the little one agrees you should….despite how hard I was on you about being with Sarah…it was only that I worried you were not ready to settle down and didn't want to see her heart broken my friend….I'm thankful you proved me wrong but the one thing I know that I've never doubted even if you're uncertain right now is that you have the makings of a good father. You just lost sight of him if you don't believe me….just look at Silivi….she came into your life needing someone to take that place at about that age." Trait said as he opened his eyes as if to look at Drak although they were in separate rooms. "Koran and Miharu are going to be more difficult I have many adopted sons and two biological believe me I know…..we tend to like to try to solve everything ourselves." He said bemused but looked up. "And I saw the way you looked at her Drak….it was as if you were holding another little girl we both know way back then…I think you already determined to take her in long before you mentioned it to me." Trait sent back to his friend.

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