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Fri Nov 9, 2018 11:34pm

Twilight smiled and gave a happy little coo as she moved to sit up a bit more against him. “More than just smile?“ she asked curiously, her dark violet feathers ruffling a bit as she studied Jupiter intently.

Koi smiled and nodded. “Thank you, Acer,“ she said, gratefully. She watched him move into the room with the others and followed with Mars a little bit, but not venturing too far in. She and Mars did have to go to see Tractus and Lumen. She looked up at Mars and gave his hand a squeeze, a gentle reminder he wasn’t going to see his father alone. “Well, we should be going. Thank you again for everything and… I guess… I’ll see you at the next Council summons,” she said with a small blush. Her… a member of the Council. It was… surreal.

Del nodded a bit to Zanna when she said she’d probably head out and get the kids home. She then moved to stand up again, moving over to Acerbus and looking past him where Mars and Koi were taking their leave as well. “We’re glad you’re on board, Koi,“ she said and then looked to Zanna and she moved in close to Acer’s side. “The girls… and you… are welcome to visit any time, zanna,“ she said with a smile, considering Zanna hadn’t come around much to see her niece and nephew if just because she’d been unsure if she was welcome. But Del would put that to bed, even if she and Zanna still had a ways to go to becoming as close as Del was with Twilight or even Mela.

Vera laughed a bit. “Well… yeah, that sounds about right,“ she said, shifting a bit beside him as the mention of Crys seemed to feel less like make-out conversation and more like… well, conversation. Thought Rio could turn it around any time he wanted. “You two are really like family, huh?“ she asked, moving to rest her head on the pillow beside his, her tail running up her leg and moving over onto his a bit, seeming to run up and down with a mind of its own.

Nascha sighed heavily and settled back against the massaging vibrations of the comfy chairs they were in. The girl working on her legs dried them off and brought over a tray of nail polish colors for the girls to pick from. “Oh!“ Nashy sat up a bit. “Mela, which color are you going to get?“ she asked, looking at the raven princess curiously.

It took a little bit longer for Sandy to finish, but where she usually couldn’t finish and needed Panro’s help, she polished off her meal this time around. She’d worked up quite the appetite with her fiance! She moved her plate aside, placing it on top of his and smiled, licking her lips and looking over a thim. “That was better than usual,“ she said, though hunger probably had a hand in that!

Garand felt Lana’s arms move around his waist and he was almost immediately relieved by it. He hugged her closer. “Almost there…“ he assured her, making his way through the castle as though, even with all of the changes the castle had overgone in the last month, he knew his way around by heart.

Movado shook his head, not wanting to believe it… but… if he let himself consider it at all, there had been at least one considerably large hole in the barrier. Could Aether have actually made it through into La’Shire? He looked back at Alcyone when she essentially confirmed his suspicions... "Aether? You're certain it was him?" he asked, looking back to Duncan.

If Aether had gotten in, there would be no way to detect him as all of her defenses were aimed at keeping whatever is outside out… not necessarily expecting anything to have gotten in. That's what the guards were for, and yet it seemed Aether was stronger than stories once told, to hold them off and incapacitate with little effort. "Oh, the shard. There was rumor Aether absorbed the Ariel Shard that was left behind when Severin died," he said. "Corrupted as it was, it's still one of the four sacred stones. It still has power in it. It must be amplifying his abilities, like it did for Severin," he said, looking at Alcyone. When she spoke of Saffron's disappearance he looked back to Duncan and approached him. “Alcyone said that she couldn’t sense Saffy anymore, but… La’Shire’s barriers… they’d go off if anything passed through to leave… Nothing indicates that, so wherever he took her, they are still in La’shire. Somewhere.” And they were… just not entirely within this dimension so to speak. “We’ll find her, Duncan.”

“Well then, back to the inn, it is,“ Orion said with a smile, pausing briefly when he noticed the curious look Crys was giving him. He was a little confused by it, unaware that she was equally confused by his behavior, too. He shifted the bags in his hands a bit and nodded to Pherenice, offering her up a smile. “Let’s go…“ He said, heading back with the girls.

Eros finally came down to the main Inn and around to the kitchen. He could see the familiar aura busy at work. “Something smells good, Pops,“ he said, having a feeling he’d already gone and made him a sandwich. He moved to pull on his tshirt and then took a seat, sighing heavily. “It feels so good to really relax…“ he admitted. He’d gotten a bit of a nap in when he and Crys were taken down by whatever ailed Pherenice… but he’d been awake more than not, worried about Crys. And then he got a bit of sleep last night, but Orion crashing in his loft hadn’t really helped him. So he was looking forward to them not being able to do much before this shepherd was found in Unkindness… a much welcome break.


