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Becoming a two doodle family!
Wed Apr 12, 2017 8:19am

We have a beautiful Goldendoodle named Jake who is five years old and was a Maise/Hunter pup in 2012. We are considering getting a brother for Jake and was wondering how it would be to add a new pup to the family. We live on Long Island and Jake gets lots of love and attention. We walk two miles every day to the local beach to play with other dogs and exercise. He is very friendly and I think he would love company. I would appreciate any advice or stories other people have had with adding a new pup to the family.


    • second doodleBethany Hornthal, Thu Apr 13 1:35am
      We already had a 4 year old male goldendoodle from Washington State when we added our Moss Creek female Goldendoodle puppy - Cleopetra. It was love at first bite! Today, Snickerdoodle is 12.5 and... more
      • Wow, I need to get back on the forum!Marilynn ( Smoochie), Mon May 29 6:28pm
        I don't know if I ever knew that Cleo had a brother! Hope all is well, Smooch sends smooches to her sis and to Snicker!
      • Thanks!LindaBurke2, Thu Apr 13 9:22am
        A second Goldendoodle would be the perfect addition to our family. My two teenage children are headed off to college in the fall and it seems like a perfect time for a new puppy. I was thinking a... more
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