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Sun Sep 16, 2018 2:15pm

Safira had no idea what was troubling her, if she did no doubt she would be just as concerned as Sora was. But she stood there on the walkway with Abbadon shaking her head. Watching the back of the princess as she rushed away, as if something dramatic had occurred to her. IN her own way despite all she had gone through she wished if it was something she said that the princess allowed her to help with it. But….it seemed as if this was something she was determined to figure out on her own and so all Safira could do now was wait. It seemed like she was doing that a lot since waking up.

You loved her Those words drew his attention from the crystal seeing Twilia again….he had kept it. Even after she broke his heart and married another. His love for her had not faded. He had swallowed it, that hurt and instead chose to be happy as long as she was happy that was how much she meant to him. But as Twilight made such a soft spoken observation he felt a sad but warm smile tug at his lips. "To this day." He answered her. He had never stopped loving Twilia all she had but to do was ask and he'd do what he could for her. Anything that was in his power. "Please….forgive me but I fear I am not yet ready to talk….about all of that." Not around so many not to have that part of his life picked apart many could not see how a being like him could….but he did. He just had no idea she didn’t' marry who she did out of love….but because she wanted nothing to happen to the child they had together. A child….that to this Dimael had no idea was his. He had not shown any of the gargoyle line in him then nor any of his children leading right up to Twilight of course………he never touched or held one of them until Twilight and she had been wrapped up in a blanket and rushed off to Samson…..he had not directly touched her then….if he had….so many questions would come up but……..Dimael would have one solid firm answer…….because it would be the only way…it would or could possibly occur. "Till the sands run dry…" He whispered. It was a saying among his people that they would love someone under the sands of time ran dry and the world was no more. He had loved her that much. It sadly though was not to be. He brought his right hand up and ran it along the white hair that fell down the side of his face from taking her into the Vale's stream when it could still be seen running through the world like a shimmering river of light in the sky. "Perhaps another time…still ask what you can If I am able to answer it….even about that time…I will." he said gently it was not fair to keep things from her but that deep of a conversation about that time….would be served better just as a one on one.

Yuuri nodded as she looked at Juno. "I think your right." She said as she looked at her Sister talking to Trait seemed like the wise thing to do and then talking to Kahiri and seeing if he could help he had not laughed when she suggested it to try to see if it was there somewhere in Juno's dreams in fact he reacted like the asking was a normal thing so perhaps it was possible. Yuuri smiled. "Senn indicated he was going to go do something with Torin and that if we needed anything he had his crystal. That they'd catch back up with us in a bit." She said used to it. One of the things about dating and being engaged to a Knight you learned the subtle gestures they gave. Of course it helped Senn would explain them before using them realizing Yuuri would not know the hand signals otherwise. She stood though and smiled.

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