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Sun Sep 16, 2018 12:25am

Soraya felt tears slip down her face as she hurried away from Abbadon and Safira, through the people on walkways. She could have flown and probably would’ve gotten back to the room faster that way, but she couldn’t even think clear enough to open her wings and do what felt more natural. She felt like a weight was sitting on her chest. She finally reached the room and burst into it, the door slamming shut behind her from the force of it. She rifled through her bag, finding her communication mirror and threw the bag onto the ground with the mess of clothes and other items she’d thrown around in search of the mirror. She then moved onto the bed and tried to bring up home… but it seemed, like with Rio’s radio and Tria’s invitations, a connection was not so easily made with Aer’Oro due to the flux of magics between Unkindness and the Elvin lanterns. “Go through, damn it! Go through!”


Twilight seemed floored by the first response alone. Someone… who knew where she came from, who had known her great great great grandmother… her great great grandfather… She looked at the image he showed her on what seemed to be an antiquated viewing crystal. Her eyes softened and then widened with wonder upon seeing Twilia in it… She looked… so much like her. Only full Nightingale. The raven heritage had come in by way of her great grandfather, who had married a raven envoy. Her grandfather would have been the first hybrid, and then her father, Bellerophon… Twilight was the first girl to be born in the family to take on the heritage of the First Oracle from Twilia… which was why it had been passed onto others within the Aeon line for the time in between… and none had the depth of the gift that Twilia had, being the chosen line… or that Twilight would posses.

For all of the many questions swimming in her head, as she watched the images play out in the crystal, the way this gargoyle in front of her -- now looking so sad and somber -- laughed and lit up with Twilia… such an innocent observation was all she could get out. “You loved her?” she asked, her eyes flitting away from the twig from Aeon he’d been showing her and to Dimael, her own a bit glassy with tears at the mere sight of someone who, finally, she looked so very much like. "Yes." He answered her when she asked if she was related to Twilia. It was not likely the place or time for such a story with so many others around. Dimael’s feelings for Twilia, his love for her, their time together… was likely difficult enough to share with Twilia’s granddaughter, let alone her friends and family gathered here…. Especially when he was entertaining the curiosity that his relationship to Twilight could be far more paternal than he’d been initially led to believe.

“Then I think… we should talk to Traitorin first,“ Juno said quietly, reaching into her pocket and pulling out the dark purple amethyst she’d been given by him to reach him if she ever needed anything. As much as Trait, yuuri and Juno had all connected since they came to live here with him… Juno had reached out a lot more to him than Yuuri most likely. She felt like a pest for it, even though he reassured her that was far from the truth. He’d thought himself an only child for a long time. She and Yuuri had only just figured out that their nightmares had been the same and therefore not nightmares at all, but an obvious message from their father. He wouldn’t have been out of the loop long enough to be upset. “Then we can go speak with Kahiri…“ She looked over and noticed Senn and Torin had gone and she paused with the crystal close to her chest. “Where’d they go?“ she asked Yuuri, having not seen the gesture Senn gave to her sister when he and Torin decided to head out and track down Calliope about some dream catchers. Her crystal flickered and seemed to instinctively send a notice to Trait that she was holding onto the crystal… He’d ensured it would do such because when he gave it to her, he knew she would hesitate, and this way he would know she wanted to call him, but was struggling and so he could reach out instead.

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