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Thu Jan 10, 2019 8:55am

Koran laughed as Mira called him out on the truth "I won't deny it love, seeing you two play together like that was really enthralling to say the least even now just thinking about it I can't help but get aroused." the drachen admitted sincerely while his hand kept itself busy gently caressing the base of Mira's sensitive tail. "I'd like to take advantage of the little time we have left before you'll have to drink potions after mating.." he rumbled huskly hoping his kitten would be up for a round of mounting her dragon for a ride!

It didn't escape Drak's notice the flash of sadness he saw in Sarah's eyes near the end of the song before she stepped out, he wasn't entirely sure what caused it but he'd speak to the flair in a moment after Millie leaves. Getting up he followed Sarah's sister out of Mik's room leaving the little dragoness to slumber peacefully as he closed the door behind him. He moved with Millie to meet up with Sarah in the other room and stood off to the side a bit while the Dream Lycan explained that Miki would very likely not remember much of the singing just now "I sincerely hope your correct, I'd like Mik to get past the nightmares as quickly as possible and with your help tonight it should be a more gentle transition."

He slowly folded his arms with a thoughtful frown "Seeing as she's been exposed to necromancy through one of her...acquaintances...." he practically spat the word before continuing "I'm going to have to do some research on curses to make sure there isn't anything lingering or instilled in Mik, I trust Bartolli about as far as you could throw her." The way he spoke her name and his disdain for the necromantic arts made it strikingly clear he'd quite possibly attempt to strike her down if they ever came to meet. He sighed and shook his head "Apologies, I shouldn't have brought that up now, I'm just worried for the little one."

He looked towards Sarah to get a read on her expression and knew he'd need to talk to her about what was bothering her once Millie left before looking back to the lycan "On less unpleasant topics, how long will these enchantments of yours last on her dreams and the Mapet if nothing unexpected occurs?"

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    ~*~ Aiyan nodded. "Tomorrow sounds good I've had enough ups and downs today." He said meaning emotionally. Then glanced at her and reached over taking her hand and kissing her knuckles. "The baby is... more
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        Jupiter looking over taking the grater and some of the cheese. "You know me, I am pretty good with blades." He told her and starting to grate one of the cheeses, "But, I welcome any help." He added.... more
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          Nascha nodded to Mela. “Sally sounds a bit down… we should definitely go meet up with her. I think I have a good idea.” She then went back to the call with Sally. “Hey Sally, we still have some time, ... more
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            Kia looked at Saber a bit warily and then got off the bed and moved over to where he was sitting. She moved to sit on his lap and brought her hands up to cup his face between them. “And when it does… ... more
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              “How about we head back out and I can show you a bit of it? Maybe we can pick up a bite to eat there,” Orion offered. He moved to the door and opened it to let her leave the room first, following her ... more
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                Saber smiled, putting his hands on Kia's. "Don't worry, Kia, I'm fine," he said with a soft smile. "I dunno how, but that cat hasn't been able to feed off me. I guess that walk you did with me did... more
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                  Millie looked at Sarah and Drak before nodding and turning to leave. She had planned on meeting her own son and daughter in law this morning but things happened as they usually do but that was fine... more
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                    Pherenice thought about it for a brief moment and smiled nodding. "I'd like that." She said to him finding that idea a lot of fun at the moment. It would be nice to get out and see things and make... more
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                      The drachen chuckled as his kitten brought up valid concerns before nodding in understanding "I understand that Mira, but whenever I look at you I can't help but think of how happy you've made me... more
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