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Molly Kelly
Fri May 26, 2017 6:26pm

Hi everyone! Molly came from Carter and Hunter! I was wondering if anyone is a sibling to Molly! It would be so much fun to exchange pictures! Also our vet said Molly should only be about 30-40lbs moss creek said about 65. Has anyone had or know anything about how big a hunter pup will get?
Thanks! Hope everyone has a good Memorial Day!

    • Re: MollyRobert Angelo, Sat May 27 7:27pm
      I think I would go with what Kelli said. I'm sure you have a very good Vet, but she has seen a lot of Hunter puppies. Our Cooper was a Hunter pup and was supposed to weigh about 65 lbs. It took about ... more
    • weight projectionScooter's dad, Sat May 27 3:10pm
      I can give you a good guess. I tracked Scooters's weight every week for a year. It you tell me Molly's weight and BD I will give you most likely a better estimate than either the Vet of even Kelli.... more
    • HunterSharon Rosenberg, Sat May 27 7:47am
      Ollie is a Hunter pup.Moss Creek classified him as a medium doodle. He is 48 pounds and I has long legs. He has great agility. He is white with golden highlights. He is super smart, friendly and... more
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