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Wed Jan 9, 2019 8:03pm

Millie nodded as she looked at Drak and then glanced at Sarah, seeing the hint of something in her elder sister's eyes but not what. She walked out with them leaving Mik to her slumbers. Of course everything she did tonight for the child would be woven into a dream. The likely hood of Mikleia remembering meeting Millie would be hard pressed but she had no idea that Sarah worried about it in a sense. Wanted to be the first and techniqually most likely she would be. As Millie wove it all into the Moon's waning dream magic.

Millie looked at Drak. "You're welcome." She said softly. To them both."I'm glad I could help, this momentary waking and the magic I used will feel as if nothing more then a dream to her." Millie spoke talking to Drak and Sarah. "I wove it all into the dream magics, I don't want the feeling of not being able to sleep unless it's an enchanted lulabye or spell coming into play with Mik. So….everything just now with me will most likely be a fading waking dream when she wakes up but the stuffed animal and the charms on the room will hold. But she'll most likely not have any memory of meeting me which is fine….she'll get past the nightmares in a healthy manner if she's unaware of the charms and magics used today." she had no idea Sarah had wanted to sing it….be the first she had missed that but Millie had been so focused on lacing everything into the Moon's flower cradle of dreams the full magic of her relic she had not realized the little bit that sorrow that had crept past her sisters careful guard.

Silvi watched the exchange between Yuna and Altair with a smile. She chuckled as she looked at them and found them together to be an adorable couple but she still worried about it. About there youth she really didn't want to see them break apart due to stress they weren't ready or old enough to deal with yet. But at the same token she didn't want them to think she wanted them to break up either.

Trait could feel the pulsing of his own magics resonating with that of Valespring. Feeling the 'chains' he had put in place to rope off his own magics and himself. They wanted to break but he didn't want to worry Garand while he was dealing with Lana and the poisoning of shadow energies. He leaned there and took a deep breathe. It was getting harder and harder to hold it in place but he wanted nothing to risk Lana's safety and so he kept a tight hold on his magics.

Safira nodded as she looked at them. "Yeah." She said taking a deep breathe looking at Sora and Abaddon it was so different. "It is different paced I always have to remember that when I come here." She said thinking about it then glanced over at the doorway. "I've never heard anything about La'shire. Usually too busy out in the field until now."

Kiyoko walked in the mist until she came to a certain point and looked about yeah….any further in and her magics would not be able to lead her back out again it was too confusing the further in one got and well she wasn't Chaos to be able to force her way through the mist to the city itself. She did though uncork the vial and turned it running it down along a rock the mist seemed to be coiling thickly about letting what was in the vial spill forth and down. Posion the mist…..sure it could not be killed but….who knew if you could actually posion it?

Menda was worried about Poesy not sure at all what she needed. Menda moved up to her ringing out a cloth and replacing it on Poesy's head having no idea that what may help her the most was….in a few rooms away. That should Aether come across her even with his memories missing and Poe….was his world….

Aether looked over at her and frowned as he was aware that it was the truth but her voice was hesitating. Wary….She was tense….more tense then she should be with the promise of freedom hanging over her head should this work and as certain as she was about it….she should be sounded calmer and happier then upset. "You realize…." He said as he worked on those he could reach. "The fact you're far more nervous and tense….then you should be since….I told you if this works you'll be free…." he looked over. "means something more happened that you're unwilling to say why?" He said as he moved to reach for his back but promptly gave up on it. Last thing he needed was to invoke the pain and trigger that. He'd work more on what he could reach and little by little towards his back.

Alcyone looked at Duncan then at Cyan and nodded. "It would be cruel to have the crystals in the infirmary rooms." she said as it would be a vast invasion of privacy. "Just as long as no one gets jumpy and does something to set him off." Alcyone said worried about things in her own way. One wrong move could spell trouble for all of them and the biggest problem of course was the fact that Aether was an unstable piece to be putting everything around.

Pherenice looked at Orion as he described the area a bit then nodded and smiled a bit more warmly as she thought about it. "I'd like that." She said looking at him. "To see it….it sounds incredible." She said trying to picture what he was talking about and not able to at the moment.

"Ugh that deplorable word." She said rolling her eyes as she leaned against the frame to the balcony and looked out. "You're right though it's typically there weakness…it was love after all that put the Ancient of Nature in my control." she said as she leaned there thinking about it. "It doesn't have to be the sword of Ages, any power that can cut through and change time itself but the Sword is the only known thing with the power to do so." She said glaring at the distance. ""Power….certainly has a much better appeal……….but I doubt that would have any to that fox…..the Arcadian's are blind and live normally simple peaceful lives….and Arcadia was sealed away years ago." She gestured. "Far to the north….the lands of silver and gold….everything……..shimmering in those tones." She looked over at him. "I may have to send a team to the remains of Arcadia…..see if anything is left that will draw out the Silver Fox from his hiding place." She said annoyed. "Of course there's also the Golden's that need to be dealt with…honestly if I could bring that kingdom crashing down around there heads it would be soo much fun." She said wickedly as she looked at the sky line. "I suppose I should take it down especially if Chaos keeps his end of the deal and deals with that wretched Fae-lycan…..Dreams…..that winged wolf is still alive………" She said annoyed.

