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Pherenice thought about it for a brief moment and smiled nodding. "I'd like that." She said to him finding that idea a lot of fun at the moment. It would be nice to get out and see things and make friends which Twilight had insisted would help her mind heal. And perhaps trigger memories doing things with others that would feel fimiliar or like she had done something like this before. Either way she was enjoying talking to Orion and spending more time with him was more then okay for her.
Rasier looked over at Wrath as she leaned there and then smiled. "Perhaps I would…..if not for the fact I took Tomoe from them and they all left this world drawing as far away as they possibly could." She said gesturing to everything out there. "They could not stop me from taking her anymore then they could stop a lot of other things back then." She looked over at him. "I've had the goddess of Nature since the time the ancients last walked this world. Luminos screamed in rage at me and could do nothing. We stood there facing each other."

Jarral nodded as he looked at her. "I know what you mean." He said as he sighed having closed the door but feeling much better now that they were back in the room together. "I guess I'm just not ready anymore then before to see a lot of people." He said he never minded the time he spent with Wynter and he didn't mind his brother and his mate coming to visit but a lot of people no….he may be a dragon but he was skittish. Which many found funny and some found meant they could bully not that Solan let them get away with it……….he'd protect them both knowing what they'd been through.

Tae chuckled and nodded. "Suppose so it's been busy." She said chuckling not realizing the passage of time. "No no special's planned for today….but an engagement huh congrats." She smiled as she thought about it tipping her head….then smiled. She hadn't made it in a long time but there was a dish back home that was usually served to newly engaged couples to wish them good fortune and blessings. "Although there is a traditional dish of my home land you two might like…" She said and described it..the meats and everything she spoke of made Yuuri blink and blush besides the congrats which she said thank you for. But her blushing was because she had never heard of anything like it….it sounded like something out of a fantasy….

"Wow…is such a thing…."

Tae laughed as she looked at Yuuri a warm welcoming sound at her wonder. "It is….It's a tasty dish…I’m sure you'd both like it unless you'd like something else?" She asked smiling.

Ceil smiled. "What you say is true." He said softly. "It is very wrong to hold others accountable for things they did not do or beyond there control." he said softly. "But that does not for a moment mean that there are those who do not fear….me because of my scent reminds them of all the bad things that happened. Because I am from there and they are afraid to trust having been hurt so bad." he said as he gently ran his hand over her hair. "There are wounds one can get that are not physical they you can't see them here." He said gently touching her arm. "But are just as painful and can go deeper affecting a person here inside." he said gently touching her chest. "Those wounds make you afraid to trust others, afraid of anyone who bares a scent similar to the one that frightens you the most and it is a much harder one to heal and come back from." He looked at Cleo speaking gently. "A wound on your arm once healed and the pain is gone from it can be forgotten as it no longer troubles you but a wound inside one that settles unseen into your heart….can leave lasting pain that is slow to heal and mend."

Daire chuckled. "I had not really thought about it before. Knowing how much you love the gardens downstairs but…" He knelt down and smiled. "I thought you might like flowers from here for you bouquet tonight." Daire smiled easily playing the part he needed to right now. This was her day she didn't need it ruined hearing that Aether was somewhere in the castle just the barest hint of that and she'd want to go back to the room and hide and he could not blame her. But at the same token….he had to trust that Movado had the situation well under control. In the mean time he could do things up here to keep Meeka happy and comfortable. The garden up here was certainly large enough.

The girl stopped to think about it having walked up when Thayne asked that and then looked at them both and smiled. She listed off several new dishes being introduced for the spring season and took the time to describe each one. Baillie listened as she spoke but perked up when she talked about one that was a meat with candied bacon….that sounded interesting to her….and fruit compote with a couple of other things. "Ohh that one…" She said her ears twitching. "That sounds good." The girl nodded and smiled then offered the drink that was set to be paired with it which made Baillie wrinkle her nose not one for sour drinks and offered the semi-sweet version which she nodded then glanced at Thayne.

