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Sat Dec 1, 2018 11:36am

Twilight looked at Jupiter as he was thinking and she smiled. She moved around behind him and looped her arms around his waist, leaning in under his arm to look up at him. “You look cute when you’re thinking like that,“ she said with a little coo. It was like Twilight had that playful, innocent, unburdened sparkle back. Just knowing that things would get better, that she would finally be able to learn and use her gifts properly… it took so much of that burden and weight and worry off of her shoulders. “So… see anything you like?” she asked, obviously meaning something to make in their little kitchen.

Koi nodded to Lumen. She moved to touch Mars’ hand lightly as she walked past him, almost a silent reminder that he had this… and that no matter what the outcome, she was always going to be on his side. She moved into the kitchen with her soon-to-be mother-in-law, allowing Mars to go into the living room and talk privately with his father… the first time since they came back to Unkindness over a month ago. She couldn’t help but feel a little nervous that something would go wrong and this might cause more distance between Mars and Tractus, but… she hoped that it went the other way… because tractus had seemed so sincere and genuine. And she wanted Mars to have what she couldn’t… his father in his life. But if it went south… of course she would always side with Mars and she would do what would make him happiest.

Del smiled and tipped her head into his hand as he rubbed her ears. “Oh, you can?“ she asked as she slid her hands up his back, her fingers gently playing in some of his ruffled feathers near the base of his wings. “I think your feathers are telling me you were waiting for that kiss too,“ she teased, leaning up to give him another soft kiss.

Movado looked back at Serg and then to Horace and nodded a bit. “In a way, yes. Our oldest brother, Averie, is first in line, but… there has been talk of all of us sharing rule when our father steps down. It won’t be for a while, though, so no rush for it. There’s enough to do while he’s still king,” he noted with a smile, moving to ruffle Horace’s hair a bit.

Vera sat up beside him more and nodded a bit. She smiled and moved to get up off of his bed, waiting for him to get up too. “alright then… let’s go find Pops…“ While there was a part of her that wanted nothing more than to stay where they were cuddled up on his comfy bed… that alone should have made her blush to no end… but she’d gotten so lost in the moments with him that she forgot to be embarrassed. She knew, though, they needed to head out soon enough to settle into La’Shire before the wedding tonight and they needed to let Pops know they were going and not to worry.

Nascha smiled and clapped her hands a bit in front of her as the playful owl was clearly happy that hair would be next. She didn’t have to do anything special to it except a nice wash, a bit of a cut, and a little curl at the ends to give her a dreamy, soft look for when she saw Serg again. She moved over with Mela to get their hair washed and then cut by the girls who had been working with them already. “I’m thinking of a little more than a trim,“ she admitted to Mela. Nascha’s hair was very long, but… part of her wanted to shorten it up some, maybe so it would fall just before the base of her wings instead of down to her hips. “Do you think Serg would mind it shorter?“ she asked curiously as she settled into the chair and leaned back to let the girl begin washing down her pearly, snowy, speckled hair.

Sandy blushed a bit as Panro so effortlessly called her his wife. It was so new to hear it still, and yet it felt natural coming from him, and so it felt right. She smiled and shook her head a little, “but… they cost more the prettier they get, don’t they?“ she asked, not that she ever really worried about money as a slave. Nor did she really understand the concept of ‘expensive’ or ‘cheap.‘ She just knew from what she’d overheard and been told. She just didn’t want to pick wrong… though Pan would likely just want her to pick what she liked and not worry about anything else, knowing him. But also knowing Sandy… she wasn’t likely to go overboard. She’d have been equally happy with just two plain metal bands if that was all he could give her, because it came from him, and the meaning behind them was the most priceless thing about whatever ring she had on her finger.

