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Thu Mar 16, 2017 2:25pm

I also wondered if there was a genetic component. I can't help but figure it has something to do with their genetics since certain angles of the joint make them more predisposed for the injury. Riley was always incredibly athletic and loved to run and catch a rubber ball that we have. She has an impressive ability to catch it. I always joked about how she is my athletic "child" while my other doodle is the kid that they put out in right field in little league baseball. Morgan can't catch a ball even if it bounces right into her mouth! LOL!

Hearing that Asher has partial tears in both makes me feel like Riley will probably also end up needing the other one done since the vet did feel some looseness in the joint. I am sure that both will eventually do quite well but it is hard to keep Riley from playing with our other doodle and not walk her as far. She is funny..she LOVES to walk down into the town here (I live in Newport RI) and hang out with us at the park so when I take her for her shorter walks now, she keeps pulling down toward town!

As for physical therapy, I take her to a different vet than her surgeon that is trained in rehabilitation therapy. He has a water treadmill where she has to walk with the water up to her chest which gives her some buoyancy but also some water resistance to the walking. They also have her step over some things and put her front feet on a very small step so as to slowly shift more weight to her back legs. It is not absolutely necessary but the surgical vet did say that they do even better with he therapy. Who knows for sure?! I hope Asher heals quickly and he is back to his old self soon!

  • TPLOshelly 351, Thu Mar 16 1:27pm
    Thank you so much for the reply Diane! So helpful. Asher ended up indeed having partial tears in both back knees. He is 2 weeks post TPLO surgery in the right knee. The surgeon said, if everything... more
    • Re: TPLO — Diane, Thu Mar 16 2:25pm
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