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Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:40pm

“How about we head back out and I can show you a bit of it? Maybe we can pick up a bite to eat there,” Orion offered. He moved to the door and opened it to let her leave the room first, following her out.


Poe was breathing quick and shallow, a sheen of sweat on the girl’s body. She woke as though from a fever dream and cried out, sitting up straight in bed. A sound that carried and drew the attention of those in the infirmary, but since Menda was in with her, everyone knew the kangaroo mouse would trigger the assist crystal if she needed help. Poe collapsed back into the bed and whined, struggling against the sheets, as though she were back in that sack that Wrath had thrown her into… covered in others blood, being taken to an unknown fate… but no doubt a terrible one.


“Bringing the Ancient into all of this… don’t you worry that it’ll bring the others around again?” Wrath asked a bit warily when Raiser mentioned Tomoe. The Gods and Goddesses of this world seemed to limit their interactions and always maintained a certain distance. But he did have one concern… that meddling with them directly was going to invite them to return to the realm in their full power and take a more hands on approach to what Raiser was doing here. From earliest records, dragon scholars who were some of the last to walk with Ancients in this realm, implied that great changes occurred in the world when Ancients were in this realm, and not all good. They’d restore balance however they needed to… Raiser seemed unafraid of playing with fire.

Wynter felt more relaxed upon seeing their door coming into view. She moved her free hand to the doorknob once they reached it and opened their door, the magical lock clicking off at her touch, recognizing the occupants of the room returning. She moved inside, still holding to Jarral’s hand and turning a bit to sweep her long tail up with her free arm to make sure it was away from the door before he moved to close it behind them. She’d gotten it closed in a door only once since coming here and that was all she needed in order to be aware of her tail around doors since then. “I know it wasn’t a far distance… and we didn’t see many people… but it is a relief to be back in the room…“ she admitted.

Senn smiled upon hearing Tae’s voice. He turned to the avion and nodded. “As well you should, Taevasina,“ he said. “Well, it’s more… good afternoon now, hmm? We were hoping you could tell us if you have any specials for lunch today, like with the crepes before,“ he said. “Something to maybe… celebrate an engagement,” he said with a telling smile.

“But… aren’t you… not … re… resp… wrong… for what your family did?“ Cleo asked. She couldn’t think of the word… but he’d know what she meant. That he wasn’t responsible for what atrocities they committed… only anything he himself might have done wrong. It didn’t seem right he atone for the sins of another, even if she couldn’t really verbalize those thoughts and feelings.

Meeka had no idea at all that anything could be wrong, that Daire wanted her out of the castle, that Aether was somewhere inside. He wasn’t showing any of it, not even on the level where she could sense any unease from him. Growing up, Severin had taught him how to manage that, so others couldn’t pick up on things about him… for instance just the fact he was different and not Human… but also to hide any trace of unease or worry… and while Daire couldn’t always do that when it came to Meeka, especially when he safety was at risk, he could still manage to do it when the moment required it. Severin taught him so well that he could even fool his own uncle from time to time, usually to protect Meeka oddly enough. “It’s pretty up here. Why is Daire only showing me them today?“ she asked curiously. He could just call it a pre-wedding present to take her somewhere new and she’d probably believe it, or say he thought she’d like these flowers for her bouquet… or something.

“Something new it is,“ Thayne said and then gestured to the girl who had come over to take their orders. “Yes, would you be able to recommend anything special today… something perhaps new to the menu?“ he asked curiously.

Liam nodded and headed out with Frau’Lea. He stopped in the hall and looked at the door before reaching his hand out and you could hear the locks shifting into place from his magic. He still wasn’t good with it, but his emotions seemed to be closely connected to his success with his magic, and right now… he was having a lot of those… and he was certain of one thing… when they came back to the room, he wanted it to be just them and no surprises. He looked at Frau and just nodded before starting to walk off with her, holding her hand firmly, but gently, as though wanting to make sure he didn’t lose her… or maybe wanting to make sure she didn’t lose him, as though any moment Cecelia might pull him away again. It was an unnerving thought for him.

Nikki looked up at Averie and blushed. “That soundly strangely romantic,“ she admitted, when he offered to be her wings. “I wouldn’t want anyone else to be,“ she said with a smile as they walked. “Are you sure Sunny will be okay if we stay out and go to the gardens?” she asked curiously.

“I never looked at you like you were different or incapable… because I knew you weren‘t,” Topaz said. “I don‘t know if it‘s just who I always was that thinks that way… or who my life made me become… but I just know… you see just as much as I do…” she reasoned. She took a deep breath and sighed, shaking her head a bit as he spoke in his usual romantic ways. Sometimes she struggled with the compliments, the adoration… at least in this capacity. She was used to it in battle. To the compliments to her form, her strength, her tenacity and stubbornness, her will to survive. And in some bizarre sense, Fii admired those things in her just day to day… not in an arena. “I don’t even really know… how it happened or when… and I don’t think it matters. I just know I love you and… I trust you,” she said. That last part being huge, especially since she was so uneasy about the pregnancy, but… she trusted him… not just with her, but with the well-being of their baby.

Lassa yelped in surprise and then dissolved into giggles and the cutest little seal sounds as she was scooped into Tri’s arms and against his body. She didn’t even need to tread water herself as he held her and seemed more than capable of doing it for both of them. “I am,“ she said with a bright smile. “I like swimming with you. It makes me happy,“ she admitted with a pretty little blush on her cheeks.