Eros wasn’t sure if he was relieved or unsettled. He felt content in the knowledge that Crys was okay and that she was a girl who could most certainly handle herself and handle Link if she had to. She always was that sassy and brassy girl, but he also knew that was just one side to her. It was the fact Link implied he wasn’t done making trouble that left Eros a little flustered. “Well, if O punched him, he probably deserved it. He’s usually so concerned about backlash from his old man that he tries not to make scenes like that, especially punching another Council member’s son?“ he noted. “Must be a relief he doesn’t have to go home under that roof tonight and hear about it,“ he said. “I’m just glad you’re okay… you and Phere are okay,“ he said, nodding a bit.

“Oh?“ Soraya looked at Abbadon and then over to Safira and back to Abbadon again. “Did I miss something?“ she aske,d unaware the conversation they’d had earlier or that Safira had been feeling rather down and out of place, especially upon learning about her men. But that things seemed to turn on their heels since the revelation of her relation to Soraya.


“Dad…“ Garand said, looking to Lana. He moved over to her and looked at her. “Lana… We jut have to be sure that there’s nothing from that shadow left making you feel anything negative. If it’s just you, if you’re just really that unhappy… like I said, I will get you home. I love you too much to keep you here with me when you don’t want to be… I want to be that selfish, because I love you and I don’t want to lose you, but… because I love you, I know I can’t be that selfish. But if there’s even a chance that something else is still influencing you from inside… that shadow… we need to know so we can help you. If I failed to save you from that thing, Lana, I’d never forgive myself.“

Aspen was back in the gardens, checking on things and just taking some quiet time to reflect on what had very nearly happened with his father. He’d also gotten the message from Traitorin, which was just as quickly revoked… He wasn’t sure what was going on at all. Today of all days… This was the last thing he wanted to see happen. He had no idea that right now a large matter was with Lana and that would most definitely not leave Tria feeling good on her wedding day. He snapped out of it as he crystal went off and he pulled it from his pocket. “Tria?” he asked, smiling, hoping to hear she was enjoying herself… but odds were he wasn’t going to get that so much as a concerned Tria who was sensing trouble with her sister.


Cyan seemed quite focused she scrolled through security crystal after security crystal. Meanwhile, Indigo was doing a similar process, but with a focus on the images to look for magic trails and any disturbances within the castle’s usual levels. “There’s no indication anyone has left through the barrier since the repairs were made. While alerts are not necessarily triggered for anyone leaving the boundaries, we would still be able to catch any such movement on our instruments.”

“Cyan. Simplify it,” Indy said.

Cyan looked over at Duncan and Alcyone. “They’re still in the castle… but…” She brought up another screen, a dossier on Aether. They had one of each of the children of Damienthros or Severin, although many had been re-filed as either friendly, family or deceased. Aether… was an unknown and still filed under potential threats. “There’s no complete profile for him. We have only what we’ve heard or been told, and little of it can be fully verified. But… if we’re dealing with Aether, we can assume he’s hiding in plain sight…”

“But using magic to hide the fact he’s still here,” Indy added. “There is so much trace magic around your room…” he said in awe. “Huh… I think I’ve seen a similar construct to the residual pattern before. Hold on, let me back channel something,” he said as he began going back through another screen.

While they were working, the door opened and Movado stepped in, closing it behind him. “I have something,” he said. “There’s this girl they just brought into the infirmary this morning. Pallas found her outside the boundaries. No one even knows how she got here,” he said as he held up his crystal tablet and showed Alcyone and Duncan the screen grab of Poesy from one of the surveillance crystals as she was being brought by Ceil to her room. The petite bunny was, at quick glance, easily mistaken for Saffy. There were obviously differences. Saffy was a Rose Moon Bunny, while Poesy was a Golden Sunrise Bunny. Both of them sported similarly hued pink fur, but where Saffy’s had a more opal glint to it in the sun, Poesy’s was more rose gold with yellow gold shimmer…. And both girls had hair that was an ombre of colors from dark to light, but far different shades, and where Saffy had warm, deep blue eyes, Poe’s were a rich, vibrant amethyst. “I spoke with Ceil and he says that, amazingly, this girl has a history with Aether. He thought she was killed three years ago, but turns out she was shipped off to the Western Isles. I think he’s mistaking Saffy for this girl. I’m not yet sure how, but I think he is… and I think this girl could be the key to getting Saffron back.”


