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Sun Sep 16, 2018 1:32pm

Letting out a sigh at the desk he silently listened to Trait's words and what he was currently dealing with, the bit about the shadow being summoned into La'Shire was troubling to say the least and was something to put some thought into. Still he waited for his old friend to get this off of his chest as it was the least he could do feeling somewhat regretful he couldn't help with more of the issues that crop up around the castle.

Finally he spoke up with a faintly amused tone 'I won't hear the end of it from Sarah to try and bond with my sons so I don't think I have much say in this matter, you certainly understand how difficult it is to say no to Sarah' he mused lightly with a undeniable tone of fondness for his wife. 'I suspect however that your right about her wanting to take Mikleia in, at the very least I'm already on the same page as her for that especially since the royal family had been dear friends over the year I had spent there so I'll take care of their little one much like how Silvie was taken under my wing back in the day.'

He stayed silent for several moments as he considered something 'might be time for the little ones to be sat down and like you said given instruction on magic, while I applaud the intent behind the actions they must not have had any idea of the risks involved. Now something else I wish to bring up is we should send a message to Lemuria since Mikleia's initial destination was to be there before La'Shire redirected her here for safety sake so someone there is probably expecting her to show up.'

'About the guards, who's in charge of their assignments? Movado right? Its been a while since I've got an updated list of who's running what divisions. But I think you might want to run by the situation with him first, everyone is on edge nowadays so I don't want them being punished too harshly for doing what they felt was right but I'd like them to be well aware that no one teleports within La'Shire unless she allowed it, but in this case I can't fault them entirely since I could -smell- Raiser's dark magic and death on poor Mikleia. Still a reassignment might be for the best for the time being'

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    Draco turned to look at Nara and paused. “Child, will you stop disappearing?“ Nara had run away again. She’d spent her whole life imagining what it’d be like to meet them, watching their dreams,... more
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        Safira had no idea what was troubling her, if she did no doubt she would be just as concerned as Sora was. But she stood there on the walkway with Abbadon shaking her head. Watching the back of the... more
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          Solace nodded as Draco said that, a bit curious himself. Just what was there friend up to he had not seen the dragon before him in a long time. He stood carefully helping Nour up and wrapped his arm... more
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            Trait while he was talking to Drak telepathically saw his crystal blink the counterpart to Juno's it was sitting on the desk only because he was in the room otherwise it was one of the few things he... more
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              Jupiter finally sighed a little bit and moving around to sit down as well. With all of this the grand scheme of things how on Earth was he going to protect Twilight. One of his main goals he wanted... more
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                Zlo sat at a desk in a large tent in the camp set up hidden outside of the Unkindness. He was sitting and waiting for someone to activate his messaging crystals. But, something was wrong, he felt... more
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