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shelly 351
Back knee problems??? Asher
Wed Feb 22, 2017 7:03pm

Hello all,
Long time no post. I am the mom to Asher (who will be 7 soon - Caleb/Azriel puppy) and I was wondering if anyone else has had issues with their dogs having knee problems. Asher was having trouble getting up from lying down and jumping into cars, etc. But once up and moving around he seems fine, runs after toys, goes on walks, etc. We thought he was maybe getting arthritis and started him on NuVet Joint pills. After many X-rays we were told today that he does have arthritis in both back knees but they think that is secondary to ligament damage in both knees. We are going for a consult next week with a surgeon. His back legs definitely seem weaker than normal but he doesn't whimper in pain or anything like that. Does anyone have any experience with this with their doodles? Thanks so much!

    • I'm so sorry to hear this!Kelli, Wed Apr 12 10:32pm
      How is he doing?
      • TPLO surgery updateShelly (Asher-Caleb/Azriel), Tue Apr 18 12:14pm
        Asher is recovering nicely from his surgery. He is almost 7 weeks post op and doing physical therapy to help with the rehab. If all goes well at his 8 week re-check next Thursday then he will have... more
    • CCL tearDiane, Wed Mar 15 9:43pm
      I have a Caleb/Azriel offspring (Riley- 8.5 years old) that just had CCL surgery (TPLO). She had been having problems after heavy running after her ball for a while then all of a sudden injured her... more
      • TPLOshelly 351, Thu Mar 16 1:27pm
        Thank you so much for the reply Diane! So helpful. Asher ended up indeed having partial tears in both back knees. He is 2 weeks post TPLO surgery in the right knee. The surgeon said, if everything... more
        • Re: TPLODiane, Thu Mar 16 2:25pm
          Shelly, I also wondered if there was a genetic component. I can't help but figure it has something to do with their genetics since certain angles of the joint make them more predisposed for the... more
    • Knee IssuesGrace (Austin), Thu Feb 23 6:09am
      Austin (Jordan/Abraham) is going to be 11 soon. He doesn't have knee issues but he does suffer from Spondolosis which is arthritis in his spine. At first we thought it was his back legs by the way he ... more
      • Re: Knee Issuesshelly 351, Sat Feb 25 5:39pm
        Thank you so much for the info. I will pass it along to the vet to see what he thinks!
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