Soraya sat back just a bit, relaxing her wing and finding the small soft leather brace at the base of it to offer enough support that her wing still felt comfortable. She looked over at Safira and seemed to be thinking for a few moments. “It’s strange, you know? I came here looking for one person… and I found someone else I didn’t even know I was supposed to be looking for… a sister. It’s… like it’s easy to accept it, and yet it feels so surreal that you’re… you’re my sister,“ she said. It was a lot to take in in a day, not just for her and Safira, but no doubt Abbadon was acclimating to this barrage of information that seemed to be coming about all morning. Who knew what more they’d find when they went to La’Shire?

“What? Oh… you two don’t have to go,” Juno said, looking over at Senn and Yuuri.

“No worries. This is sort of a time that you two should just… be with each other for a bit. A lot of changes for one morning and you’ve been working towards it for so long. Enjoy it. Celebrate. Explore together,” Senn added with a smirk. “I’ll get that dream catcher to you both when Calla calls,” he assured Torin before heading out with Yuuri. “See you two later.”

Juno watched them leave and then looked back to Torin, who hadn’t taken his eyes off of her, even in saying goodbye to them. He didn’t seem to mind them leaving. The feathered quills behind her ears lifted curiously and then fanned back a bit again as she blushed, the colors dancing, unable to disguise the emotions swirling in her at Torin’s remark about if this morning’s suggestion was still good. “I think it is… Do you?“ she asked, though they would have to actually get back to their room. Thankfully, they weren’t too far from it, as Juno had been placed in this wing of the castle because she was sister to Traitorin. Yuuri had as well, but opted instead to move into Senn’s room in the next wing over, the Knight’s Wing of the castle.

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      Saffy watched him grab his arm and she felt her stomach lurch a little as she studied him. Usually when he focused too much on it, the pain came… and with the pain… She watched his anxiety rise in... more
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              Trilander smiled as he moved about letting his fingers just ghost over her fur in a mock catch seeing how much fun she was having and he certainly didn't mind. He'd play this game with her and it was ... more
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                  Movado looked at Alcyone as she too marveled at the image of Poesy and how similar she and Saffy could be at first glance. Even Aether was aware on some level that they were not the same, but he also ... more
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                            Cleo listened and closed her eyes after a moment, curling into Ceil a bit more with a small, uneasy squeak. “Can we go back now?” she asked in a small voice. She couldn‘t seem to talk about Daire... more
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                                Sorei smiled and tried not to be too disappointed and laugh at the same time. There was that adorable spirit again. "Sure." he said a faint hint of his mirth and merriment dancing through his voice... more
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                                  Movado looked at Alcyone warily. “Let him go?“ he repeated as though he hadn’t heard her quite right. He worried, if he had, just how such a suggestion would affect Duncan… who had every desire of... more
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                                    Mira listened. She knew Koran wasn’t comfortable or keen on discussing their private life in public… or being caught in the act for that matter, though he never got upset with her when she forgot.... more
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                                      Jupiter looking a little behind him as Twilight holding on to his waist and calling him cute. He smiled a little bit, "No cuter than you." He told her in return and then looking back up reaching for... more
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                                        Alcyone looked at Movado as he looked at her so warily. "Yes let him go….I don't mean release him I mean let him wander to wherever it is Saffy may be trying to get him too, if she can get him to... more
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                                          ~*~ Aiyan moved about downstairs getting the tea ready feeling the spirits playing and moving about as if to reassure him all was well. He looked at them as they floated about him. "Thank you for... more
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                                            Koran lovingly petted Mira's head "You have nothing to apologize for kitten, I know its perfectly normal for you to talk about that and I don't mind it. I just have a difficult time talking about it... more
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