Frau held to his hand not at all bothered by it but she curled her fingers just right a sort of 'I'm not going to let go' gesture without saying the words. He didn't need her saying things like that. She knew it would be a long time before he felt anywhere safe again. She knew it would be a lot for him to juggle….and she knew…..she may very well have to give in and once again adorn the queen of a warrior queen a crown she had tucked away buried and hoped to never have to wear. She was not a creature who liked violence she'd rather solve it without force but with words and reaching anothers heart but she may have to pull it out to face Cecilia but she had a feeling her sister would never back off…..and part of Frau could not help feel resentment towards the Ancients…..as bitter as those feelings were back then that they would bring the Phoenixes into the existence and then to make a male so weak to any females song…to set them up to being taken by 'force' by another wither or not they wanted to be with them it was awful. And she hated it….she hated that he had to suffer with this even for a moment.

Averie smiled as she said that sounded strangely romantic he hadn't really been trying to sound all too romantic more like comforting but hey he'd take it even as he blushed a bit. "I think so." he said to the part about Sunny thinking about it then almost chuckled. "In fact when we stopped by I'm pretty sure she was in a gentle way trying to shoo us off a bit longer…let us know she didn't mind babysitting longer." he said thinking about it. She was more happy to hear they were having a good time and 'see Kiva's a happy dragon-kitten' feeling. Like it was okay to go and just be Averie and Nikki for a bit not tug the mom and dad title with them for a while they always would be but this was healthy for them too.

Fii smiled as he leaned in and kissed her gently. "I love you too and I trust you." He said needing her to know that was a two way street with him always would be. He reached up and played a bit with her hair thinking about what she said to her he was never incapable she knew he saw just as much as she did even if he saw it in a different way then others. How to get her to understand she had this…."You're strong….you know that right? Strong enough to be a mom to carry this through. Life can be a battle one in which we're fighting for not just ourselves but others as well. My girl is a fighter and a strong one she's capable of fighting and protecting herself and the baby just as she'd protect herself and Yuuri in the arena. Same thing just different arena different rules but that isn't likely to get you down." He spoke softly. "You've got the tenacity and stubbornness to never give up. To fight for every little inch and the baby will sense that and feel it and fight for it too. They are just as nervous in there own sense coming new into a world new senses new sounds but…it's your strength the baby will pick up on and don't fret because I'm certain that's all the baby feels now. You're a fighter Paz through and through. You have an incredible will to survive my love and that will…." he moved his hand and laid it gently on her belly above the baby bump. "That will, will pass on the baby it already has because the little one is still here still fighting to come into this world, to be able to be held by you…of course your nervous about it all Paz….that just tells this little one how much you love them in your own way….being scared is completely normal it's what comes next….putting one foot in front of the other anyways and facing the challenge head on." Fii paused a moment. "And if there is anyone who can face this challenge and win….its you."

Trilander smiled as he looked at her letting her rest as he held her in his arms so effortlessly. Loving the sound of her giggles and the seal sounds it was adorable. "I'm happy." He said in answer to her that she was happy that she enjoyed swimming with him. He nuzzled her a bit just enjoying the moment.

Sorei slipped out of his sandals having set his stuff down and then moved dropping into the water and turned to her holding up his hands. "Ginseng." He said gently just her name…he wasn't sure she'd be all that happy with him if he started coming up with nicknames right now although he was sure there were points he slipped up and did. "You look beautiful…no sense in hiding that behind a towel." He said gently to her.

Fauve found it cute in it's own right since she knew the shyness right now was because of Sorei in it's own way. Ginseng was a stubborn proud girl but she was also cutely shy. And Sorei had wither or not her sister wanted to admit it caught Ginsengs attention as well.

Aster pouted as she looked up at Ginseng. "Doesn't Gigi want to swim with us?" She asked sadly her ears tipping back.

Sorei chuckled as he glanced at Aster. "of course she does." He said gently to the pup. Then looked up at her. "Gina I won't let anything happen to you….it's alright just take my hands." he said as he was in an area with her where one wrong move had one of the deeper spots but he'd never let her sink.

"It is." He said in agreement as he held her gently in his arms. "Perhaps a bit later I'll drag by lovely girl to the music room and play whatever piece you like." He said gently meaning he'd treat her to playing the piano for her a bit, she could even ask him to make something new for her on the spot and he could the notes would just flow….as if he it was something already in existence but….she was in so many ways his inspiration always had been. Always would be.

