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Groomer in Sarasota
Sat Apr 1, 2017 1:23am

Hi all, Bo-Doodle's groomer informed me today that she is not going to groom doodles anymore because they take too much time! Could anyone recommend a good doodle groomer here in Sarasota. Thanks for helping, my girl needs a groom asap. Arlene

    • Groomer in SRQsullymahan@comcast.net, Sun Apr 2 7:27am
      I cannot recommend See Spot enough! Our Sullivan is 8 years old and has had several groomers and by far Amanda (who manages the shop) is the best! Amanda owns a poodle show dog, so she is a real pro. ... more
    • Re: Groomer in SarasotaMarcia (Chloe, Kirby, Aubrey), Sun Apr 2 7:24am
      I live in Sarasota and use Sotapups. They're a mobile groomer with lots of experience in Doodles. I
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