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Grace (Austin)
Mon Jan 23, 2017 5:34am

Nope, Austin is 10 now and has been in good shape. He does eat quite a lot of biscuits that I know help. What did the vet say?

I know in cats at least, according to our vet, they are not quite sure why some of them end up with bad teeth and others don't but it might have something to do with their immune system. Our poor cat has lost almost all of his teeth.

  • Dental ShockerSarah McCuen, Sun Jan 22 6:16am
    Cooper, 2yrs. (Mindi and Sammy) had to have dental cleaning and x-rays. This procedure is done under anethesia. We were quite surprised that at his young age, and one that chews on favorite bones and ... more
    • new dental chews Cathy ( Rackley) , Tue Mar 14 1:07pm
      Rackley loves her new dental chews. They have a new ad on TV and Rackley could be their model for them ! Buy them according to your dog's weight.... more
    • Never heard of this at 2 yrs old! What kind ofCrystal/Ollie&Harriet, Tue Jan 24 5:57am
      food are you feeding? Are you giving any kind of dental chews with tartar enzymes? If not try the Dentees dental chews. We give one each morning and mine are 9.5 and 10.5 and Harriet has never had... more
      • Hi Crystal--We feed Cooper grain-free Nutrish (Rachel Ray's)and a little bit of Newman's wet food, just for interest--more mine than his! Have to admit we've been lax on giving him dental treats, but ... more
    • Dental — Grace (Austin), Mon Jan 23 5:34am
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