Ginseng stood at the edge of the water as Sorei went to put down his towel and stuff. She slipped off her sandals, but still hugged the towel around herself, looking down into the water. It wasn’t too deep, honestly. Maks and Fauve were in a more shallow end that came up to their chests, but was deep for the pups, so they could safely learn to swim in it, and then there were deeper spots where the water would pound down from the falls.

Maks moved Violet over to a shallower spot so she could sit on one of the large rocks under the water, like a little shelf at the edge so she could take a rest. He nodded to Sorei and Ginga. “Glad you two made it,“ he said. He noticed Ginseng seemed uneasy, shy, a mix of things. She didn’t know how to swim herself really… and then the fact she was barely wearing anything under this towel made her nervous, too.

“Come on, Gigi! Jump in!“ Vi shouted eagerly form where she was sitting, the water up to her chest as she sat there, maks standing near to her. “It’s not even cold!”

“Right here and now… is a really nice place to be,“ Jin’halla said softly as she rested with him, pulling the blanket up over them a bit more as they snuggled on the loveseat on the balcony. Thinking about the future made sense, but… in this moment, they were here and no one was leaving La’Shire or taking that risk until things changed with Raiser and the Abyss… so all they could really do was live in the moment… and the moment was currently really wonderful. They were together and expecting triplets, Aussie and Rhysaire had just gotten engaged, and Shasta was alive and almost back to her full health and happy with Vanille. Right now was good.

“Do you think they’ll know we’ve come back?“ Vespa asked as they were suddenly back in La’shire… in a runic circle somewhere near the training yards, which was where Drak kept this particular one. She looked around before resting her head against Haru’s arm as he carried her. There was this strange vibration she could feel in the air, like… they’d missed something, but whatever it was… was over. They couldn’t be worried about it anyway. They were both still recovering and Miharu was eager to get them back to their room… where they could be free to pursue whatever their bodies felt up for.


“Me too,“ Zai agreed with a heavy sigh. She set down her cup on the nightstand before sliding down under the covers, particularly snuggling under the light feather comforter. She sighed and cuddled against the pillows, watching Aiyan as she rested. “I feel so tired…“ she admitted. No doubt a mix of a lot of lovemaking that morning and the night before… the pregnancy… and then the ordeal earlier. The tea seemed to help bring her into that relaxed and sleepy state again, too. “I‘m just glad the baby is okay… we‘re all okay…”

Maize listened and then just watched him with a perplexed look on her face when he said those words that would leave most trying to throw him out. ‘My father is a Fury.‘ “Warrow…“ she repeated, moving to sip her tea to wet her mouth. She cleared her throat and set the cup down, holding to the delicate handle still and starring into it. “Something so dark and unnatural… yet… touched by Nour?“ she asked, noting the mark she’d seen on him. “Why have I never heard of your kind before?“ she asked, confused. “If you are… what you say you are… that is.“ Of course, it would make sense. He was so difficult to pinpoint his race. He was not just Elf, not just Druid or Dryad or anything else… but something all his own. Something unique. But Maize was still… unsure… how to receive the tale. “If you are… part of them… why tell me? Why risk it?”

“Well, I’m good with that,“ Eko said with a smile as he rubbed her back as they laid there together. To just absorb the moment right now, the peace of it… and not think about anything else. It made no sense to worry themselves over things that could happen or might happen, but weren’t happening right now. “As long as you’re okay… That’s what matters to me.”


Sarah took a little solace in the fact Mik might not remember the song being sang to her, but… still… she struggled with her mix of emotions. She wasn’t upset with her little sister for it, and yet she felt a bit distraught she hadn’t thought it through at the same time. She nodded to Millie. All that mattered was that Mik would be okay tonight.. She’d sleep peacefully. “Thank you for your help, Millie,“ she said, moving to give her sister a hug. “We’ll be in touch,“ she said before moving to open the door, sure Millie wanted to be on her way to get back to her own pup. Unaware that Kahi was going through something at this very moment. She looked to Drak as he asked Millie that last question… about how long the enchantments will last. Thankfully Mik would meet someone in her dreams who would help give her further protections, the Ancient of Somnambula, Narcissa. Sarah could tell Drak had noticed her shift of emotions, but was grateful he wasn’t prying while Millie was here.

Mira’s fur was fluffing up the more Koran stimulated her tail like that at the sensitive base. She tipped her head as he spoke of being aroused just thinking of the videos she and Tera made, and then how he’d like to take advantage of the wait for her ‘cure.‘ The husky tones of his voice made the Fine Fur blush. “But then wouldn’t we have to take another shower?“ she asked. Did they have time for that? Especially since Koran didn’t like leaving the room with the scent of mating on them, because it brought too many looks, and yet when they showered, sex usually happened, even if they just finished mating in the bed! They certainly didn’t have the time for both… did they?

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    Kia looked at Saber a bit warily and then got off the bed and moved over to where he was sitting. She moved to sit on his lap and brought her hands up to cup his face between them. “And when it does… ... more
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        Saber smiled, putting his hands on Kia's. "Don't worry, Kia, I'm fine," he said with a soft smile. "I dunno how, but that cat hasn't been able to feed off me. I guess that walk you did with me did... more
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          Millie looked at Sarah and Drak before nodding and turning to leave. She had planned on meeting her own son and daughter in law this morning but things happened as they usually do but that was fine... more
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              The drachen chuckled as his kitten brought up valid concerns before nodding in understanding "I understand that Mira, but whenever I look at you I can't help but think of how happy you've made me... more
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