Miharu thought about it and chuckled. "If I know my dad….yeah." he said thinking about the way he was with his magics and the last time he laced his magic through his dads….the stories he heard about him sensing and having wind guards and the such. "I'm sure he has something set on the portal to let him know if it's used and if it was by family or not. He knows how to work that stuff into the runic lay of the spell without jeopardizing the spells ability to work right." Miharu could hijack someone else's spell and take it over that didn't always go so well with magic users but it came in handy if he was adding his strength to theirs to help.

Aiyan nodded as he finished his own drink and then shifted down to hold her gently in his arms. "It's been….an odd day so far." he said it was the safest way to put it. "Yeah, we're all okay." He said gently as he reached up with one hand and ran his fingers soothingly through his wife's hair. He was more then willing to let her get some sleep he needed it as well.

"MM the Warriors stick around Windhelm for the most part….that and I suppose no one wants to talk about he children born in the slave breeding camps. They hush it back there burying it and brushing it under the rug….we're the cursed children. The ones who will never truly belong to the light or so I've heard a lot growing up. Our….mashed races only prove how corrupt we are….That we're part of the Furies….but…the truth is I talk about it openly…." he said glancing down at the tea in cup he was holding staring at the ripples. "Because I'm not." He said softly. "I'm not part of the furies. A flower does not choose where to grow anymore then a child chooses who there parents are." he said words of wisdom Linalee had imparted to all of the druids when she first insisted on taking in the Warrows touched by Nour's purity….pure souls. He looked up at Maize gently. "and if I am to stay here with you, you have the right to know from the start all that I am. Had I not said….had I stayed here and hidden it from you and the truth of what I am came out later….would it not feel as if I had in some way….lied to you, hidden something so important from you?" Athrun looked down at the tea again. "I can't help….the circumstances in which I was born but I can choose what I do with the life I was given. I can cherish the path that was opened up to me and those like me with the Lady Nour's gift." he glanced up at Maize. "And I can do all I can to protect others and end the sorrow…." He closed his eyes. "I was never held by her….my mother but I remember her….from before I was born the sound of her voice….the warmth of the love she felt towards me and the hope against hope that her feels would purge the darkness of the furies taint. That I would not be forced to be born a monster but a pure and true child of this world…." Athrun turned the cup. "They destroyed her tree…….as well as all the others, they were still connected to nature in such a way….I'm not." There was a note of sadness. "I can hear the voices of the plants I can feel them….but I can't bond with them. I can feel how important your tree is and others like yours and this indescribable need to keep them safe…to never let anything happen to them." He looked up at her. "Bram would tell you I am a cursed child….Linalee that I was blessed…." Athrun closed his eyes. "I have the worlds voice according to her…………I'm…what she calls a 'True Bard' One whose songs move the worlds energies….." Athrun looked at Maize. "Knowing all of this….knowing the truth of my origins what was done to see that I was born to not tell you….although it's not a direct lie is still…in a way lying I am asking you to trust in me to let me stay here….and yet to not tell you would imply I felt I had something to hide from you…IN the end either way you have the right to know and decide for yourself. Lady Lorna has asked that I be allowed to stay here and I am grateful for her asking but in the end this is your home and you have a right to know who will be staying with you….you have the right to always feel safe in your home. I can not and will not hide what I am….and take that away at a later date when the truth came out. I've seen others be crushed for not knowing how it hurt them…I'd simply rather be honest right now."

Kirie chuckled as she nuzzled him a bit sighing. "I'm okay I promise." She said as she cuddled up to her tiger loving the feeling of his strength and his warmth so close to her. She could hear the steady beat of his heart as her head rested on his chest it was a soothing rhythm. Kirie looked at her fingers laying there against his smooth tight abs just touching the scar that could have cost him his life and yet brought them together just the same the scar she refused to let him die from and that he changed after getting. Or rather it allowed him to step away to see things as he knew them to be and didn't want to loose his home. He had one. "Good….I'm comfortable and you're nice and warm." She teased. "I don't want to move."

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