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Fri Apr 28, 2017 12:24pm

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AUSTIN. Sooo glad to hear he is doing well. How about posting some pictures ? I have an Abraham pup too. Rackley's parents are Abraham and Ariel. I have never been able to find any of her siblings. I have no idea what happened to them. Rackley will be 11 in Novemeber and she is doing fabulously. We have a new pup, Peaches, who is now 6 months old and she is much different than Rackley was. Peaches is a very busy puppy and chews on Rackley's ears while Rackley just stands there and stares at me wondering why I brought this " wild child" home. They are beginning to get along better since Peaches is calming down a touch.

  • Austin Is 11 Today!Grace (Austin), Wed Apr 26 6:40am
    It's the big guy's 11th Birthday today! He is a Jordan/Abraham pup. I do not use Facebook, but if anyone is still on the forum and has one of his litter mates I would love to hear how they are doing! ... more
    • Happy Belated Birthday Austin!!!Donna/Myka, Sun Apr 30 5:20pm
      Hi Grace! How are you? I don't do Facebook either! Too scared and old-school! I hope Austin got everything his little heart desired!!! Myka sends Austin Birthday licks!! Donna
    • HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AUSTIN !! — Cathy ( Rackley and Peaches) , Fri Apr 28 12:24pm
    • Austin!Kathie/Gaby, Thu Apr 27 1:10pm
      Sooo happy to finally see notes back on the Forum; I've been lost not reading about wonderful Doodles like Austin - Happy Birthday!! I'm not a Facebooker either & felt deserted when everone left the... more
    • Re: Austin Is 11 Today!Natalie McGowen, Thu Apr 27 10:40am
      Happy Birthday, Austin!!!! My Murphy is 4 and his parents are Oliva and Hunter. I would love to know of any of his litter mates. They are all so great, aren't they?
    • Abraham babiesKerri (Molly), Thu Apr 27 9:13am
      Hi Grace, Happy birthday to Austin🐾🐾 We have miss Molly who is an Abraham/SuzyQ baby from 2009. She is still our amazing baby girl. Abraham is indeed a father to so many wonderful... more
    • Happy Birthday to "Big Guy." (Austin)terryfine, Thu Apr 27 8:55am
      Happy Birthday Austin from Moss Creek Big Guy"Dylan Thomas Fine". Dylan is not one of your litter mates, but he loves sleep overs and sharing his kisses with "any" Moss Creek Golden Doodle". Terry... more
    • Re: Austin Is 11 Today!Basil/ Elaine , Thu Apr 27 7:39am
      Happy Birthday ! Our Basil is a Chloe/Hunter pup, he is 4 years old, hoping we reach 11 without a hitch! Stay healthy 😊
    • Happy Birthday AustinDiane Mahan, Thu Apr 27 6:52am
      Happy Birthday Austin! We have a Hannah/Abraham pup, Sullivan, who will be nine in July! Where does the time go?
    • Happy Birthday AustinScooter's Dad, Thu Apr 27 6:38am
      Has Austin been as great a pup as most all of MC doodles? I bet he has.
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