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Rosie Michel
Annual March Romp 2017
Wed Feb 8, 2017 4:41pm

Hello Anyone! I have searched thru Facebook Moss Creek and the Forum and ther's no announcement about the Annual March Romp that's hosted by Moss Creek...usually it's posted on the home page of the forum....but this year....nothing! Our Daisy will be 10 in July and hasn't missed the annual romp a single year! She is a puppy from Kelly's Zoey and good old Abraham! LOL
Will it be held? And if so what are the dates?
Thank You! Thank You!

    • I have a Zoey baby today!Pam (Dasher & Teddy) , Fri Feb 10 10:46am
      Gosh, have we met at the Romp? We have Dasher (11 yrs) & Teddy (10 yrs). Dasher is a Zoey & Nathen baby. Unfortunately, we won't be attending this year. Are you anywhere near Naples?
    • It's the 1st post on our Facebook Private Group PageCrystal/Ollie&Harriet, Fri Feb 10 5:29am
      Let me know if you couldn't find it ;-) We look forward to seeing y'all again ;-) xo Love, Crystal and Family
    • Re: Annual March Romp 2017Anonymous, Thu Feb 9 6:08am
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