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Mon Jan 2, 2017 11:50pm

Hi Everyone,

Momsy is off doing something boring and I sneaked onto her 'puter to make sure you hear my side of the story before she tells on me.

Y'see, I've been trying to train her not to leave things ('specially towels an' underwear and stuff) laying around. So, the other day, when she was being careless again, I decided to teach her a lesson.

First, she left a small towel on the arm of a chair, nicely within my reach

I was running around, looking for a good place to hide it from her when she caught up with me (picture is blurry 'cause I was moving so fast)

So, I decided to pretend it was just one of my toys. She didn't go for that explanation though. Busted!!

Momsy didn't learn her lesson very well, 'cause that same afternoon, she left a paper napkin sitting on the dining room table. So, in the interests of education, I ran off with it

I was just starting to shred the evidence so that she would wonder where the napkin had disappeared to when she caught up with me. Busted again!!

Wonder whether Momsy has learned her lesson yet? Hmmmm. I see her sweater on the sideboard. D'ya think I should????????????

    • Busted!Donna/Myka, Thu Jan 5 4:45pm
      Shalom is so adorable!! I love your photos and story!! It is too funny and cute! I caught Myka the other day, trying to get to my tissues that I left on the night stand. She is such a little sneak! I ... more
    • Love it!Hope (Abby and Boomer), Tue Jan 3 9:09pm
      Boomer is crazy about anything paper and we even occasionally catch Abby sneaking in something papery and oh, so fun to destroy! We got them a toy that has a squeaker and a "paper crinkling"... more
    • Busted!Grace (Austin), Tue Jan 3 9:34am
      Hmm, I'm wondering if Shalom isnt using your computer to IM Austin, because suddenly he's sneaking up to the bathroom and stealing toilet paper off the role! He hasn't done that in 10 years!... more
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