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Wed Jan 16, 2019 9:42pm

Millie looked at Sarah and Drak before nodding and turning to leave. She had planned on meeting her own son and daughter in law this morning but things happened as they usually do but that was fine she could go later. She did need to go pick up Ri. Looking at Drak though as he asked that she smiled faintly. "It should as to the enchantments they'll stay as long as she needs them to. If they do show any signs of weakening or being tampered with I can always fix them it's no trouble." She said then frowned when he mentioned she had been exposed to necromancy…..that poor child. "Seanan specializes in curses and things like that…She was the priestess that devised the way of breaking the cursed brands on the Mystrians forced to be sklave/puppets." She said thinking about it.

Millie nodded. "Take care." She said as she stepped out into the hall, Tomoe standing up off of the wall and looking down just as long as Drak didn't recognize her she'd be good..it wasn't soo much appearance as scent. The glamour did wonders to hide her image and masked her scent to a point but it wasn't something that could fool everyone especially those who knew you well enough and well Drak was alive as was Trait back when the Ancients last walked they used to travel and do things together or receive quests form them….so yeah there was a high chance he'd pick up on her scent….and like Trait, and Silvi Drak also knew Raiser had stolen away……the Ancient of Nature a very long time ago……….

Aspens voice drew Trait's attention from Lana and Garand and his own internal battle with the seals he had put on himself. Seals which seemed now to be demanding to be broken. As if something inside of him after events of this morning realized he was missing key pieces of himself he just didn't want to panic anyone in the room when the power surge happened. He did look from Aspen to Lana and Garand then back to Aspen and sighed softly. "Lana seems to have lingering traces of a Shadhare Possession." he said referring to what it was when one of the shadow beings decided it wanted a body that could move about in the light and take one over. Not a nice thing. He sighed softly as he looked at Luminos's cradle it was such a gentle means of holding her but still…..he wished there had been another way but he honestly could not think of any. "The shadow was burying itself deep….I almost missed it again….I certainly did this morning." He said shaking his head. He sighed. "Garand has given her Miravanna it will destroy the shadow and heal her….all that is light and pure. Lana was always a good and sweet girl spirited but there's nothing wrong with that." Trait spoke softly and by his tone it was clear he held no ill will at all for the young tigeress."It's not a strong pressence….so it's likely it was almost purged a while back completely but managed to hang on and bury itself….bidding time. As long as this saves Lana….and those two are fine….that's all I care about."

Safira smiled as she set the table and nodded to Abaddon before sitting down herself she lifted her drink and sighed. "Geeze we're sounding more and more alike by the second." She said amused looking at Sora. "Haste makes waste." She said softly. "There is a need to always move forwards but sometimes….it's important to stop for a moment or two and see the different paths something better then the one your currently one may just open up for you when you do…" She said softly a piece of advice from one who always believed in her….her second who she had no idea….if he was even alive or not. She had to hope alive. She had too keep her thoughts in that direction because the other would just crush her too much right now.

Alcyone looked at Duncan. "Move now Duncan and we could very well loose her. Trust us." She said looking at him. "None of us want to see her disappear again." She knew this wasn't easy the hardest part for Duncan was the deep emotions that were tangled up in this all for Saffy's sake of course but still….one wrong move and it could all be over in a bad way. "Just stay here….we'll know the moment it's safe to move." She said looking at him she didn't say it now…but if it did become safe to move it may be impartive to keep him from killing Aether as he wanted not that Alcyone could blame him for those feelings she just kept getting this feeling from beyond her senses as if picking up on the will of the ancients or an ancient it was so hard to say……….either way….she had to somehow find a way to get all of them including that fool of a elf prince/forest Nymph and Human……out of this alive…….It was enough to make the ancient spirit's….brain hurt. So many conflicting emotions she wasn't used to dealing with all of this.

Aether looked at her his dull lifeless left eye seeming to not see her at all as he turned his head although he saw her just fine. "I'll let that go for now. Neither one of us needs the additional stress…." He said his tone indicating he was well aware it was more then that. Sure she would be tense and not wanting to head back to the room he had no doubt about that one. But having been with the girl alone for four months there was a clear behavioral difference at least to him from tension just for herself……and tension when she was worried about someone or something else. Trapped in this cursed body all he had time to do while the spell robbed him of everything else was learn especially when he kept waking to seeing Saffy still alive and fine over and over again…..well fine as in nothing broken or anything like that emotionally and mentally though that was a different story.

Aether lifted his hand and looked at it turning it slowly as he looked at his arm….he had changed while she was out of the room and applied the salve to his own legs and just waited like she said his body….to be a time when there wasn't all that awful scarring that caused so much pain. He could feel a lessoning in tension subtly building in his body the muscles that always tightened back up no matter what he did and then the pain. He watched silently a moment or two longer before sighing. "You know….Saffy you're a horrible liar right?" He said as he sat there his arms on his legs. The true prince still present thankfully since he didn't know what the damned shard would make him do….take him over and do with her hesitation to be honest and forthcoming with him. "I've seen you stressed out enough times….to know the difference of when your worried about yourself…..or when it looks completely different because your worried about someone else." he said and paused as he shifted and looked towards the door hearing a scream…………a voice…..wordless but…………he knew the sound of that voice even….as it echoed through the infirmary…his heart skipped a beat as he stood a little too quick for his damaged body but didn't care as he looked at the door…..

"That voice………." He breathed his eyes going wide the energy pulsing around him as if a heart beat pushing out and back the lines of the glyph sealing the shard behind his left eye flared up as that eye started up with the bloody tears again but he hit his knees holding his head curled up….his breathing sharp…."that voice…….I know…..but….she's dead…." He gasped. "Who…..but who…." his voice sliding up and down the octaves for a moment sounding like the prince and when saying 'but who' as if to erase some knowledge of it that scathing grating tone he spoke in when Aether himself was not in control….he curled more not touching Saffy but digging his fingers into his own scalp…."Poe…."

Silvi watched the two smiling as they were talking she'd be getting up soon and going to meet back up with her sweet fox and get something to eat but right now it was just cute to watch the kids.

Kyoko looked up as she received his message and nodded. "They are….they're waiting for his arrival as you said where you said to be in the mist." She said as she sat there. "Step one has been soundly completed and the spot was right where you told me to find it…they had not moved anything……everything you told me Lord Chaos is exactly as you remembered it to be." The hiding spots he noticed that would allow for an perfect ambush even in the mist. The poisoning of it that would weaken it and allow for it all to happen how far to go in how to count out the steps and get there everything. "Just waiting on the arrival of the Alpha."

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