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Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:38pm

Kia looked at Saber a bit warily and then got off the bed and moved over to where he was sitting. She moved to sit on his lap and brought her hands up to cup his face between them. “And when it does… it will be handled, like it probably was today,” she said, her tones quiet and calm, no doubt an influence the Hellcat wasn‘t keen on, as Kia knew it was acting up. And while she was still recovering herself from the ordeal against it in Saber‘s mind, his soul… she had made a place in there where she could help keep the Hellcat in check. If it got too worked up, Saber would start feeling that pain again and she knew it.

Pepper smiled and nodded. “They do. Maybe when they‘re feeling up to it… maybe tomorrow… we could go visit,” she said, shifting to sit up on the bed beside Rev, her tail wagging against the blankets and his tail. “But… I know today… you promised to help Sun and Patrick,” she said, aware that Sun had to be really stressed out over not being able to go into labor thanks to her time magics which have been impossible to control without her pregnancy messing with them…

Seda let out a whine as Ex pulled her up off the bed and onto his lap, facing him. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and moaned as she felt him bucking up into her, bouncing her on his lap. She yipped and whined even as she could feel her body getting tighter and hotter for him, closer to another climax. She couldn‘t even form any response to his teasing remark!

“I‘ll report as soon as there‘s any sign of something happening. They don‘t seem to leave Unkindness directly, so when they finally do, we‘ll be on them,” Mace assured Chaos. “Sir. What do you want me to do with Zlo?” he asked, meaning did he want him to continue to watch him as well and report on his behavior.

Julep looked at Parak‘s offered hand and smiled as she moved to put her hand into his, moving to head out of his room with him. “So… my room is this way,” she said, gesturing with her free hand in the direction of the newer wings. She was, after all, a more recent addition to the medical staff, having come in with a party of refugees about a month ago. Of course, the possibility that Parak already knew where her room was hadn‘t crossed her mind! Ellie in all of her meddling and matchmaking probably had filled him in on a lot, preemptively.

Rain laid back on the bed after she set her plate aside, sighing and nodding a bit as she looked back over at Rocky. “We are very good at working hard,” she agreed, playfully, winking at her husband. She shifted a bit, wrapped up in just her robe at the moment, laying on her side and facing him. “I‘m just glad everything is working out better than we thought it would. I know the future isn‘t written in stone and there‘s always a chance we‘ll run into a few issues down the road with the merger here and there, but… I think in the end we‘re going to be just fine.”

Ivy smiled as Ebon moved her onto his lap. She shifted a bit on him to get comfy, letting her tail trail behind her and down over his legs. “That‘s true, I suppose,” she agreed as she leaned into him a bit. “I‘m sorry, though, that I seem to keep being pulled away for her lately. At least… I‘m starting to really get the hang of it all. Back when the battle happened… with him…” she said, still not wanting to say Severin‘s name. Many sort of feared that speaking it might invite him back, which wasn‘t all that far from the truth, actually. The possibilities were just as tangible as they‘d been for Chaos and Raiser. “When I didn‘t know how to use any of it, before I even understood what the Heart really meant… and I… I purified Prince Bastian… and he didn‘t make it. I felt so guilty for doing it, because I hadn‘t meant for him to die… and then it‘s like this voice just came one day. Not like I could hear it, but like I could feel it. And I started to understand what I can do. That, even though he died, I actually did save him. So… at least there‘s that. You know?”

Snow turned a bit where she was sitting as Torrent came over and hugged her. She returned the hug and sighed, resting her head against his chest and watching the mist creep about the gardens. “I‘m… I don‘t know. Confused… worried…” she admitted. “Trying not to be.” She pulled back and looked at Torrent. “You saw Luminos. Slate and Julianne are here and neither care for me. Rev has the full burden of the Guardian now. It‘s a lot…” she admitted. And even as she spoke, she noticed something shift in the mist… something… just changed. “Did you see that?” she asked.


Kahi was waiting for Millie to come by the office to pick up Kahiri, who was sleeping soundly in his play pen in the office. He flexed his fingers on his right hand and them squeezed his arm. There was pain that seemed to be traveling from his neck down to his hand. He pulled up his sleeve and saw the dark lines crawling up his arm, seeming to weave around and through the markings all over his arm… the markings of the Alpha of Far Mist which he inherited at the death of his grandfather, Finbar. He looked to the staff in the corner and stood up, approaching it and grabbing it to look into the mist-filled orb at the top, which was wrapped within the twisting of wood. There was a sick gray light in the depth of the mist, dulling its normally vibrant colors. “…No…“

Yuna sat up beside Altair, letting him go so the prince could sit up too. She was already purring happily and smiled at him, hugging one of his arms. “I missed you, too…” she said, though clearly was very happy he was back from his classes now. She just didn’t know that he had tested out of them so that he could spend more time with Yuna and helping her with improving her basic lessons.

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    Nascha nodded to Mela. “Sally sounds a bit down… we should definitely go meet up with her. I think I have a good idea.” She then went back to the call with Sally. “Hey Sally, we still have some time, ... more
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        “How about we head back out and I can show you a bit of it? Maybe we can pick up a bite to eat there,” Orion offered. He moved to the door and opened it to let her leave the room first, following her ... more
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          Saber smiled, putting his hands on Kia's. "Don't worry, Kia, I'm fine," he said with a soft smile. "I dunno how, but that cat hasn't been able to feed off me. I guess that walk you did with me did... more
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            Millie looked at Sarah and Drak before nodding and turning to leave. She had planned on meeting her own son and daughter in law this morning but things happened as they usually do but that was fine... more
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              Pherenice thought about it for a brief moment and smiled nodding. "I'd like that." She said to him finding that idea a lot of fun at the moment. It would be nice to get out and see things and make... more
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                The drachen chuckled as his kitten brought up valid concerns before nodding in understanding "I understand that Mira, but whenever I look at you I can't help but think of how happy you've made me... more
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