Rudy (Saber through Torrent)
Re: Happy New Year
Tue Jan 15, 2019 7:37am

Saber smiled, putting his hands on Kia's. "Don't worry, Kia, I'm fine," he said with a soft smile. "I dunno how, but that cat hasn't been able to feed off me. I guess that walk you did with me did more than just take care of the here and now... Hellcat's just angry that he's stuck with in a body he can't feed on. Makes things way easier for me."

"Yeah, I remember. Just had to get used to this new power here..." With a deep breath, Rev stood up and went to his small workshop in the room. "Thankfully, I can use the same method with Sun as I did with you. I'll just have to contact Medical so I can receive a blood or hair sample from her so I can make the required adjustments. Meanwhile, I can work on the main body. I'm no Amanda but I'm starting to get kinda good with this jewelry stuff."

Ex smiled to himself, but it wasn't long before he was moaning alongside Seda, doing his best to keep from climaxing before she did!

"With that girl there I'll definitely need you to keep an eye on him. Ensure you continue his injections to keep him in line." Chaos paused as he felt the shift in the Mist. "Ahh, your partner has finished the first step of her mission. I'll leave Zlo and the Unkindness to you." With that Chaos ended his communication with Mace and opened one with Kiyoko. "It will only be a matter of time before the Alpha arrives. Are you and your men ready?" Kiyoko might me one of Chaos' strongest warriors but only someone of his or Raiser's strength could fight the Alpha of FarMist one-on-one within the Mist itself, even with it poisoned.

Elly did try to tell her great-grandfather where Julep's room was, but Parack didn't want to know where it was without Julep herself telling him. He nodded to her as she led him to her room, not quite understanding why his heart was so elated just to spend more time with her.

"Yeah, I think you're... Whoa..." Rocky suddenly became weak and lightheaded. It only lasted for a second or two, but with it came what he could only describe as a... call for help. "That was weird..." He stood up, changing to a pair of jeans and a T-shirt before slipping on some boots. " Sorry to stop a merry mood, Rain, but I just got a gut feeling something is up." With that he went to the communication crystal to contact Kahi. "Hey dude, is everything okay on your end?"

"I can't even imagine what you have to go through. I think I'd crack under that level of responsibility. You're amazing, Ivy," Ebon said with a smile.

"That... That sounds good," Sally said with a soft smile, "I'll meet you two there."

"Well, I have good news, Yuna," Altair said with a smile, "I passed my test! Now I can stay with you a lot more!"

"We're in a tough time, but there is light here. Slate and Julianna are free of both the Rage virus and Chaos' control. Rev has received the gift and the past Guardians will be there to help him and Pepper. We just have a few..." He paused as Snow did, looking about. "...The Mist. Something is going on back home..."

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    “How about we head back out and I can show you a bit of it? Maybe we can pick up a bite to eat there,” Orion offered. He moved to the door and opened it to let her leave the room first, following her ... more
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        Millie looked at Sarah and Drak before nodding and turning to leave. She had planned on meeting her own son and daughter in law this morning but things happened as they usually do but that was fine... more
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          Pherenice thought about it for a brief moment and smiled nodding. "I'd like that." She said to him finding that idea a lot of fun at the moment. It would be nice to get out and see things and make... more
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            The drachen chuckled as his kitten brought up valid concerns before nodding in understanding "I understand that Mira, but whenever I look at you I can't help but think of how happy you've made me... more
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