Soraya nodded a bit and then looked around and back to Abbadon. “What do you think, Abbadon? How do we handle this? Should we go see if we can speak with Acerbus and arrange for our use of the portal to go to La’Shire? I just feel a bit guilty to leave without doing something to help Unkindness first…“ she admitted, though she oddly had done more than she realized, even just in returning the bracelets to Fai, who would be able to use them to tap into her unknown heritage as a Divine Shepherd when the need arose. She needed a new communication mirror to contact her father and try to arrange aid to Unkindness, but they weren’t available in Unkindness… though La’Shire could make them.

    • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Bruskan thru Mira), Fri Nov 9 11:44pm
      Grayson had already departed from Lorna's, while Rosie and Bruskan were just emerging, only to see the Warrow waiting outside with ... a Dwarf... "Hmmm... haven't seen one of their kind in the main... more
      • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Sat Nov 10 12:56am
        Jupiter moving his wing back behind Twilight and ruffling them up as well. "What would the cute princess want?" He asked. Acerbus walking out, he have to schedule that next meeting soon. There was a... more
      • Re: No SubjectKari (Fai thru Silvi) , Sat Nov 10 12:47am
        Fai blinked and shook her head. "That can wait a moment. We need to get you back to the room so I can tend to that." She said hushing his report for the moment. Right now his wounds were more... more
        • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Sat Nov 10 2:19am
          Donovan nodded in agreement, "Come on, let's get you back." He noted helping Rotta up and moving back towards their room. Zlo wasn't going anywhere and soon they have his location, but right now he... more
          • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Twilight thru Movado), Sat Nov 10 4:18am
            Twilight gave him a few little coos, especially as he moved his wing behind her to ruffle her’s some, making her blush deeply. She thought a moment and then smiled, “whatever the handsome warrior... more
            • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Lorna thru Sarah), Sat Nov 10 4:19am
              Lorna smiled. “Linalee…” She ran her hands over the box. “Ah, she’s so sweet to send more tea… I hope she’s well,“ she said, but then he spoke of her friend having ominous dreams… which was never a... more
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                Removing his hand from Yuna's head and giving the kitten a warm smile "You did good remembering to give this to Mira." he stated kindly as he turned his attention to Mira and gave his wife a loving... more
                • Re: No SubjectKari (Fai thru Kirie) , Sat Nov 10 10:30pm
                  Fai moved carrying the Willl-o-wisp as she walked back with Donovan she'd have to work on Rotta's injuries there was simply no way she could put that off and the Will-o-wisp was more then willing to... more
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                    ~*~ Miharu smiled and nodded. "We're good for each other." he said as he moved with her heading back into the bedroom and once there sitting down on the bed shifting so that she was resting... more
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                      Jupiter just smiled as Twilight knew the right words to use to get him to smile. He never did think himself a Prince, but oh he study the art of fighting to be that 'handsome' warrior. "I can think... more
                      • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Twilight thru Movado), Sun Nov 11 10:07pm
                        Twilight smiled back as she got that smile out of Jupiter. She loved when he smiled, and she seemed to effortlessly get him to do it, at least when they were alone. She looked down and blushed as his ... more
                        • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Lorna thru Mira), Sun Nov 11 10:07pm
                          Lorna smiled when Bram agreed to help with the arrows for her Rangers. “Very generous of you, Mr. Bram,“ she said. “Oh, Athrun. You can’t miss it. Her home is about an eight minute walk, if you walk, ... more
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                            Alcyone looked at Duncan. "I can not emulate the emotions or frustration you feel. You're emotions are still something I am trying to understand in the end I am My creator's familiar. But my role in... more
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                              Koran's hand moved back up to lightly pet over Mira's head as she started purring happily, he knew how much this meant to her and while he wasn't sure he'd be a good father yet he was more than... more
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                                Orion smiled at Pherenice’s almost untainted view of things, with such innocence. It really was… refreshing… and in so many ways. Sometimes he could become so jaded by the Council and their children... more
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                                  Maize made her way back to her cottage, her basket on one arm and her other hand held up in front of her as one of the little jade songbirds that seemed to hang around her home was perched on her... more
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                                    Athrun looked up as she approached he himself standing to greet her but as he did so too did Ribbon and she moved carefully for which he was grarteful before moving over to her and around as if... more
                                    • Re: No SubjectKari (Phere thru Safira) , Mon Nov 12 11:03am
                                      Pherenice could not help but smile a Bit more happily as she had gotten the word right almost a bounce to her step such simply things made her so happy and feel so light knowing she got the word and... more
                                      • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Orion thru Mira), Mon Nov 12 2:21pm
                                        Orion smiled and watched Pherenice almost seem to joyously celebrate using the right word, putting that extra bounce in her step. She was… so cute. So different. He looked ahead at the Inn and... more
                                        • Re: No SubjectKari (Phere thru Silvi) , Mon Nov 12 3:41pm
                                          Pherenice smiled she had no idea that Orion found her innocence at everything so very cute. If she did she'd be blushing like no tomorrow. Right now though she was just feeling happy and light... more
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                                            Koran bowed his head once in thanks to Silvesteria as she allowed Mira some time to think on this decision "Thank you for your time Silvesteria, we shall take our leave for the time being. I look... more
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