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Grace (Austin)
Austin's 11th Birthday!
Sat Apr 29, 2017 2:06pm

Thank you everyone so much for Austin's Birthday wishes! I tried posting some pictures but for some reason they wouldn't load. I do however have some pictures posted on Imgur under the name gagaionet. He is doing well considering he has some health issues. Vertigo, Arthritis of the spine, and he is on anti-seizure medication and is on a grain-free diet. BUT, he finally learned to swim a few weeks ago and for past few months has been taking me on these crazy long 6 mile walks to the dog beach and we do this 2-3 times per week!

Everyone out here in the neighborhood in St Pete Beach knows Austin, he has lots of girlfriends but is quite the tease. He's never given anyone in the family puppy kisses, but he will greet any older woman who walks out of Publix all the kisses she wants! :)

FYI, had no idea he was so good at tracking "weed." Imagine the surprise a man in a construction semi got when Austin dragged me clear across an intersection in our neighborhood, nose up, right to the cab door just as he was lighting one up. LOL, That poor man was like a deer in the headlights ! And that is not the first time Austin has tracked it on our walks either.

He is still just as crazy and goofy and stubborn now as he was the day we brought him home, quirks and all, but we love him! He is an absolute trip!

He is actually my son's dog, but you know, I'm Mommy so he has become my shadow. BTW this full name is Austin Bob Everitt. His initials spell out ABE, short for his dad, Abraham. :)

    • Happy Birthday Austin!!! Keep swimming and teasing the Marilynn (Smoochie), Mon May 29 6:24pm
    • AustinScooter's dad, Sun Apr 30 8:04am
      Is it Austin that has those listed health problems? You can hire him out to find weed. :-)
      • Austin's 11th Birthday!Grace (Austin), Sun Apr 30 8:48am
        Yes, those are Austin's health problems. The vertigo came about from a severe ear infection he got back in September. Usually a dog will get vertigo around 15 or 15 years of age then its called... more
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