Jarral walked with her happily holding her hand and just glad they would be getting out of the way back to the nice safe room eventually they'd venture out of the room more and more but right now both felt better in the room where they were not likely to be harmed by anyone.

Yuuri sighed softly as she inhaled. "I'm always amazed by the scents in here and then to see the different dishes it's like wow."

"I'll take that as a compliment." Tae said with a warm coo as she walked towards them coming up the chef's alley towards them. Tipping her head a bit she smiled. "Good morning Senn, and Yuuri what can I do for you?"

Ceil looked at her quietly. "I'm always happy." He said looking at her. "I'm happy being here with you. But this makes me happy as well because it means I can help others. Make amends for the terrible things my family has done by helping others." he said looking at her. "So others can get to know who I really am as you have." He said as he had a feeling Cleo's strong faith in him had helped with the okay to be given. She would argue with anyone who said he was anything but kind and caring. Yet that had him thinking about Aether in the back of his mind…..and Poesy or more to the point when Poesy had been told about how dark Aether had become she had refused it….as if that could never truly be her Aether that he would never do something like that willingly….was she right? Was she the only one who would truly to this day even having been taken from his side know who Aether really was?

Daire smiled as she tugged him along not needing more then her delicate hand in his own to be a guide he'd go with her where ever he never minded. Daire looked at her and smiled though leaning down a bit to see the flowers she pointed out. "lovely." he said in agreement. They were a pretty flower indeed he though was just happy she was happy.

Baillie thought about it a moment or two as she sat there and smiled. "Something new." She said at times willing to be an adventurous gatan. But never too much if something was too far out there she'd back up to safety of what she knew but she was happy to be curious enough to try different foods it of course helped Thayne always encouraged her to try. It was the only way she would come to know if she liked something or not.

Frau smiled as she looked at him nodding as she moved. "Then lets go find a nice quiet garden." She said as she moved to walk with him out of the room. He needed to get away from it. He needed that space away from all of this….if it came right down to it….would they need to change rooms but how would that do any good? She'd have to put up wards and enchantments she'd have to find a way to block Cecilia. It wasn't fair to Liam. He was caught in the middle of something that wasn't fair at all. If she could….she'd yell at all three Ancients for making it this way for the males. She had never agreed to it…it certainly wasn't fair to Liam. To the way he felt when it happened.

Kahiri smiled as he got up and walked over to Inara gently scooping her up and smiling as he looked at there adorable daughter. "Hey baby girl….guess you need a change huh?" He asked her gently in a soothing tone as he walked over to do just that to get her into a clean and dry diaper as well as little outfit. He fussed away cleaning her up and then gathering her up into his arms again holding her gently as he rocked her. Holding Inara….this was his world now and he was so thankful for every moment of it.

Averie smiled as he looked at Nikki. "I'll be you're wings." He spoke the words reassuringly that it was more then okay for her to think of it that way. She'd never fall when in his arms he'd never allow it to happen. But it would also allow her to feel safe for if they were her wings how could they possibly drop her.

"Because I can see all of you." he said as he laid there with her. "All the little things the tones of your voice everything you do wither or not you put thought behind it." He said as he thought about it about how to put it. "Some things are just sheer instinct other things are thought out but not everything you're even away you're doing because some of it is instinct. But I can 'see' all of you everything you do. Wither or not you realize you've done it…..so I know you can. Because you've already shown me in different ways that it's already there." He said thinking about it. "I suppose it's the same way…since the moment I met you, that you never once treated me as if I was blind. I've run into others who said they were used to it but they acted as if I was crippled somehow because of my lack of sight. To you….I was no different but you weren't looking at one aspect of me….but all of who I was. It is the same with me…I can never focus solely on one aspect of you but look at all of you at once. Because all of you is the girl I fell so hopelessly in love with."

Trilander swam up behind her surfacing smoothly and gently looped his arms about her. "Someone looks like she's having a lot of fun." He said playfully as he hugged her gently loosely in his arms while treading water himself.

Sorei chuckled. "Yeah I had that response when I first saw it too." He said thinking about it. "I'd never seen anything like this until coming here." he said meaning the amazing way everything came about in here it was funny to see it in the castle. It was like walking into a private little world once you stepped into one of the gardens. And it was even more amazing to know that it was all held within in the castle. Sorei gently took her hand and lead her up to the waters edge.

Aster looked up and smiled. "Gigi!" She said waving and blinking when she realized it almost made her go under if not for Fauve having her. She blushed a bit then giggled and looked at them. "It's fun!" She said in agreement with Vi.

Keyon nodded. "We will." He said as he held her gently in his arms loving the feeling of just holding her close this morning. It felt wonderful to be out here with her like this. It was so funny how different things were now and yet at the same token everything just felt right now.

Miharu walked with her through the garden walkways carrying Vespa easily enough and the basket as well having cleaned up his fathers cabin before they left and now stepped into the portal ring reaching out and weaving into the magic a bit just enough to ask it to take them back to the castle to which is did. He used magics differently but his fathers spell like that one seemed to be aware of his gentle nudge mostly because he had been brought there by Drak. Miharu thought began walking carrying Vespa having no idea that very soon he and Koran may very well have an adorable little sister.

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